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Scottish first minister changes her mind about inviting Syrians to share her home

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 28, 2015

Invasion of Europe news……

No surprise is it!  A lot of political big shots as well as Lefties in the entertainment business bragged in recent months that they would invite Syrian families to live in their homes.  Now that Syrians are actually on the way (in this case to the UK) there is much backtracking on that obviously politically motivated promise of just a few weeks ago.

Case in point is this story about Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland and head of the Scottish National Party.

Let me be clear!  Anyone who is willing to open their home to indigent people and use their own private resources to care for them is to be greatly commended.  However, and this is a driving force behind my writing, stealing money (yes stealing!) from taxpayers to fund one’s charitable endeavors is an abomination in my view.

Why should some struggling family, with two parents working to just get ahead, have to be taxed so some rich big shot do-gooders can don their white hats of humanitarianism and pat themselves on their backs for being charitable?

And, I find it shameful that this Pope and his US Bishops are also stealing from taxpayers to fund their faux ‘Christian charity.’

The Pope has invited one Christian Syrian family to live at the Vatican—big deal!

Here is the story at the Daily Mail (but I see it reported lots of other places as well).  Emphasis below is mine:

Nicola Sturgeon was accused of backtracking last night after it was revealed she had ‘no plans’ to let Syrian refugees live in her home despite promising to do so during a television interview.

The Scottish First Minister made national headlines after she claimed she would be ‘absolutely happy’ to open her home to people fleeing war and violence in the Middle East.

But as the first of the 20,000 Syrian refugees due to come to Britain by 2020 arrived on Tuesday, Ms Sturgeon said she would not be offering them the chance to stay at her home.

Her spokesman said: ‘She said she would be willing to do it if that’s what it took, but she did not say that there were any plans for that to happen. So if you’re phoning to find out if there’s an update, then there is no update.’

Asked in an interview on Sky News on September 6 if she would house Syrian refugees in her own home, Ms Sturgeon replied: ‘Yes, I would.


Thousands of people have offered to house refugees in their homes in recent weeks, among them Live Aid founder Bob Geldof, politician Yvette Cooper and actress Emma Thompson.


Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said: ‘This just demonstrates the dangers of politicians making glib promises to get favourable headlines, when they have no intention of delivering. First Nicola said she’d welcome a refugee family to her home, obviously for political gain.

‘Now she is quite clearly back-tracking. It is very insincere indeed, but this is what we’ve come to expect from the SNP. The public now see they’re a party that will say anything for a headline, then when it doesn’t suit them, they do the complete opposite.’

Continue reading here.

By the way, since the UK is going to rely on the UNHCR to pick their Syrian refugees, the vast majority will be Sunni Muslim Syrians that inhabit UN camps in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.  Christian Syrians, we are told, do not go to these camps out of fear for their safety.

Inhabitants of those camps (in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon) will not be permanent residents with citizenship, however, all those coming to the US, the UK, Canada, etc. will become voting citizens of our western countries.

Click here for our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ series.

8 Responses to “Scottish first minister changes her mind about inviting Syrians to share her home”

  1. domstudent11 said

    Even Worms (once housing a huge U.S. military base, 5th Signal Command) is expected to accommodate Syrian refugees:
    (Refugees in Worms : school gymnasium Heppenheim accommodation should be – immediately stirs protest)
    How ironic. The U.S. Army defended NATO for decades in Worms, and Merkel brings the enemy right in.


  2. domstudent11 said

    Sadly, Merkel is bringing Syrian refugees into school buildings. This article (posted today in Wormser Zeitung) states that refugees will be housed in a school gymnasium in Heppenheim, and the parents are rightfully alarmed.
    (Accommodation of refugees in the school gymnasium : criticism from residents information in Heppenheim – Kissel : ” ensure security “)


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  4. […] Scottish first minister changes her mind about inviting Syrians to share her home […]


  5. Robert Schwartz said

    Ann Corcoran Ann,  you are reflecting a deep-seated prejudice in focusing on the pope and the U.S. bishops.  Their humanitarian work is documented across the globe.  Nine subcontractors work with the international effort to relieve Middle Eastern refugees of their sufferings.  Those nine are admired for their global efforts on this tragic issue.  Study the selection process.  These nine include at least three religious organizations that have already been assisting refugees and, for that reason, have been asked to assist in this major effort to relocate the desperate.  Do further research on such poisonous terms as “big deal” and “money” and  the corollary, the profit motive.  You must especially place in context the slur about Pope Francis. Did you not hear his plea for all nations to assist the refugees?  Do you dare, then, to call him a hypocrite?  Please do you research before stepping into such a name-calling device, which doesn’t belong in a commentary based on hard data.  Keep your biases to yourself, please, and discover what the pope and bishops are doing on behalf of the current refugees. Dr. Robert N. Schwartz  


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Let me be clear. This blog does reflect my bias as you call it because it is based on extensive research (by me) and as a blog that belongs to no one but me, I don’t have to present both sides or be fair. You have a choice to read my opinion or not! Taking government/taxpayer money and redistributing it is not Christian charity!

      And, one more thing. I have no obligation to post your opinions on my blog—as I have told many before you, write your own blog and criticize me if you want—it is still thank God a free country!

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  6. Brittius said

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  7. You have to read the captions: Arabs Refugees talk about robbing, raping, and demanding money

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