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Minneapolis “Man” accused of raping 10-year old

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 8, 2015

So typical of the mainstream media, nothing in the title that would tell you anything, just some random man.  This is exactly what Ann Coulter tells us in exquisite detail in her latest book—immigrants accused of crimes are not identified as such, they are simply men (or women). One has to look closely to learn more.

In this case it is pretty easy to figure out he is an immigrant because this man is Somali and as such is a refugee (the vast majority of Somalis in the US came in through the UN/US State Department refugee admissions program, or he is here illegally).


Ahmed Hersi Abdi has a long criminal record. So, why wasn’t he deported?

So where is Omar Jamal (the Somali community mouthpiece, huge archive on him here) rushing to his defense.  We first heard about Jamal in 2008 when another rape happened in a St. Paul apartment complex hallway and he immediately went to the defense of the Somali rapist. (Unfortunately the Minneapolis Star Tribune has taken down its story about Jamal and the 2008 hallway rapist.)

Here is the new news at KSTP ABC 5 (hat tip: Mark):

A Minneapolis man has been charged after police say he raped a 10-year-old girl in the hallway of an apartment complex in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood.

The assault happened Sunday, Oct. 4, on the 1600 block of South Fourth Street in Minneapolis, which is Riverside Plaza.

The child said a man followed her onto the elevator and that they got off on the third floor. The man extended his hand, and when the girl shook it he refused to let go, according to the complaint. He then raped the girl in the hallway, police say.

Witnesses said they heard screaming in the hall and saw a young girl crying, so they flagged down an off-duty police officer.

The girl was sent to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment.

Based on the girl’s description and surveillance video from Riverside Plaza, the suspect was identified as 34-year-old Ahmed Hersi Abdi of Minneapolis. He was later arrested in St. Paul.

Read the whole thing.  There is no mention of him being deported at any time in his lengthy criminal career (heck the police knew him well!).  Lucky taxpayers, we paid for his resettlement, surely his welfare and now we will get to pay for his long imprisonment.

Why are we bringing in more Somalis?

As the UNHCR is sending Somalis back to Somalia from its Kenyan camps we admitted 8,858 Somalis to the US in FY2015, here (many from the Kenyan camps!).  Somalis are the third largest ethnic group admitted to the US this past year.

No matter what the feds promise, they can’t screen the Somalis any better than the Syrians!

17 Responses to “Minneapolis “Man” accused of raping 10-year old”

  1. […] “Ahmed Hersi Abdi has a long criminal record. So, why wasn’t he deported?” she asks in her latest blog. […]


  2. Reblogged this on America at War and commented:
    And Obama plans on bringing some 170,000 more pedophile prone immigrants to the US over the next year or so. I strongly suggest that we get to work STOPPING HIM!!! Call your representatives NOW and tell them America’s borders are not open to islamic immigrants!!! Their own neighbors won’t take them, why should we??? E-mail and call your representatives today!!!
    Sign petitions at
    Be heard!!! If YOU won’t speak up for America……who will?


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  4. […] time you see a story like this one, or the one about the Somali hallway rape of a ten-year-old earlier in the week, remember no matter how often they say it—-the federal government […]


  5. […] “Ahmed Hersi Abdi has a long criminal record. So, why wasn’t he deported?” she asks in her latest blog. […]


    Same name


    • Ann Corcoran said

      One of the problems with following Somali criminals is the name issue—so many with same or similar names. But, anything is possible.

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  7. A Google search led me to this- very well could be this guy’s son


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  9. B Murdock said

    To hell with locking him up. He should be castrated without anesthesia.


  10. Andrew said

    Perhaps he was overly zealous to emulate the “prophet” of his religion.

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  11. […] “Ahmed Hersi Abdi has a long criminal record. So, why wasn’t he deported?” she asks in her latest blog. […]


  12. […] "Ahmed Hersi Abdi has a long criminal record. So, why wasn’t he deported?" she asks in her latest blog. […]


  13. […] WAIT, THERE’S MORE… […]


  14. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  15. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  16. send this savage back home after a long jail term and castrate him

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