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The truth is that Gulf Arab States do not resettle refugees (even Muslim ones)! US expected to take them PERMANENTLY

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 21, 2015

One of the top posts for the month so far was this one: Why should the US and Europe take Syrian refugees while the Gulf Arab States take ZERO?

And, since stories like those at Breitbart flew around the world, the Gulf Arab states have had to defend the charges by claiming they do ‘welcome’ Syrians to live in their wealthy countries—-as guest workers!

Refugees become permanent citizens, guest workers do not!

Readers, it is really important that you understand what is happening when the UN High Commissioner for Refugees puts demands on Western countries throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand—it is telling us that we must PERMANENTLY resettle the ‘refugees’ with no expectation that they will ever go home even if the civil war in Syria ended next month!

The refugees we take in eventually become naturalized (voting!) citizens.  Not so for those Muslim guest workers going to Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East.

I think many Americans, who haven’t followed this complex issue, do not understand this concept.  Most assume that the ‘refugees’ will go home someday!  Paul Nachman, writing at VDARE, addressed this issue here last week.

This is a really good explanation from Deborah Amos at National Public Radio:

As the numbers mount, with Europe overwhelmed, the blame game has begun. Why don’t the richest Gulf Arab states — the diplomatic and financial sponsors of Syria’s rebel groups — resettle these desperate refugees?


Randa Slim, associated with the Rockefeller Bros. Fund AND The New America Foundation, two of those huge advocacy groups promoting more refugee resettlement to America says of the Gulf States: They can’t afford to bring in the Syrians because they “will bring their fight with them.” And, she says, they “can’t afford to do this.” But we can? See Slim’s bio here:

Even Gulf Arab citizens are raising the question: #ShameOnArabRulers is trending on Middle Eastern Twitter accounts.


Gulf officials are on the defensive and have been forced to address the issue publicly.


The Saudi Foreign Ministry challenged the charges by issuing official numbers that are impossible to verify independently, saying “the Kingdom has received around 2.5 million Syrians since the beginning of the conflict.”


While it’s true that the Gulf States have allowed thousands of Syrians to come on work visas, many Syrians say they face severe restrictions in these countries. Some have decided they would rather risk the difficult road to Europe.

“I will live here for five years, ten years, and then what?” says Dahlia, a Syrian who fled her home in Aleppo and joined relatives in the Gulf city-state of Dubai. “You never belong, you never feel you are safe, your residency can be canceled at any time and then what? Go where?”

Citizenship is not an option, even for workers who stay for decades.


The fact is that Gulf countries don’t accept refugees for resettlement because none of their governments officially recognize the legal concept. Even in Jordan, Syrians fleeing the civil war are called “guests,” the expectation being that they won’t stay.

Arab governments refused to sign the 1951 international convention on refugee rights, says Nadim Shehadi, head of the Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. “The convention gives a mandate to UNHCR to do permanent settlement in the host countries or resettlement in third-party states,” says Shehadi.

This was unacceptable to Arab governments 60 years ago — and still is today.

So much for Muslim charity toward fellow Muslims.  So, tell me again why the US must take mostly Muslim Syrians?

There is much more at NPR, continue reading here.

Go here to see who has signed on to the 1951 convention and who hasn’t.

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  3. More Brotherhood BS, the Saudis can afford to build a mosque in a rural town in East Texas where there are no Muslims, but they can’t afford to
    take Muslim refugees, real or fake, who are prepped in the Middle East to come to the USA in the appropriate genders, (mostly male, 18-24), with caliphate goals, trained and ingrained to properly carry out the wishes of their Muslim rulers. But, the truth also is that the excuse doesn’t fit the Obama narrative, that is to convert America to his ruthless, cruel fantasyland.

    Eliminate Christians and Christian influence, (especially whites), do away with capitalism, eliminate 1st and 2nd amendment protections, work with amnesty advocates to lie, distort and ignore the intent of the 10th and 14th amendments, follow Muslim stained United Nations goals in refugee assignments, work in concert with George Soros currency manipulation schemes that are made more profitable by eliminating the USA as a free world influence, follow the guiding light of top advisor Muslim Valerie Jarrett, etc., etc.

    Pockets Of Resistance across the USA is building a solid Wall Of Solidarity.

    Join us today, time is of the essence, “the days are dwindling down to a precious few”.


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  4. It appears to me very useful to see the objections arising from the tragic exodus of refugees from the ME. To take but one issue, the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar are of the Sunni religion. Daesh (ISIS), which has formed a religious army of destruction in the ME to establish its own religious state, is using violence to remove territory taken from other countries through warfare to form its own political entity (state). But, Daesh destroys others while representing itself as Sunni in its religious absolutism. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and its sister states feel prevented from opposing the inhumanity of Daesh. But, inhumanity is a term that is totally subjective according to Daesh. Its armies and politico-religious drive is absolute, admitting of no tolerance among those who oppose its religious absolutism. But, the Western world, represented by Europe, North and South America and several other countries not in those regions, represents tolerance of religions, freedom of speech and most forms of personal freedom.

    Therefore, the most human representation of, and interpretation of, humankind as harbored in the West is diametrically opposed by the interpretation of human life in its many phases by Daesh. We see, therefore, that, as the world and its beliefs come closer together, either acceptance of diversity must rule or intolerance must rule. This clash, as found in the ME, is the epitome of the challenge for all the world: Its political and, in this case, religious tenets must find tolerance. To discover the truth while maintaining tolerance is an enormous undertaking. It will require thought and study by leaders who are willing to do just that, for it is thought and study that lead to the Truth, and the Truth “…will set us free.”


  5. Ray Rigsby said

    Gulf States don’t want them because they know the damage they will cause will be irreversible.


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