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“Mama” Merkel in the news trying to extricate Germany from the “chaos” she created!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 24, 2015

Invasion of Europe news….

Merkel is calling on Russia and the United States to do something!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is busy these days casting about to save herself (and keep the EU from imploding!) in the wake of criticism that she and Germany began the stampede of migrants from, not just Syria, but from throughout the Middle East and North Africa as well.

BTW, the mostly economic migrants (not legitimate refugees!) themselves began the practice of calling Merkel “Mama” here.


Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović accused Mrs Merkel of causing “chaos”

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovputs the blame where it belongs—on ‘Mama.’  Anyone with half a brain could see the pile-up coming as Germany first opened its borders and then abruptly closed them.

From The Telegraph (hat tip: Kurt):

Angela Merkel is responsible for the current refugee crisis in Europe, the president of Croatia has claimed.

In unusually blunt and undiplomatic language, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović accused Mrs Merkel of causing “chaos”.

“Mrs Merkel called them, and now she’s pulled the handbrake by saying Germany cannot absorb all these economic migrants,” Mrs Grabar-Kitarović told Croatian television.

“She makes out as if she wasn’t aware that pulling the handbrake when so many cars were on the road would cause chaos. This needs to be resolved now.”

Croatia has been struggling to cope with the influx of thousands of refugees since Hungary closed its border to them last week.
Most are trying to find a new route to Germany since the route through Hungary became impassable.

In August, as other countries turned them away, Mrs Merkel pledged that Germany would take in Syrian refugees.

But as German cities quickly ran out of places in refugee shelters, her government reimposed border controls nine days ago.

Here Merkel is calling on Russia and the US.  What are we supposed to do, other than destroy ISIS and it looks like Russia is going to beat us to that (Obama is in no rush)?

And, here she is at Deutsche Welle calling for a “fair” distribution of the migrants (the vast majority are NOT Syrians).  You can imagine the outrage in those smaller, formerly Eastern European bloc, countries (like Croatia) that didn’t invite the migrants to Europe, as did Merkel, apparently driven by wanting Germany to look generous and “welcoming.”

This line is buried at the end of the Deutsche Welle article:

Opposition Left party deputy group leader Sahra Wagenknecht said Germany’s poor, not its wealthy elite, would be hit by diversion of monies to fund the integration of refugees.

Here, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban rejects Merkel’s “moral imperialism.”

See also this lengthy report at Der Spiegel about ‘mother’ Merkel.

You can see live updates of the crisis, here at The Guardian.

Go here for our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ news which we have been reporting FOR YEARS.  How could European leaders not have acted before now?   More on the German mess, here.

4 Responses to ““Mama” Merkel in the news trying to extricate Germany from the “chaos” she created!”

  1. Mark Whitt said

    Ain’t she a pip? I thought she needed 800,000 Syrians to make her world complete.So she’s backtracking?


  2. misterpaul5a said

    Let us for one charitable (here we go again!) moment do a brief survey of the current tragedy in Saudi Arabia. Over SEVEN HUNDRED ‘Pilgrims’ have been crushed to death whilst performing their religious rites in Mecca and its surrounding towns.
    THIS is not the first time lives have been lost when Muslims have been performing the Haj. And how and why do these tragedies occur?
    Well, to say the least it is interesting. The many hundreds who have died were in the act of ‘casting stones/pebbles at pillars and walls to exorcise/send out, in this ceremony ‘The Devil’. The Haj would apparently not be properly completed if this ‘stoning’ was omitted from the ceremony.
    In fact it is the requirement by the Islamic religion that EVERY Muslim should, at least once in their lives, visit Mecca and in the process ‘stone the Devil’, five times I believe.
    How wonderful it would be if someone marginally re-interpreted this part of the diktat – so that instead of stoning walls to cast out the Devil, Muslims, with the massive expense this annually entails, were to contribute say 100 Dirhams, or whatever, towards a fund to turn some of the vast areas of the Saudi desert into Elysian Fields, ( a bit like the Israeli Kibbutz) running water, food and tentage, to alleviate the Devilish suffering of fellow Muslims. Would not ANY God-like entity open wide the gates of heaven to these magnanimous contributors, so as to allow them the opportunity to celebrate the fruits of promised ‘virgins’ and flowing wines which could be their heavenly reward. I know this may sound a trifle controversial, but would it not be preferable to the further dreadful wasteful sacrifice of so many lives in the rush to throw stones at a wall? Just a thought.


  3. jstro61283 said

    I wonder if history (if there is any) will write that Europe was destroyed by a leftist fool and not by some masterstroke.

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  4. ‘Mama Merkel: Nation Killer’

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