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The New York Times addresses the Twin Falls, Idaho refugee controversy

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 5, 2015

My overall quick impression of the NYT article from late last week (sorry I was away with no time to post) is that although it is still the New York Times it is a bit fairer than the article they posted from South Carolina about ten days ago.  My take on that one is here.

Here is just a short bit:

In an echo of the ferocious debate that is gripping Europe about the fate of the millions of Syrians thrown from their country by civil war, Twin Falls is grappling with the question of whether taking in a next generation of refugees from the Middle East is wise and safe.

vicki davis

Vicky Davis, right, before a community forum, said she wanted to close the refugee center. Credit Kim Raff for The New York Times

The announcement last month by the Obama administration that thousands of additional Syrians would be accepted into the system nationally galvanized opponents of the CSI Refugee Center here, as it is formally known, who were already circulating a ballot initiative aimed at forcing the College of Southern Idaho to cut its ties or shut down the program.

“There’s a lot of concern about radical Islam,” said Richard L. Martin Jr., a petition-drive leader who graduated from high school here in the mid-1980s. Back then, Mr. Martin said, Twin Falls was still taking in refugees from places like Laos, including a boy who became one of his best friends. “Now it’s something different,” said Mr. Martin, the owner of a small medical products repair company.

See the whole article here.

Most of America still has no clue about how we are admitting thousands and thousands of third world refugees each year, distributing them to towns that have no say in the matter and placing them on all forms of welfare, so every bit of media attention is good (even when it doesn’t give our concerns a serious look).  Sad to say, but most mainstream reporters are making completely emotional appeals to readers who are driven by surprise!—their emotions.  Those people and their reporter friends simply can’t mentally handle the practical considerations some of us are focusing on.  This NYT reporter, Kirk Johnson, was not as bad as he could have been.

Go here to read about concerned citizen Vicky Davis’s (see photo) analysis of her meeting with federal officials who traveled to Twin Falls to participate in the public “forum.”  Thank goodness we still have other ways of reaching readers other than the NYT, Washington Post or LA Times!

Click here for all of our previous coverage of the on-going controversy about resettling more refugees, especially Muslim refugees, in Twin Falls, Idaho.

An afterthought:  I forgot to mention that our post of late last week on Northern Idaho being targeted for refugee resettlement is breaking all records.  I don’t know who all is reading it, but I hope that the many thousands who are live in No. Idaho.

3 Responses to “The New York Times addresses the Twin Falls, Idaho refugee controversy”

  1. murlimews said

    The NYT’s article was only about the past and the present, with no concept of the future. It did not mention that most of the refugees’ religion is Islam, and most Muslims believe Shariah law is BETTER than our Constitution. Also, most refugees have large families. Most native Americans do not. Look down the road now, to say 2025, 2040, and what do you see? The Muslim population inching toward a majority. Then what? And why do we need people who do not share, from the outset, our fundamental principles? That’s NOT logical, or in the long run, good for our country and our children and grandchildren’s future.

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  2. Brittius said

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  3. […] The New York Times addresses the Twin Falls, Idaho refugee controversy October 5, 2015 […]


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