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Ben Carson: Put Americans first, not Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 24, 2015

Echoing the comments we heard yesterday from the Trump campaign, 2016 Presidential candidate Ben Carson, said also yesterday—Put Americans first!


Carson: “Why don’t we ever think about putting Americans first?”

Oh, and by the way, Carson’s comment on Sunday that a Muslim should not be President of the US has actually raised his percentage points in one new poll I saw last evening (he is still in second place behind Trump) and he reportedly has reaped a windfall of campaign contributions.

Here is CNN (Syrian refugees could bring terrorists):

Washington (CNN)Ben Carson said the U.S. should be cautious when taking in Syrian refugees to avoid the risk of terrorists entering the country.


Carson, who grew up in poor in inner-city Detroit before becoming a successful neurosurgeon, said the U.S. should focus on helping Americans citizens first.

“We need to be dealing with that before we start bringing in a bunch of other people,” he said. “Why don’t we ever think about putting Americans first?”

This is the same logical theme we hear all the time when someone is first informed about the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Department.   Put Americans first!

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  1. Cathy Keim said

    Geert Wilders makes the same argument in Parliament in the Netherlands. It is amazing to watch the other members attack him and bring up one case of a girl to try and refute his pleas for taking care of their own citizens. He asserts that the refugees get everything for free, even football tickets!!!!, while the elderly are facing cuts to their care. It is like his opponents cannot hear him. This is similar to the abortion debate where they constantly say what about the rape victims, when the vast majority of abortions are for the convenience of the mother.

    Obviously, if they were not be overwhelmed with thousands of immigrants each week, then they would be able to pay attention the the occasional unusual case that can pop up. When the system is completely broken, there is no way to discriminate between the truly needy, the terrorists, and the ones that just want free stuff. Geert Wilders in Parliament


  2. Ben Carson, an amnesty guy but any flicker of sanity is appreciated.


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