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Trump: NO Syrian refugees, take care of Americans first!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 23, 2015

I missed this one yesterday, but the ever-watchful Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily spotted it.  Trump’s campaign manager made clear Mr. Trump’s position on the Syrian ‘refugee’ issue and the broader issue of refugee resettlement to America.   The spokesman alluded to the abuse of the word ‘refugee’ which might escape the average listener’s ear.

A legitimate refugee must prove he or she is personally persecuted for religion, race, political persuasion, they CANNOT simply be running from a war (or crime or a bad economy).  The media and the NO Borders Left (the one-worlders) have been perverting the word for years.

They want any person running from anything to be classified as a ‘refugee’ eligible for admission to the first world.

Here is the news from Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, making it clear that Americans come first!

World Net Daily:

Donald Trump has issued very few specifics in how he would deal with the world’s refugee crisis, but on Tuesday his campaign manager offered a bombshell sure to score him points with the GOP’s conservative base.

Corey Lewandowski said the United States “should take in zero” Syrian refugees.

“This is very simple, the bottom line is we should take in zero,” Lewandowski said when asked by radio host John Fredericks what a President Trump would do about the refugee crisis.

“And the United States, to be clear, has a process for bringing refugees into the country, and an individual must qualify as a refugee to begin that process, is how it works,” Lewandowski continued. “Individuals caught in a civil war do not necessarily qualify as refugees.

“If Mr. Trump were the president of the United States, we would not be bringing refugees into the country under this criteria,” Lewandowski said.

Secretary of State John Kerry announced Sunday plans by the Obama administration to increase the number of refugees brought directly from the Third World to America, from 70,000 this year to 85,000 in 2016 and 100,000 in 2017.

WND reported Monday that two bills are now in play in the House, one introduced by Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, that would halt all refugee resettlement pending a full investigation of the program’s financial and security impact; and the second authored by Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, would require congressional approval of all resettlements and require priority to be given to Christian refugees.

Put Americans first!  

In the Tuesday radio interview, Lewandowski delivered a much stronger line of argument, saying “it is time – and Mr. Trump has said this, time and time again – to put Americans first.”

“While I understand our position in the global economy, and how important the United States is in world public affairs, it is time to look at the people who are in our country first who are struggling – the middle class, the bottom class of people who can’t survive – and give them opportunities,” said Lewandowski. “And this is exactly what the issue is, when it comes to not just bringing in refugees, but illegal immigrants.

Continue reading here.  Hohmann lists the towns and cities in America already ‘welcoming’ Syrian refugees (whether they know it or not!).

A reminder that when I first tell a new person about how the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions program works, they are outraged and ask—-but what about the poor and homeless people we have in our town already?  Can’t we take care of them first (before we import more poverty)?

Be sure to see Hohmann’s article this week about the actions going on in Congress with the McCaul and Babin bills.   After discussing the bills, Hohmann reports that these 2016 Republican Presidential candidates are supporting the Obama Syrian resettlement plan.  We will let you know if others get on board with Obama.

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and John Kasich have all said the U.S. should consider taking in more Syrian refugees, essentially agreeing with the policy of Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Of course they could modify their positions and say that we will only take persecuted Christian Syrians in reasonable numbers, to be cared for privately by individual churches, but don’t hold your breath!

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  2. They don’t care about us! Our labor participation is the lowest it has been in almost 40 years yet they flood our nation from every entry.

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  8. misterpaul5a said

    The current news from Brussels, the European Parliament, is to pour MORE MANY MILLIONS of our hard earned money into assisting so-called ‘refugees’, most of whom are Muslims.
    Saudi Arabia welcomes this news and are rushing to finance the extra mosques and hope to send Muslim workers to,build the mosques to ensure they are giving Muslims more jobs, in Europe.


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    Great. Posted:



  10. misterpaul5a said

    What chance do you think those desperate, hungry, Allah-fearing Muslim ‘refugees’ would have to walk the marble, mirrored, golden halls of Saudi Arabia?
    None, Zero, Zilch. The Saudis may be practising ante-deluvian,female-abusing sub-human Sharia Laws – but surprise, surprise – the Muslim Arabs, without exception, want to come to the Christian West. Bit of a paradox – NO?

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  11. pagarymac said

    Join with Putin…eliminate ISIS so they can return to their homeland.

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  14. petzlx said

    For starters “our” subsidized media just show “us” the way “we” are meant to perceive “refugees” and opponents to them.

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  15. Youforgot Fiorina. Im sure she wants more Muslims coming here

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