Senate Oversight hearing on Refugee Program very revealing! Senator Sessions did a masterful job

For all of you who had to do something productive yesterday afternoon, like go to work! here is a link to the C-span video of the hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest that ran a little over two hours.

FILE - In this Jan. 30, 2013 file photo, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. Senators weighing a landmark immigration bill defeated an effort by Republicans Tuesday to require biometric identification _ such as fingerprinting _ to track who is entering and leaving the country. The amendment by Sessions would have required a biometric system to be in place before any immigrant here illegally could obtain permanent residency or citizenship. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
Senator Jeff Sessions, Chairman Judiciary Subcommittee Immigration and the National Interest

As far as we can tell this is the first Congressional oversight hearing held on the refugee program since 911!

Everyone in Pockets of Resistance’ must watch it!  You will learn so much!

See our post here on the hearing so you know the background and who the players are.

I’ve got way too much to do before I leave for travel today, but there are a few things that interested me (among many!) that I want to draw your attention to when you watch the video.

If any readers would like to write a short commentary on what you found most informative/shocking or whatever, please send it my way and I’ll post when I return from Tennessee.

Below, not necessarily in order either time-wise or in importance.  (If anyone has time to send me the time stamps for these exchanges, I would be very grateful.)

Somali fraud!

Witness Barbara Strack (USCIS) actually mentioned the widespread fraud discovered in the family reunification portion of the program back in 2008.  She deserves credit for mentioning it, but of course most listeners probably did not know what she was talking about.  This was in response to Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) suggesting family reunification be expanded.

Here is the background!  First revealed by the Wall Street Journal in 2008, the US State Department learned that thousands of Somali refugees had entered the US by lying on their applications about family relationships.  The so-called P-3 program was suspended for years as a result!  None of the fraudulent entrants were ever deported.  Go here to see links for the news.

So all the discussion about “interviews” as part of the process of gaining entry into the US is suspect because, guess what!  They lie!

Consultation is a joke!

Near the end of the hearing, Senator Sessions asked about whether there was consultation with the communities that would be receiving the refugees, and Lawrence Bartlett (US State Department) said with a straight face that there are quarterly consultations with stakeholders and elected officials.

He did not mention that the taxpaying public is prohibited from attending!  He did not mention that if elected officials are hostile, they aren’t invited.  He did not mention that in many communities there is no quarterly meeting.  He did not mention that the meeting usually only involves ‘stakeholders’ that are friendlies.  Go here to a post we wrote in May about the efforts by citizens in St. Cloud, MN to get into a ‘quarterly consultation’ (while ‘leaders of the Somali ‘community’ had been invited), but were told initially that they were not permitted to attend.  (After a public outcry, a few representatives of the concerned public did eventually gain entry to a sanitized meeting.)

They really don’t know who the Syrians are!

Perhaps the most embarrassing moments of the hearing for witnesses were when Mr. Matthew Emrich (Associate Director, Fraud Detection And National Security Directorate of the USCIS) could not tell Senator Sessions how they could possibly collect data on the Syrians who have left their failed state.  When we get a bit of the video pulled for that exchange, we’ll link it. ***Update*** here (thanks to reader Robin) is the exchange between Senator Sessions and Mr. Emrich.

Boston Bombers exchange

If you were confused by the exchange on the Tsarnaev (Boston Bomber family) and Ms. Strack’s assertion that they were not “refugees,” she was technically correct.  We bring refugees into the country after we/UNHCR select them.

It was widely reported after the bombing that the family had been granted asylum (under the provisions of the Refugee Act of 1980). That means that one of them (the Dad we suspect) got into the US through some other means (perhaps overstayed a tourist visa) and applied for asylum and was successful and thus was allowed to bring in the family.  As asylees (successful asylum seekers) they are then generally referred to as ‘political refugees’ and can (and did!) avail themselves of all the same welfare goodies that refugees receive.

The fact that they were travelling back and forth to their place of supposed persecution should have been a red-flag to immigration officials.

Senator Sessions needs to press Ms. Strack further in follow-up questions to identify the exact LEGAL program the Tsarnaev’s used to enter the country, unless, and this would be headline news, they were here illegally (and being supported on the taxpayer’s dime).

See also, Brenda Walker’s take on the hearing, here at Limits to Growth (she posted Senator Sessions wrap-up statement).

I’ll add additional media reports here as they come in today (before I leave if possible).

Be sure to see Leo Hohmann at WND here on the hearing.

17 thoughts on “Senate Oversight hearing on Refugee Program very revealing! Senator Sessions did a masterful job

  1. Yes I agree, Senator Sessions was excellent. I was disappointed that they weren’t able to go more into the funding and overhead of these 9 contractors and the volags. He gets it about the cost and those lying opportunists giving him rote answers to a huge problem. Senator Frankel made me sick bringing up the dead baby without any of the facts behind that story, this was not a “persecuted refugee” who got his family killed in going to the land of opportunity (welfare) and teeth.
    The high point was the exchange with Emrich regarding vetting these people without any papers or anything to verify who they are and there backgrounds. I laughed as Senator Sessions didn’t say it but it was clear. They are not going to bring you their rap sheet and say here I am let me into your country, basically it is a free for all and anybody who can tell a story gets in line for admission. What is remarkable is that these folks do not have a problem with this?
    Senator Sessions focused on the security issue which is huge, the cost which is huge now and later, taking care of our own before refugees which is huge and asking why can’t we help them while they stay over there? To my knowledge the answer to that question was just more rhetoric about how we already do that but it is not enough.
    We need to help them here (so they keep their cushy jobs well paid jobs) and they never go home because it is too easy for them here with all the gifts and assistance we give them. I refuse to call the handouts, assistance, benefits we give them “entitlements”. Social Security is an ‘entitlement’ to those who pay into the system, they are them ‘entitled’ to their money, they worked for it.
    These welfare leeches have paid nothing in they are not ‘entitled’ to anything. They are being given these (gifts) benefits by our government using our tax payer dollars. Thus, the people who pay these taxes need a say on how their money is spent by the government.

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    1. Well said Mist’Ears! I especially appreciated you pointing out that the handouts they receive are not entitlements…….entitlements are for those who pay into the system.


  2. Excellent! Thanks so much, Ann.

    Do we have any word about when Bill O’Reilly will cover the Maine refugee story (since that story appears to have been eclipsed by the Oregon shooting story last night)?

    Keep up the GREAT work. Your efforts are making a huge positive difference!

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    1. If anyone sees when O’Reilly might do that segment, please send it to me. I’m traveling shortly and have no time to scout around myself…


  3. I watched the oversight hearing and I agree that Senator Sessions was wonderful, yet it’s frustrating that …as (commented on by Brenda Walker) that there were only a few government officials at the hearing (who benefit financially in shipping anyone and everyone into this country), and no balancing group of critics of the refugee program, such as citizens who are currently experiencing the violence and other issues of having these immigrants force upon their communities!! More people need to be alerted to this approaching and building catastrophe that may be all it takes to complete taking this country down. I’m tired of the bleeding hearts that may have had parent who were immigrants say things like ‘this country was built by immigrants and look at this one particular person whose parents were immigrants, they turned out nice didn’t they”, bla bla bla. Times have changed and this christian country (at least originally it was!) has never seen the likes of the horrors that muslims do to others that do not believe as they do. The immigrants have not and will not assimilate. They will conquer! Thank you Ann for your work. Please keep us advised on what we can do to stop this insanity!

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