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Boise, Idaho: Much wailing and gnashing of teeth as refugees get evicted, will they send some to Twin Falls?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 26, 2015

I don’t know whether to take this story at its face value—new landlord wants to refurbish the apartments and put them back on the market at a higher price (landlords can do that right?).  Or, whether there is more to this story and the new landlord needs to let’s just say, clean up.

(Once refugee resettlement contractors get a foothold in certain apartment complexes they tend to keep bringing them there often to the chagrin of the landlords.)

Before I get to the news, as Obama plans to welcome 85,000 new impoverished people to America, low income housing is increasingly unavailable—not just for refugees but for Americans with low incomes.  So unless Obama gets his HUD projects moving quickly, there is going to be an extreme shortage of housing available for this next year’s delivery of 85,000 third worlders to America beginning this coming Thursday (October 1)!

One way to slow the flow to your town is to get involved in blocking the HUD housing Obama wants so badly, and I am hearing from some of you that HUD and its developer pals are already showing up in your nice middle class towns.

By the way, when you watch the IRC contractor almost in tears, note that these refugee tenants pay rent month by month which tells me that they are not becoming self-sustaining as Lawrence Bartlett and other biased presenters told the audience in Twin Falls this past week was the goal.

And hey, Twin Falls, they have 400 poor refugees to move to new apartments in just a few weeks, some might be coming your way as Boise has a housing shortage!

From KTVB-7 (hat tip: an ever watchful reader):



To learn more about the International Rescue Committee (IRC), one of the federal contractors operating in Boise, go here. Their CEO, David Miliband (bff Hillary Clinton and George Soros), makes close to a half a million dollars a year to run the IRC and was one of the first to demand that the Obama Administration admit 65,000 Syrian refugees (now he is up to 100,000).  Maybe he could pitch in a little cash to help the refugees he (a Brit) has invited to colonize America!

8 Responses to “Boise, Idaho: Much wailing and gnashing of teeth as refugees get evicted, will they send some to Twin Falls?”

  1. […] I told you about the refugees getting the boot from an apartment complex in Boise, here.   Now a reader tells us that Chobani has stepped in to rescue the refugees, here, here and […]


  2. I live in Boise six months out of the year and work in national parks for six months out of the year, every time I go home to Boise, I see more and more Africans there, up until a few years ago we had about a dozen taxi companies, now we have about 50 and they are mostly driven by these Africans, its seems that the city of Boise had to create these jobs for them. I recently worked with some people from Nepal, Iraq and Turkey in Park City Utah, these people had been living in Salt Lake for about six years and only pay $36 a month for rent. I personally have been sleeping outside for about 3 months out of the year for the past 7 years and only eat once a day so I can get prepared for Agenda 2030 and hard times that are coming. God is surrounding JerUSAlem (America) with His enemies (so called refugees) in order to correct His people and than later destroy these evil people. Are you prepared for the things to come?


    • mjazzguitar said

      That’s pretty good- Americans living in tent cities while foreigners get to pay 36 bucks a month for rent.


  3. swieland8 said

    I’m glad someone is finally getting a bigot’s viewpoint out there about these issues. Damn those refugees! Leave and don’t come back until you’re a white person!


  4. Send them all back to hell. They’re not refugees they’re leaches.


  5. Good for the owners. These refugees are fake. Stop the bleeding hearths.


  6. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  7. Many of these Illegals and Refugees see United States as the land of the free money. When United States is the land of the free and you work for your money. Hussein Obama needs to stop teaching them that our government is switching to Socialism and giving them everything.


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