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Death by demography….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 27, 2015

If you haven’t read Mark Steyn’s 2008America Alone,’ you must.  He spells it out in very clear terms. Western civilization is doomed unless people of European descent get busy and start producing large families, now!  (I wish I were young enough to help!) But, sadly, in America, and probably Europe as well, many of the well-educated (intelligent?) young people of forty years ago bought the notion that we would be greedy and hurt the planet if we produced more than two children (our replacements!)—less then two and you were a hero!

While the third world never got that message, as you will see by scrolling through this list of World Fertility Rates for 2015 (thanks to Kurt for bringing this to our attention).

It is no surprise that African nations dominate the list of the most fertile!  Here are a few selections:

America Alone

Niger: 7.27 children per family

Somalia: 5.99

Ethiopia: 5.81

Rep. of Congo: 5.31

Those three (Somalia, Ethiopia, and Rep. of Congo) are all now supplying the US with large numbers of ‘refugees.’

From the Middle East/Asia:

Afghanistan: 5.33

Iraq: 3.32

Pakistan:  2.75

Syria:  2.6

Then the US is still holding its own (I expect they are counting our Mexican immigrant fertility rate as well):

US: 2.06

And, here we see why Europe is dying (I wonder if they take into account the African and Middle Eastern immigrant births that would explain France and the UK still sort of up there).  Imagine if they only factored in the white European fertility rate!

Ireland: 1.99 (get it up just a bit higher!)

France: 1.94

UK: 1.89

Netherlands: 1.78

Norway: 1.76

Denmark: 1.73

Sweden: 1.67

Spain: 1.49

Switzerland: 1.49

Russia: 1.45

Germany: 1.44 (in deep trouble!)

Austria: 1.43

Italy: 1.43

Poland: 1.34

Check out the whole list here—fascinating!

For the year 2049 they estimate much more reasonable fertility rates, but I don’t see how they get there (perhaps just fabricated to make us all feel better).

Remember this guy?   He says they are coming not as workers to Germany, but as conquerors to breed with the European women as “Germany is old and decrepit!”

11 Responses to “Death by demography….”

  1. […]  Should have reminded readers about this recent post—Death by Demography—when I initially posted this […]


  2. […]  Should have reminded readers about this recent post—Death by Demography—when I initially posted this […]


  3. Our ideal birthrate aside (when the US population leveled off after the Baby Boom, our population numbers were probably just about right or a tad too high), we are not being replaced because our birthrate is not high enough. We are being replaced because people want to replace us.


  4. Robert Schwartz said

    Thanks for this very revealing report on fertility rates worldwide, Ann.  It reflects selfishness on the part of affluent countries.  It reflects some ignorance among some.  Overall, it is a motivating agent for refugees, at least to a certain extent.  It presents the irony of grasping at trends: Limit families.  Then what?  Workers needed.  See refugees fleeing their lands to seek space in those countries that deliberately limited births–for whatever reason.  Over time the refugees fill in the spaces, crowd out the affluent, change the ethnicities of Europe, and perhaps eventually change some ethnicities altogether. Is it good? or is it bad?  It all depends…. Robert N. Schwartz 


  5. wullfe said

    Latest birthrate for Whites with European ancestry in the U.S. is 1.7. Germany, 0.7. This is serious, folks, and looking at all the European birthrates, Whites will no longer be on earth some time in the future. Add to that, the huge numbers of non-White immigrants translates into a lowered White percentage meaning no representation in government, fewer rights, college admissions discrimination, change of culture, probably religion, anti-White rhetoric, increased black on White crime, erasing our history, things we see happening now. Think of Independence Hall in Philadelphia being torn down because it represents “Old White Racist Men,” OUR FOUNDING FATHERS.

    Years ago, the government could have encouraged increased birthrates by offering incentives and advertising showing the benefits of having children and families. Look at some of the TV ads from the 1950’s when White babies were the norm. Tide, Cheer all showing clean baby clothes. Car ads showing families, MOTHER, FATHER, WITH 2 AND 3 CHILDREN in front of a house, the dream of all females and males, to get married, have children, buy a house and new car. I know companies target their ads and won’t use that theme if families are going down the tubes and Whites don’t want children, but with government intervention, they could show subliminal messages and still make their point. I know we don’t want government intervention, but weren’t we under the impression the government supported Europeans…that is until the traitorous 1965 Immigration law. Who was behind that and it wasn’t Ted Kennedy? He supported it.

    Also larger families could have been encouraged in schools and colleges. Instead, they told us the earth was becoming overpopulated. I am suspicious as to who was behind that scam and what was their agenda and why only in all White countries. We always thought our government was loyal and would always protect us. Yes, it’s a shocker, they turned their backs on us and now giving our country away to foreigners unlike us.

    I’m tired of being afraid I might hurt their feelings. They have countries. We are losing ours to invasion and colonization. Unless we stop this, the United States WILL be a third-world country and your children and grandchildren will be discriminated against, big time. This isn’t just a threat, it WILL happen and is happening right now. Non-Whites have been taught in our schools, colleges, and government, Whites are evil. See South Africa. This is so urgent, but Whites sit back blindly watching Kim Kardashian and football games instead of fighting our enemies. Yes, the sky IS falling!

    All of you have a choice in the upcoming election. Choose one that is against illegals and reducing legal immigration, but Trump’s polls are declining and now I’m seeing Whites choosing Carson and Fiorina, neither one having our best interests in mind and having no intentions of deporting illegals, lowering legal immigration, or stopping the Muslim takeover. How do we reach these voters to wake them up? Sorry, but Carson will be another one mostly supporting minorities. He talks about it too much, yet the Republican base is mostly White. Voters are low information and fickle.

    So far, there are only two candidates that come to mind. Donald Trump and Rick Santorum. Donald Trump, deport illegals, only the most intelligent legals permitted to come, Americans come first for jobs and benefits. He also wonders why Europeans are not permitted to come here when they are highly educated and hard workers. Santorum, no illegals, and reduce legal immigration by 25%, but he doesn’t specify intelligence or deporting illegals. Legal immigration from the third-world must be stopped. The 1965 Immigration law reverted to pre-1965 when Europeans were the preferred majority.

    Immigration is our most urgent issue. A wall built on the Southern border. Illegals deported and not permitted to return. Legal immigration from third-world countries must be stopped. Muslims stopped right now. We must encourage Whites to have more children helping them somehow financially if they can’t afford it. We should create our own schools, churches, civil rights organizations, White communities whenever possible to save ourselves. Our government is damaging to us. It is our enemy and if Trump or Santorum do not win, it will continue to be our enemy.


  6. domstudent11 said

    According to National Right for Life, there have been approximately 58 million abortions since 1973 in the U.S. Many of these aborted babies would have since married and had children themselves. A commentator on an EU blog sadly noted that Germany annihilated 6 million Jews during World War II and have now replaced them with Muslims.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      You are exactly right. Aborting babies then replacing them with migrants of all sorts is insanity.

      Liked by 1 person

    • wullfe said

      About 70% of abortions in the U.S. are non-White. Stopping it won’t help Europeans much, it will hurt them more. Not advocating abortions, just putting it into perspective.


      • domstudent11 said

        Nonetheless if the aborted babies would have been U.S. citizens, we wouldn’t have to replace them with immigrants either legal or illegal.


        • wullfe said

          I don’t think they need to be replaced. The U.S. has enough people. So far this year, more immigrants got jobs than Americans. Sounds to me like we don’t need more people, except, maybe, more intelligent ones.


  7. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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