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Rohingya Muslims on the way to the US, many others already here

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 26, 2015

I thought I was done today.  I was just going to tackle my bulging e-mail in box when I came across an e-mail from reader Judith alerting me to this news from the Bangkok Post yesterday.

Rohingya boat

Rohingya are coming to the US. This group of young MEN was apprehended by the Malaysian government, a Muslim government, that doesn’t want the Rohingya. So we are taking them!

24 Rohingya (Burmese) Muslims are on the way to the US, but the article tells us that since right after 911 we have admitted 13,000 Burmese Muslims (how many are Rohingya?).


While we focus on the fact that Syrians can’t be screened, frankly neither can Muslims who get on boats in Southeast Asia (claiming to have been kidnapped) be properly screened!

New readers of RRW don’t know that we have an entire category on the very ‘observant’ followers of Islam that are known as the Rohingya.

We have 180 posts in our ‘Rohingya Reports’ category extending all the way back to 2007.  Back in 2007 and early 2008 there was no way the US State Dept. was going to admit Rohingya Muslims, but clearly all that has changed

Here is the story at the Bangkok Post (which won’t let me snip much, so please go read it yourself):

At 46 years old, Basamai, an ethnic Rohingya Muslim man, will for the first time obtain identity documents that will allow him to resettle in the United States next week, along with 23 other trafficking victims.

The 24 to be resettled follow four who left Thailand earlier this month, in a humanitarian programme that has resettled 13,000 Muslims from Myanmar since 2002, according to the US Department of State Refugee Processing Center.

They are not saying if they are coming to your town!

Following their arrival in the US — the exact location remains unknown — the Rohingya group will undergo Cultural Orientation Training before they can be resettled, said a source from the Ministry of…

Cultural Orientation Training, here? in the US?  That is a new one on me.

They were screened by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and the star of this story hopes to bring his wife and 8 daughters to America real soon!

10 Responses to “Rohingya Muslims on the way to the US, many others already here”

  1. Imagine how this smothering inundation might halt if our millions of ‘environmentalists’ were actually environmentalists.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      Unfortunately our so-called environmentalists are now mostly Left wing community agitators who welcome thousands and thousands of immigrants to America—immigrants who will gobble up natural resources—to be reliable Democrat voters.

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  3. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  4. We have about 125-150 Rohinga now in the Clarkston (Atlanta area). Almost all of the families I have met escaped Burma and spent many years in Malaysia. They are mostly families and I am helping several. Almost all are employed and there have been no issues with them as far as problems etc. I welcome them. I would disagree with your assumption that they are radical Islamists. Many have harrowing escape stories to tell as well. Its ashame you have to hate Muslims when so many have actually done well. We cannot prevent terrorism either domestic or Muslim-we need to be more vigilant-thats for sure, but I still believe it is a tiny minority as there are small number of lone wolf terrorists here


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Ralph, Malaysia is a SAFE Muslim country. Why is it our problem to bring them here? International law says legitimate asylum seekers are to ask for asylum in the first safe country they come to….again, why are they our problem? We have nothing to do with Burma, a Buddhist country that doesn’t want religious minorities there. We didn’t start any wars there. We are not to blame for any problems in Burma, so why are their problems ours now? Have you run out of poor white and black American citizens to care for in Atlanta? Or, are the exotic selection of refugees in Atlanta much ‘cooler’ to help?

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  5. Ray Rigsby said

    Kerry said today that we will be taking in 185000 in 2016. Interesting that most are fighting age males. That’s truly something that should worry the entire nation but it wont. We are past the time to wake up we are under an invasion this very moment.

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  6. Where are the women and children?


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  8. Brittius said

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