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Connecticut elected officials welcome Syrian (Muslim) refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 28, 2015

I was on the Lori on Liberty show from Connecticut yesterday, but hadn’t seen the news that Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is out stumping for more Syrians (mostly Muslims) to be resettled in Connecticut.  Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, a Democrat from the 5th District, is on board too.  The governor, according to the Washington Times is warming to the idea.


Murphy to Obama: 10,000 Syrians for next year is not enough! BTW, next year begins on Thursday.

Get ready Connecticut (where Yale has accepted a Saudi billionaire’s gift to build an ISLAMIC LAW CENTER there).

From the Washington Times:

With heart-rending images of desperate migrants flooding into Europe, some have called on the U.S. to do more. President Obama recently issued an order allowing up to 10,000 refugees from Syria into the United States during the next fiscal year, but even that is not enough, said Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy.


In addition to the humanitarian obligations, he said there are practical reasons for helping the refugees. “We’re losing credibility (in the Middle East) if we sit on the sidelines,” said Murphy, a Democratic freshman who recently visited refugee camps in Jordan.

We knew 2016 Presidential candidate Marco Rubio was using weasel-words on the Syrians, but here the Washington Times reports that he is on board to increase refugee numbers to America.

Several Republican presidential candidates, including Sens. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Marco Rubio of Florida, are also pressing for an increase in the number of refugees allowed into the U.S., as long as they are thoroughly vetted to determine that they are not part of a terrorist group.

Elizabeth Esty

We welcome Syrians to western Connecticut! Photo from ALIPAC when Esty voted for amnesty for illegal aliens here:

The FBI testified in February that the Syrian refugees could NOT BE THOROUGHLY VETTED—where have those Senator been?

The Washington Times continues….

Murphy agreed, saying the U.S. should “spare no expense” in investigating the refugees to ensure they have no terrorist connections. But, he added, “just because a place like Syria is violent, that doesn’t mean everyone who lives there is violent. We have a very sophisticated process for vetting refugees.”  [No we don’t—ed]


Rep. Elizabeth Esty, a Democrat from the 5th District, last week signed onto a letter to President Obama urging additional aid for the refugees. She said she would welcome refugees that have been thoroughly vetted resettle in her district and her community. [Danbury, Litchfield, Waterbury etc.—ed]

Continue reading here.

Waterbury reminds me ofWhoop-de-do’ in Waterbury several years ago when the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants‘ subcontractor was exposed in a local paper for neglecting mostly Burmese refugees in their care.  The US State Dept. at least temporarily shuttered the program there.  It may be up and running now for all I know.

I just noticed in that 2008 ‘Whoop-de-do’ post that refugees were receiving $850 per head upon arrival and the contractor was keeping half.  Here we are 7 years later and the amount per refugee now stands at $1975 per refugee!

For more information, go here to see if your city has already gotten Syrian refugees.  If so, you have been targeted for more.

Go here and see that Hartford’s mayor is one of 18 to write to Obama telling him to admit not 10,000 Syrians this year, but 100,000!

16 Responses to “Connecticut elected officials welcome Syrian (Muslim) refugees”

  1. […] telling Obama to bring 100,000 Syrians here.  The mayor of Hartford is one of the 18.  Also, see this post from a week ago where other Connecticut elected officials were out stumping for Syrians.  Any connection to all […]


  2. Our Open-Borders Overlords ongoing demographic murder-suicide of Connecticut goes ever onward.

    “ldarwish was a truck driver in Syria … has five brothers and seven sisters”


  3. sodiumpen said

    Would seem many have forgotten, or are ignoring, this from back in 2010.

    Danish Psychologist Finds Integration of Muslims in Western Societies NOT Possible

    “. . . My speech at the conference was about the fact, that foreigners’ culture plays a significant role concerning integration, crime and religious extremism. I emphasized, that people from a Muslim culture find it difficult, if not impossible, to create a successful life in Denmark.
    This statement was met with great resistance from Danish politicians and also my own boss from the youth prison. I was quite surprised since I thought that my point is obvious: some cultures fit better into Western societies than others. All of Europe is currently struggling to integrate Muslims but this endeavor seems to be impossible”

    Seems to me the USA became a ‘melting pot’ because our cultures, ‘tho different, were blendable. With the many people coming into the USA,. who refuse to assimilate, what we are now developing into is an indigestible, chunky stew.


  4. […] Connecticut elected officials welcome Syrian (Muslim) refugees […]


  5. tomasrose said

    “Here we are 7 years later and the amount per refugee now stands at $1975 per refugee! ” That would be given for each child as well. PLUS $2,200 per head (unless they increased that amount too) if they push the refugee through Match Grant – about half of refugees go through this. PLUS they pocket 25% of the money for airfare, if they collect it. PLUS Grant money galore from whatever the grant(s) du jour is. It is very lucrative. That is one reason why they constantly advocate for program expansion


  6. I wanted to share facts with you. The refugee does not get the $1100 per family member. This money is used to pay rent, set up deposits and get them started. For a family of 3, the agencies have $ 3300 to spend. With an average rent of $700 ( 2 bedroom) in Clarkston( GAa(Atlanta),they can pay 4 months rent. That is why it is critical to find employment within 120 days. The match Grant program which I believe more than half are on,provides rent for 4 months or so and provides a monthly stipend. There is a limited number of dollars that each agency has for this program. By the way, TANF payments for a family of 3 in all states in less than 50% of poverty level-this is for everyone. In California maximum TANF was over $600/M in 2013 and in South Carolina as an example was $294/m So how do the really poor live? I am working with a Rohinga woman whose rent payment from IRC ran out. She is a widow with 2 children and has health issues and cannot work at this point. Individual Muslim community members and the local mosque are paying rent. She can probably only survive long term if she gets disability. Another widow from CAR whose husband was shot and killed in the civil war lives on $750 a month SS Disability as she suffers from a rare disease and cannot work except for some sewing.

    I wanted to share the reality of being poor. This is not a refugee issue but a humanatarian issue for the American poor. We should be ashamed. For all of you who oppose big government, I do not see the private sector helping out. One person commented about helping poor Americans in Atlanta instead of refugees. The worse situation any poor American faces is far better than victims of war etc. As Americans we have freedoms and while people may be in poverty or temporarily homeless, it does not compare to a what a refugee faces emotionally and physically.I doubt that anything I say will make a difference unless u study the facts and put yourself in their position. I have said in the past that the program needs changes, but we need to deal with the situation at hand. We cannot 100% prevent terroism whether domestic or international, but Islamaphobia is not a rational response when the majority of folks are just trying to survive,


    • tomasrose said

      All good points, but one question: “I am working with a Rohinga woman whose rent payment from IRC ran out.” After how long in the U.S. did her rent help from IRC run out? thanks


      • In this case, she had rent paid for 4 or 5 months. I believe she came in February and I know that Muslims paid her rent for Aug and Sept. The agency is trying to get her free childcare as it is illegal to have her children home alone due to their ages. The concept of living off welfare/TANF is almost impossible given the small monthly amounts in Georgia and many southern states. My concern in general withe readers of this blog is that I would venture to believe that hardly anyone has ever had significant contact with refugees. Talking to them humanizes the issue instead of looking at everything on a macro level. There will be terrorism as we go forward be it domestic (Dylan Roof) or foreign (Brevik) or from islamists but the greater good is served by helping families only Yes I am a “bleeding heart” and proud of it. I hold no allegiance to the agencies or the program itself but to the hundreds I have assisted over 20 years I can certainly agree with Ann on reforms and transparency but this is the time to help the Syrian and Yezidis (who no one talks about)


        • Ann Corcoran said

          In the flow from Syria so far, there has been one Yezidi admitted as a refugee to date. So the State Dept. is going little and neither are the contractors on that front.


    • I have been there and I am still not rich. The system in this country has allowed me to obtain a better life. The fact is that people migrating into this country want to change the US where the opportunity to better your life will be removed. The United States will become Lebanon and Christians here will be persecuted as they are in Iraq.

      This is not a humanitarian issue. This is the hijra. ISIS has told us they will send terrorists. Muslim leaders proclaimed that they will change Europe through ‘breeding”.

      Many in the United States are charitable. Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries refuse to help their brothers in need.

      We disregard the Western way of thinking to understand this ‘humanitarian’ crisis.

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    • 7delta said

      This is not a refugee issue but a humanatarian issue for the American poor.

      Read that again…slowly. American poor? No, you are championing poor aliens who could have been aided nearer to their homes, while providing for more displaced people, with far less expense. For the cost of aiding one “refugee” to come to the U.S., we could aid 100 in place. Even though the living conditions aren’t ideal in the U.N. camps, they’re safe there, as long as they’re Muslim. Christians and other non-Muslims…not so much.

      American poor are being shoved aside. Excessive immigration, legal and illegal, has devastated the American black community (and other low-wage workers) by increasing competition for low-wage jobs they would have used to enter the job market and to climb the ladder, for housing and for educational resources. The demographic most hurt is the American black male. That’s not my opinion. There are decades of legitimate studies that reveal the real impact on American poor. Black Americans have disproportionately been harmed. Unfortunately, these studies have been ignored by media and politicians. The false narratives that immigration boosts the economy and job creation has been pushed like a shiny red wheelbarrow. It is patently untrue.

      Look at America’s Petri-dish: California. The industries where blacks generally worked turned to hiring illegals decades ago. As illegals moved in, then massive refugee relocation, the aliens not only got the jobs, but the housing shortage drove costs up, thereby pushing unemployed or under-employed American blacks from their homes and neighborhoods. School resources to help under-privileged children and those needing special assistance were diverted to non-English speaking children. Social problems have been exacerbated. California’s population of black Americans has dropped, as those who could relocated to other states in search of work or because they had family elsewhere who would help them left California. So now, California boasts its non-white population exceeds its white population, as if that’s significant of some sort of “progress.” California now has the highest poverty rate in the country. This same scenario is being repeated all over the country. As usual, California is the setter of trends to come across America.

      So let’s do look at reality. If “compassion” harms another person, it’s not compassion. It’s something else and that something else is not about the immigrant either. The reason you don’t see the private sector helping is because you aren’t looking and because many have shut their doors due to big government regulations that made it impossible for them operate. That’s reality.

      We can care about, and for, the refugee and about our own while harming neither. It’s not necessary to relocate refugees here, but it is our responsibility to put our own citizens first. Black American low-wage workers and others who need a foot in the door are morally and Constitutionally our priority. We help no one by abusing one person to “aid” another. There is nothing more uncaring than supporting harm to Americans so we can “help” non-citizens, especially when it’s absolutely unnecessary. Excessive and unchecked Immigration is creating poverty, not alleviating it. And that “reality” doesn’t even address the national security issues of open borders and relocating incompatible belief systems into this country. You may believe in humanism and relativism, but the other “reality” is that not everyone else does, nor do they have an avenue, because of their belief system, to accept your world view. That’s the real reality.


    • 7delta said

      but Islamaphobia is not a rational response

      One more thing: There is no such thing as Islamophobia. It’s a made up word from the bowels of an Islamic think tank, created for the sole purpose of shutting down any scrutiny of, or discussion about, Islam.

      I suggest you go over to the OIC’s website and read some of their Islamophobia Reports. You’ll find footnotes. Follow them, then follow up on the information contained therein for what the results were of investigations and check statistical citations for additional and accurate information. Read quotes from Islamic apologists carefully and clearly. Do you think the reaction of the world in support of free speech after the Charlie Hebdo murders was devoid of “principles?” The author of the paper and the person he cited do. Do you believe it’s proof of discrimination and Islamophobia for people to choose their own religion over Islam in a Pew Poll? They do. Do you believe that even though Americans’ positive ratings for Islam and for Muslims rose after 9-11, but has fallen since is because Americans have suddenly become irrationally racist and discriminatory toward Muslims and Islam…for no reason at all, other than Americans just decided to be mean old Islamophobes? They do. Do you believe it’s rational to studiously ignore Islamic violence worldwide, mainstream Shariah Law beliefs that condone violence and obligates every Muslim to establish a worldwide caliphate, by al-hizra and by the sword? They do. Do you believe that a Muslim who calls for reform of Islam’s violent beliefs so Islam can actually be a “peaceful religion” is an apostate? They do.

      If these absurd Islamophobia Reports were not serious and were not taken seriously, they would make great Monty Python skits. That’s how over-the-top ridiculous they are.

      So who is irrational here? Islamists who blame non-Muslims for believing Muslims believe what their sacred trilogy says or the non-Muslims who believe Muslims believe what Islam’s sacred texts say and see with their own eyes how those beliefs are practiced?

      Let’s be clear one more time. ISIS is mainstream Islam. They have not done one thing Mohammed did not do. Since Mohammed is considered the ideal man, Muslims are obligated to model after him. The only phobia present is Islamist truthophobia. Being poor or displaced by rival Islamic sects does not change what Islam believes or how Islam is practiced. Just because one sect runs from another does not mean they do not share the same core beliefs, nor does it mean they would not be the oppressors, instead of the oppressed, in the next bout.

      Of course, not all Muslims are jihadists, but Islam is what it is. How do you plan to ensure you’re inviting in only some of the small number of Muslims who are the radical departures from mainstream Islam that Islamic mainstream considers apostates? To my knowledge, there isn’t a blood test, at least not one that involves a syringe and a lab.

      We most certainly can prevent Islamic terrorism, but it would require the federal government fulfil its obligation to the American people, but since it would hurt some folks’ little bitty feelings (and some fat pocketbooks), Americans will be the victims of many more 9-11 type attacks. When that happens, the response from Americans won’t have anything to do with a phobia. It will be cold hard anger. I don’t consider avoiding that scenario to be irrational. Do you? I suggest, and not for the first time, you learn for yourself what Islam says it is, from Islamic sources, not from what you’re told it is. The truth is not an irrational fear. It is what it is.

      “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time.” ~Maya Angelou


  7. Would be astounding if not for the fact that the Sleeper Cells in local, state & fed govnts have been given their marching orders. Emboldened by Obama&Co with not that first individual thought of responsibility. Not to mention the no consequences for them personally. As usual money is the bottom line but there is that hairs rising on neck as to what We the People’s consequences will be. The catastrophic events in Europe are being either ignored or spun into some kind of macabre fairy tale & at least 47% of Americans are burying their heads. This cannot be described, in a common sense world, as nothing else than an Invasion sponsored by the New World Order.

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