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Sharyl Attkisson does Lewiston, Maine; Trump says no Syrians

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 5, 2015

Watch investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s debut of her new show—Full Measure. (Hat tip: Joanne).  This is the “tease” for the show.  You will have to click here to watch the whole episode.

Immigration took center stage in the show’s debut. Host Attkisson explored why Lewiston, Maine has become an unlikely refuge for Somali asylum-seekers, “Full Measure” correspondent Scott Thuman examined life in European refugee camps, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump explained why he wouldn’t welcome any Syrian refugees to America.



In the program, please note the discussion about refugees vs. asylum seekers.  Remember the Somalis in the program were brought here by the UN/US State Department, but many of the others in the story are asylum seekers.  Those are migrants who got here on their own (no screening) perhaps illegally (across our borders) or came in on a temporary visa and then they apply for asylum.  The US does not allow them to work so they go to states like Maine where they are permitted to receive welfare as non-citizens who have not yet been designated refugees (aka asylees) after proving they would be persecuted if they went home.

The word is out all over Africa—go to Maine!

As I said in my previous post.  All of the media attention on refugees now will help (we hope) wake up Americans to the very real likelihood that their towns will soon be populated with third worlders (as Lewiston, ME has for over a decade).  Folks, you will have to start speaking up if you want to see our American culture survive (and your town’s resources not depleted). Your town could easily become the next Lewiston….

See our complete (and lengthy) archive on Lewiston, Maine by clicking here.

5 Responses to “Sharyl Attkisson does Lewiston, Maine; Trump says no Syrians”

  1. As Maine dies, so dies the nation.

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