World Relief targeting Northern Idaho for refugee resettlement!

Update October 9th: Local paper confirms—no refugees to N. Idaho for now.  However, great additional information here.

Important Update October 8th:  World Relief Spokane has notified us that they have NO PLANS to resettle refugees in Northern Idaho, see here.

Update October 3rd:  Readers I am traveling so not much time to post, however, wanted to mention that this post has gone through the roof in the last 24 hours!  Who knows why, but hopefully the citizens of St. Maries and Coeur d’Alene are passing it around!  Reminds me to tell you to read ‘Ten things your town needs to know’ by clicking here.

People ask me all the time—how do I know if my town is targeted?  I tell them, sorry, you will get no public announcement until plans are well underway, but if you watch very closely, you may see something that will tip you off!

Idaho map
Sorry I couldn’t find a better map, but I wanted to show you how close Spokane is to Coeur d’Alene, so it is no surprise that World Relief Spokane would move its excess refugees to Idaho. The map shows the other two resettlement sites in Idaho—Twin Falls and Boise.

Back in August we asked if St. Maries, Idaho was going to be a new resettlement site.  Now, reader Barbara directs our attention to this tiny mention in a local church bulletin (Grace Bible Church, September 27 bulletin).

This is likely all the notice the communities near Coeur d’Alene will get (St. Marie’s is close by) and they wouldn’t even get this if Barbara hadn’t spotted it!


World Relief has been helping refugees settle in Spokane and would like to involve Coeur d’Alene as well. If you are interested in learning more about how you could be involved in such a ministry, please see Paul. Thanks!

Regular readers know that it is World Relief  (Evangelicals!), one of nine major federal contractors calling the shots about the future of your towns and cities (see here), that opened an office in Spartanburg, SC this year which is embroiled in controversy since a Pocket of Resistance’ has developed there.  See all of our posts on Spartanburg by clicking here.

World Relief has an office in Spokane (here), Washington and Coeur d’Alene is only about 35 miles away making it an excellent spillover site (within the US State Department’s magic 100 mile radius for resettlement).

Everyone reading this post who wishes to find out if your town could be next to be colonized (because frankly they don’t have enough sites for the thousands of Syrians and additional Africans they plan to resettle in FY2016 which, by the way, began yesterday), go to first this list of resettlement subcontractors and see this map.  If one of these offices is anywhere near you, you are fair game!

People ask me all the time, what the legend is on the map.  The abbreviations for the nine major contractors are represented in the legend.

So back to Northern Idaho—you have early notice now that they have plans for your towns! What will concerned citizens do?

We have an extensive archive on the conflict over refugee resettlement in Twin Falls, click here.  To learn more about what citizens are doing there, visit those posts.

This post and hundreds more like it are posted in our ‘where to find information’ category which I urge all new readers to visit.  I know it’s hard for new folks to grasp all of this, but please use that category and our search window to look around for useful information.  I apologize in advance for not being able to answer all of your inquiries.

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  1. “Kevin from Boise ID” on Bruce Demont (Beyond the Beltway), a farmer in rural ID, commented tonight that when the U.S. was flooded with illegal immigrants from Central America last summer, there was no call for Europe to take those immigrants. Good point!


  2. It was not just GBC. It was World Relief making a presentation to a local ministerial association of pastors representing 24 or so churches. We talked to a pastor from one of the other churches and WR specifically told them that they could share the gospel with these people. As far as we know, only GBC has brought this forth, we have no way of knowing though. We are glad they did or we would not have been alerted to what is going on and be able to respond.
    Also check out the “Convoy of Hope” going on in Sandpoint today. Sponsored by Jannus. Need we say more?

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    1. As far as I know, anyone acting under the aegis of any agency being paid by the federal government is NOT allowed to proselytize to these “refugees”. Worse yet, since most are muzlim, I’m sure you would not receive a warm welcome.

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    2. Dr. Yusuf al-Quaradawi, a leading Muslim cleric, stated, “If the (death) penalty for apostasy was ignored, there would not be an Islam today; Islam would have ended on the death of the prophet.”

      That’s why proselytizing is a non-starter. It is not just forbidden in Islam, it’s a death sentence. The few who have converted have done so at great risks to themselves from even their own family members. In the past, they were able to find sanctuary in the West away from Islam, but that refuge is being extinguished as the Islamic population grows. Islamic reformers, such as Dr.Zudhi Jasser, are considered “apostates” too. There is no freedom of speech or religion in Islam. That’s not my opinion. It’s what their trilogy of sacred works and Islamic scholarly consensus says.

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    3. We received word yesterday that the pastor of Grace Bible Church apologized from the pulpit for not properly vetting World Relief before putting that out as an opportunity for ministry. Again, we thank God for bringing this underhanded attempt by World Relief to get into our community out into the light of day. We need to remain vigilant as others may not be so quick to realize and admit their error.


  3. I recently contacted by senator (tricky Dick Durbin) regarding his position on Syrian refugees, and his response was almost laughable. He wrote: “Refugees are the most carefully vetted of all travelers to the United States? with extensive biometric, biographic, intelligence, and law enforcement checks involving numerous agencies.” Really? Who is he kidding?

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    1. Sorry. “my” not “by.” He also commented: “We have rigorous processes in place to screen refugees for security threats that must be respected.” I thought the State Department said they couldn’t vet the refugees.


    2. Refugees are the most heavily vetted entrants to the US. That is correct. Where did the State Department state that they couldn’t vet the refugees?


      1. The FBI said it to the House Homeland Security Committee in February. This reminds me, when I get a minute I’ll write a post and report the many stories we have posted here over the years where refugees raped, robbed and murdered (in addition to those convicted of terrorism) just so all the new readers like you can see just what a lousy job they have done at keeping out criminals. And, before you tell me about the Somali who went to Harvard, I can play the game too.

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        1. It’s all about the “fundamental transformation of the United States for the federal government; and all about the MONEY for the VOLAGs. If the VOLAGs had to do this based upon their own “altruism” you want to guess how many “refugees” they’d bring in? Try a big fat ZERO!


  4. Please remember this: Obama Civilian Security: . Where would our dear leader find enough people to become a Security Force and carry out his agenda. Barry has over a year to follow his agenda. A crisis can be created so all elections are cancelled indefinitely and Barry remains as our Hugo Chavez and sends his civilian army out to strip We the People of their guns and if the refuse can be terminated. Naturally such action would spark another American Revolution #2 in which you will see all the illegals vacate America for their home countries to avoid being targeted. It could happen!


  5. This map is very disturbing. My city is shown here, and I imagine that the size of the circle represents the number of Muslims being “seeded.” Is this true?

    A few weeks ago, I saw two women in full burqas walking along the side of a major street. I don’t know who they are, but they sure as hell weren’t tourists. Until a couple of years ago, that would be unthinkable.

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  6. Coeur d’Alene is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I’d move there in a heartbeat if I could. WHY would we ever consider handing over America’s best real estate to complete aliens, with no vested interest in, or in maintaining our way of life? From Wiki: “The name Cœur d’Alène translated into English means Heart of an Awl, a reflection of the perception of the tribe’s traders as very tough businessmen.” Well the locals have come a long way from those mightier days.

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