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Plumas Lake, CA is on the US State Department list of cities that have already received Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 29, 2015

Unless the US State Department has made an error in reporting its own data.


Rep. Garamendi (D-CA) represents the 3rd district of California easily within the US State Dept. approved hundred mile radius of Sacramento where resettlement contractors are abundant. The Congressman must now ask the State Department if their data base is wrong! Or is someone not being truthful!

This popped up in my alerts just now from the Appeal-Democrat. The editor must be referring to a blog post here at RRW and he tells us that we are wrong.

Here is the editor:

Syrian refugees in our neghborhood? Not likely, but if it were, what ramifications?

A reader sent along links to a website purporting to advise citizens around the country that Syrian refugees were already coming into the U.S. and had settled in several towns.

The list included Plumas Lake. But we asked a member of U.S. Rep. John Garamendi’s staff to help us find out about it, and it was reported back to us that there are no known refugees in Plumas Lake and that’s it’s pretty unlikely there would be Syrian refugees settled anywhere around the Yuba-Sutter area.

Then this that shows the stunning ignorance of the Congressman or his staff:

Garamendi’s message went on to make a couple other important points:

Syrian refugees are likely to be settled in areas with existing Syrian communities — most likely the metro areas of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Detroit.

It is possible some of the refugees could be settled in additional areas, with the assistance of the nonprofits.

All of the cities listed in my original post are receiving Syrian refugees according to State Department data (not just large cities with Arab populations!). (The State Department and its contractors are well known for keeping resettlement sites secret.)

And, apparently the Office of Congressman Garamendi doesn’t know how to access State Department data.

I just rechecked the Refugee Processing Center data base and Plumas Lake, CA is listed as having received 7 Syrian refugees this year and 3 Ukrainians.  So, I would suggest that Rep. Garamendi go back to the US State Department and ask if they have an error in their data base, or have they mislead him?

For anyone else who would like to have a look (don’t be shy or lazy!), go to the data base and search for ‘arrivals by destination and nationality.’ You will enter the parameters of your search.  I have been using 1/1/2012 as the start date for Syrians entering the US. I usually search by calendar year.

By the way, Plumas Lake is only 30 miles or so from a whole host of federal refugee resettlement contractors so it is no surprise if they are moving the excess out to surrounding towns. (Affordable housing is often a limiting factor in cities like Sacramento!).

You can also use that same data base to learn the religions of the refugees entering the US and we found that 97% of those who have entered from Syria in 2015 are Sunni Muslims.

Go here to see the map of all resettlement contractors operating in the US—including those near Plumas Lake.

To the editor of the Appeal-Democrat, when the US State Department reports the truth—either there are Syrians in your community, or that their database is wrong, let us know!

7 Responses to “Plumas Lake, CA is on the US State Department list of cities that have already received Syrian refugees”

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  2. rr said

    Many of the Christian and non-Muslim refugees from the Middle East are very troublesome. Glendale, California opened its doors to Christian and non-Muslim refugees during the 1970’s. Glendale, California is now 65% Middle Eastern. There are many tensions both in streets and schools between the Middle Eastern Christian refugees and non-Middle Eastern people.

    Refugee Resettlement Watch should avoid being biased against any one religion or group of people. I am against resettlement of ALL refugees regardless of color or religion. The refugees themselves are the people who are racist and hateful. We should avoid turning into the very people we dislike. Many of the Christian refugees from the Middle East are hateful towards non-Middle Eastern people. Many refugees have PTSD and behave in an aggressive manner. I must mention that many refugees from Christian countries such as Honduras and Cuba commit just as many crimes as the refugees of the Middle East.

    I also hope Refugee Resettlement Watch will campaign against the “Wet Foot Dry Foot” policy of allowing refugees from Cuba to arrive in the USA. Now that relations between Cuba and USA are normalized, there is no reason for Cuban refugees to claim asylum anymore.


  3. Skip Patel said

    And now this:
    Obama Administration Granted Asylum And Residency To 1,519 Foreigners With Terror Ties


  4. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  5. The millions of Muslims invading countries as refugees, as migrants or as family reunificated spouces to Muslims already living here – all come from countries rule partly or fully by sharia. They are thus brought up with completely other values than us. There will be a strong and forceful demand for Islamization – the installment of sharia – in our countries. Just because people are refugees or economic migrants, this does not mean that they will be easy to integrate and to make accept our values concerning Free Speech and secularisation. The need for us to constantly remind the public, the media and our leaders about Free Speech and the separation between state and religion is therefor growing even more.

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