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Bill O’Reilly will address refugee overload tonight on Fox

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 1, 2015

O'REilly factor

I hope O’Reilly, a staunch Catholic, doesn’t give any moralist spin to the story—just the news Bill! No preaching! No spin!

Update October 6th: I happened to catch a segment last night that might have been what was being promoted.  It was Jesse Waters in Dearborn, Michigan and it was not very useful.  If you see the video clip, send it my way and I’ll post the link, but I’m not going to bother looking for it.

Update:  Oregon slaughter must have pushed refugees off the show tonight.

Several readers have alerted me to news that Bill O’Reilly will be discussing a Maine town over-loaded with refugees on his popular Fox News TV show tonight.  You might want to tune in.

Another reader tells me that investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson (I love her work!) is debuting a new show soon and that she was on the radio yesterday talking about a feature story in that new show. It is going to be about a refugee-overloaded town.  I sure hope ol’ Bill hasn’t stolen her story! ***Update*** More on Attkisson’s segment on refugee program.

As I said the other day about the biased New York Times story from South Carolina, here, any mainstream media news to get people thinking about whether the US should be pouring impoverished people into America, as well as so-called ‘refugees’ who cannot be properly screened (the Syrians!), is a good thing.  And, it is about time!

Every time I go on a radio show (which is a lot lately), people are blown away when they hear how the Refugee Admissions Program works and how it has been going on under the radar for 35 years!  To borrow a phrase—it is time for it to come out of the shadows!

I wonder do Bill’s producers know about the hearing today in the Senate on this very subject—the first since 911 as far as I can tell.

4 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly will address refugee overload tonight on Fox”

  1. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    O’Reilly’s puppeteer will start off conservative then shift into lefist mode. Since Fredo took over, Fox is now a liberal network with Kelly and Smith in the leftsided peanut gallery. Fox will push Jeb, Hillary, and whatever Soros or other big money dictates to Fox. I no longer watch Fox nor read their online stuff. Fox = MSM as usual.


  2. said

    Donald Trump had some great things to say on sending the Syrians back…on NBC. Headlines today


  3. We’ll see how objective Billy will be, he usually plays to appeal to all and avoid the realities of being specific.


    • Bill stated last night that he will be focusing on a small town in Maine that has been over run with Muslims. That is enough to make me tune in and see what is going on.


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