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Pope takes in Christian Syrian family, so why can’t we?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 19, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

Pope family

One Christian Syrian family coming to live in the Vatican with me! So good, so charitable!

Readers will remember that Pope Francis called on Christians to open their homes to Syrian refugees and he promised that the Vatican would take two families.  They have chosen one so far—Melkite Greek Catholics.

So, then let me ask, if Americans are being asked to “welcome” Syrians why can’t we have Christians too?

Presently the UN/US State Department selection for your towns and cities has been comprised of 95% Syrian Muslims.  I think if your town is being asked to take Syrians you should be demanding Christians who will pose no security threat to Christian America!

The Muslim Syrians can be taken in by the rich Arab states!

From NBC News:

Responding to a call from Pope Francis for every Church parish to house refugees, the Vatican City said Friday it had taken in a family that had fled the war in Syria.

The family – a father, mother and their two children – came from Damascus and are Melkite Greek Catholics, a Christian church with close ties to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Vatican said in a statement that the family, which was not named, arrived in Italy on Sept 6, the day Pope Francis made his appeal for European parishes to open their doors to refugees. The four Syrians have since asked for asylum.


The vast majority of Syrians are Muslims, but its small Christian community is one of the oldest in the world, making up an estimated 10 percent of the population before the outbreak of the Syrian unrest in 2011.

When the Pope comes to Washington this coming week, I sure hope he is going to call out those doing the persecuting in the Middle East (but don’t count on it).   Let him know what you think!  Send letters to the editor wherever you live because you know the mainstream media is going to milk this visit for all its worth to promote the Democrats’ no-borders agenda.

8 Responses to “Pope takes in Christian Syrian family, so why can’t we?”

  1. Delta Mike said

    If we limited the refugees to Christians, no problem. It’s the young Muslims who come for Jihad, rape and plunder that are the problem.


  2. petzlx said

    Mark Steyn asks the obvious question…….If Obama is really a Christian, howcome on his watch almost all of the Christians in the Middle East have been killed or driven out?

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  3. FatherJon said

    Seems only common sense to me. If Muslims loathe and despise Christians so much why would you want one living with you? In a place like the Vatican with all its Christian idolatry around, crosses, statues, pictures, it would be very frustrating and incendiary to the average Muslim. God knows what they’d do, run wild and destroy everything. We’ve seen how they treated the old ‘heretical’ archaeological ruins at Palmyra, Mali, Mosul and the infamous Taliban destruction of the giant Buddhas at Bamiyan. They’d wreak havoc in the Vatican!
    Frank’s obviously on a sympathy jag and this is how he expresses his Christian humanity, a bit like Bob Geldoff offering digs to a Syrian family in one of his empty properties. Makes them feel good and looks impressive on their publicity CV.

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  5. Ray Rigsby said

    This so called Pope has turned his back on every Christian around the world. Why anyone would care what this homo loving garbage can thinks or does is laughable.


    • It is in line with the persecution of Christians ever since the life and death of Christ that this man and others on this page fail terribly to seek the truth and, instead, become among the most derogatory in their distorted concept and understanding of Christ’s presence in the Church.


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  7. Brittius said

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    Really, the dangerous pope, should fill all the churches with refugees. maybe if priests stopped sexually molesting children, the pope would have money enough to feed and cloth the refugees.


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