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Idaho: World Relief confirms that they will NOT be resettling refugees in Northern Idaho

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 8, 2015

Update October 9:  More news here at CDA Press.  No refugees planned for N. Idaho at this time.

We received this information from the Director of World Relief in Spokane, Washington.  So all concerned citizens can rest easy for now!   The controversial resettlement continues in southern Idaho (in Twin Falls), but we have been assured no resettlement is planned for Coeur d’Alene or St. Marie’s or anywhere in that region.


World Relief Spokane Director Mark Kadel: WR has no plans to resettle refugees in Northern Idaho!

From the Director Mark Kadel:

My name is Mark Kadel and I am the Director of the World Relief office in Spokane, WA that you reference in your website post. I can officially state that our resettlement office has no plans to resettle refugees in Idaho. We are below capacity in Spokane and would have no need to extend resettlement across the State line. If churches or individuals would like to support refugees resettled in Spokane, there are many ways they can help by visiting our website at Before any future plans to resettle refugees in Idaho were to develop, we would need community and local church support before any plans to place refugees in any communities in Idaho.

Our experience with the controversy involving World Relief in Spartanburg, SC tells us that, yes, they do try to get local church support, but don’t inform the wider community until the refugees are actually on the way.  We are very happy to hear that Northern Idaho cities will be getting some sort of advance notice as World Relief would seek “community…support.”

Wilson-Fish is not a good thing!

By the way, the other refugee resettlement contractors working elsewhere in Idaho are, in addition to World Relief, the International Rescue Committee, the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and Episcopal Migration Ministries.  As a Wilson-Fish state the elected officials in the state have no involvement with the program run by a non-profit  Jannus Inc.(formerly Mountain States Group) and the US State Department.

Citizens of Idaho should focus attention on getting your elected state legislature to get some control back for the state. There isn’t much states can do, but it is pretty amazing to think in Wilson-Fish states that an unelected non-profit and the federal government have the right to change your entire state AND commit the taxpayers to enormous extra costs for education and healthcare just to name two areas where the burden is on the taxpayers of Idaho!

18 Responses to “Idaho: World Relief confirms that they will NOT be resettling refugees in Northern Idaho”

  1. Now how are we going to keep the grizzlies fed?


  2. […] Idaho: World Relief confirms that they will NOT be resettling refugees in Northern Idaho. (A hat tip to Michael H. for the link.) […]


  3. […] Idaho: World Relief confirms that they will NOT be resettling refugees in Northern Idaho October 8, 2015 […]


    • Well, that was a very lawyerish statement. He doesn’t say that World Relief won’t resettle refugees in Northern Idaho but just that “our resettlement office has no plans to resettle refugees in Idaho”. Did he mean in Northern Idaho because World Relief is already in Idaho and settling refugees in south.

      Also, he states that “We are below capacity in Spokane and would have no need to extend resettlement across the State line”. If that is the case please explain the request for support from CDA placed in a local church, is he laying a little pipe?

      “World Relief has been helping refugees settle in Spokane and would like to involve Coeur d’Alene as well. If you are interested in
      learning more about how you could be involved in such a ministry, please see . . .”

      His statement does not preclude another resettlement agency coming to Northern Idaho. Lots of confusing information at this point, lots of questions, still not a lot of answers.

      And one last comment. World Relief is busy commenting on the Republican primary. Is that part of their mission, political activity? Well, another last thing. Please go to their website, link below. If you click on the “About” drop down you see their manifesto, not joking!

      The Refugee Resettlement Program, it’s employees, it’s sponsors, and fellow travelers are not to be trusted. Resist, stay unwelcoming.


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  5. cadetserveroriginator said

    So which is it are the refugees slated to vome to the Inland Northwest or not? Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and St. Maries?


  6. jstro61283 said

    Well a little good news is better than none. Thanks Ann.


  7. Ray Rigsby said

    And if you believe that I have some beach front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The entire phenomenon of Middle Eastern refugees fleeing their homelands is a tragic and unacceptable, unpreplanned and horrific solution to the ME. The people deserve the peace that should have been developed by the countries of the UN, just as it should have been enacted when Tutsis were being slaughtered wholesale in their country by the rival majority tribe, the Hutus.

    The U.S. ought to take the lead in creating a neutral zone along Syria’s border with Turkey, supported by the UN. This would allow temporary respite from the destruction by 40 “rebel” groups which have turned one quarter of Syria’s population into refugees. Two other waves of “destroyers” are engaged in the country that hosted Saul, who was to become “Paul” in the historic city of Damascus: al-Nusra and Daesh, inhuman cancers that have spread like a disease.

    To stand by, send down bombs, speculate on effectiveness, stand by helplessly as the entire country evacuates its homeland for the security of the alien cultures of Europe and the U.S. is not the prudent and human solution that rational nations and peoples ought to develop immediately.

    The human cost of fleeing millions is far greater than the temporary support that can be given the Syrians by developing suitable living conditions near their homelands. Those who are leaving are abandoning their friends and relatives with broken hearts. They are forced to enter lands and cultures that are completely foreign to their thinking and feelings, their complete cultural complex, with language, religion, traditions, feast days and everything included in the millenial development of humanity and its ways of living. Leaders must not rest before resolving this turn toward the world’s dishonor.


    • Unplanned? Please spare us your naivete’, ignorant, and parroting of the main stream media’s narrative. Of which are the talking points of the islamo-facist in chief. Obama and his ilk deliberately destablized the region to bring about the jihad invasion under the cover of a humanitarian crisis of their design. These people they will be relocating into our neighborhoods will have not any intension of adopting our Constitutional way of life. Our elected, spineless representatives will fold to their will under the fear of being politically incorrect. Relocation without assimulation is INVASION! You may wish to kneel and have your head lopped off by the invader. I choose to stop the invaders so as to prevent them from subjugating the generations of my children into the future.


      • Darrell, I have not fashioned my comments and solution on any of the lib media. I have not even read of their solution to the tragedy of the fleeing refugees. Nor can I believe your interpretation that Mr. O. has plotted a plan for a jihad to thrive in the region. No single leader, even with his sheep, could have deliberately contrived such an outcome. With regard to the refugee dispersal, I have written about the urgent need for local governments to first agree to such inflows of desperate people. Imagine, as I have enumerated, the immediate needs of these people for housing, food and medical assistance, even before the violence of culture-clash that all can foresee.


  9. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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  12. […] Idaho: World Relief confirms that they will NOT be resettling refugees in Northern Idaho October 8, 2015 […]


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