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Germany: ISIS recruiting among refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 23, 2015

Invasion of Europe news……

Of course, what else would you expect!

From the UK Express:

Hans Georg

Germany’s Security Agency head Hans-Georg Maassen: we fear Islamists are exploiting refugees. (Duh!)

There are now 7,900 Salafi*** jihadists roaming the streets of Germany, according to Germany’s security agency, with many trying to lure asylum-seekers into their ranks.

The agency – the Office for the Protection of the Constitution – said numbers had risen from 7,500 in June.

Agency head Hans-Georg Maassen, said: “We are very concerned Islamists in Germany are trying, under the cover of humanitarian assistance, to exploit the situation of the refugees for their own ends and to proselytise and recruit among asylum-seekers.”

So far 740 radical Muslims had left Germany to join jihadists in Syria and Iraq, 20 percent of them female. Around one-third have returned to Germany, while about 120 of them have been killed.

He said spies are keeping close watch on jihadists given their “significant radicalisation potential” within the migrant community.

He added: “We are keeping a particularly close eye on unaccompanied minors among the refugees, who could be easy targets for Islamists.

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*** In Germany they use the word ‘Salafi’ to accurately describe the Sunni Muslim extremists, while in the US, the media, if it mentions it at all, simply says ‘radical Islam’ assuming you are too dumb to be given the grown-up words.  See simple discussion of the Salafi movement, here.   Don’t you just want to pop those Fox News commentators every time they say radical Islam!

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