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Carson favorability numbers jump dramatically after Muslim President comments last Sunday

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 27, 2015

Update:  I just finished watching Chuck Todd on Meet the Press (the show where Carson made what you know Todd was expecting to become Carson’s fatal blow) and Todd never mentioned Carson at all today.  You know that if Todd had succeeded in killing Carson’s Presidential aspirations, it would have been one big brag fest at Meet the Depressed (as Rush calls it) today. Todd mentioned Rubio’s slight rise in the polls and Fioriana’s but not one word about Carson’s this week (as Carson moves into a virtual tie with Trump)!

Fox News has done everything it could, over the last week, to make sure commentators throughout the network ‘school’ Ben Carson on what he can and cannot say on Muslims in public office and sharia law.  Hah! Looks like Carson gets the last word!

ben-carson think big

Reports: Carson hauls in a whopping $20 million in recent quarter! (from small donors!)

See our report last week, here.  And, don’t miss Andy McCarthy’s takedown of the increasingly pompous Dr. Krauthammer, here.

I’m about done with Fox News, but at least here they are reporting what they found (hopefully with egg on Mr. Murdoch’s face)!

From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton’s personal favorable ratings hit a low mark in the latest Fox News national poll, while Ben Carson’s ratings climb to new high in the wake of his news-generating comments on Muslims and the presidency.

Carson receives the best net favorable scores among all voters as well as self-identified Republicans. In addition, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush get the worst net scores overall, and Bush has the lowest score among Republicans.


The number of voters who have a positive opinion of Carson is up 20 percentage points: 46 percent now, up from 26 percent in May. Among Republicans the increase is even greater: 66 percent now view him favorably, up from 42 percent.

Interviewing for the poll started Sunday afternoon and went through Tuesday evening (September 20-22). That Sunday morning, Carson made news with remarks about Sharia law and why he would not support a hypothetical Muslim in the White House.

For more on the candidates we have a category called ‘2016 Presidential campaign’ where we archive everything we write that relates to immigration/refugees and the candidates.

8 Responses to “Carson favorability numbers jump dramatically after Muslim President comments last Sunday”

  1. nafbpo7 said

    Carson is weak on immigration. He has also bought the fake number of 11-12 million illegals in America. This is the number the liberals love to use, because it sounds like too many to round up and deport, while being low enough to not hurt the American economy.

    If you run a simple Google search for “remittances” to countries like Mexico, the Central American countries, and India, you will readily see that it has to be far more nationals of those countries sending those billions of American dollars. I’d say 20-30 million would be far closer to the truth.

    By the way, Obama just provided Yemen with “Temporary Protective Status” (TPS), which is just another form of amnesty. Under TPS aliens claiming to be from Yemen that are in the U.S. on temporary visas or even illegal, can remain here as long as the TPS is in effect. They all get work authorization ID cards and social security cards in any name they choose.

    From my many years of experience in working immigration law enforcement TPS is far from temporary and can be extended for years and years. It also causes a surge in smuggling to America people from the benefitting foreign government.

    It will also give the current rogue Yemen government a financial boost from remittances send by those who get the status.

    Don’t think for a second that the USCIS has the resources to properly vette the applicants, not that they care, given the current administrations gutting all enforcement.

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  2. The very fact that when Ben or Donald speak about abortions, immigration, muslims, or other subjects and this boost their approval is a key indicator that we have a problem in this country.


    • The very fact that you have the opinions that you do without bothering to explain them or counter the arguments in favor of them indicates that there is a problem with your country, and your ability to argue. A statement without backing is worthless. Simply because you feel certain things are self-evident does not mean others will agree, or that they are.


  3. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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  5. misterpaul5a said

    Yes, we all have a certain amount of admiration for Carson, I have said so some time ago in these ‘pages’ in fact.
    HOWEVER, let us not forget, even IF he makes it to the White House, it is certainly not He who will decide on whether you have a Muslim President, it will ultimately be down to DEMOGRAPHICS numbers, riots in the streets (if THEY feel inclined). And if you are going to rely upon your ‘Judges’ and Justice System to help you out in decision making as to what your Constitution declares……DON’T hold your breath. Some of the most recent decisions your ‘Judges’ have reached do not exactly give one confidence in what they will Decide …..FOR YOU!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Misterpaul, we have no grand illusions here. But, it gives me/us a little pleasure to see someone like Carson (and Trump too) take on the politically correct political establishment and the PC media and beat them (even temporarily) at their game. Surely (LOL!) you won’t deprive us of our momentary pleasure! We do need a little joy once in awhile!


  6. […] Carson favorability numbers jump dramatically after Muslim President comments last Sunday September 27, 2015 […]


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