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Calling all young patriots! Build large families to save American culture!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 9, 2015

picture of happy mother with baby over white

Photo from free baby photos.

I’m so sick of hearing that as the population ages we have to tolerate more and more immigration from the third world.  Heck, that thinking is what is destroying Europe. And, I am sick of us being on the defense.

How about a national campaign to encourage young American couples to have more babies!  Why not!

If you are my age, you know we college students were beaten over the head with the idea that we dare not over-populate the earth and we dutifully (many of us!) did what we were told, all the while, the whole system was geared for people with lower educations to have MORE babies (encouraged by the welfare system).

Let’s stop the madness.  How about rewards for the well-educated to have large families!  (Oh, I can hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth from the Left now!).

Maybe there is some (brave!) private foundation out there willing to promote such a campaign!

This post is archived in a rarely used category here called ‘creating a movementwhich I would like to use more often!

Oops!  Should have reminded readers about this recent post—Death by Demography—when I initially posted this one.

19 Responses to “Calling all young patriots! Build large families to save American culture!”

  1. It is time for Americans to have more babies. Save money by sharing your belongings with family and friends. There is nothing wrong with hand-me-downs. They are pre-loved items. This has nothing to do with race and all to do with American Patriotism. My grandchildren come from a variety of backgrounds. What they all have in common is a Grandmother committed to saving this country from the HIJRAH. It is a blessing to your children to pass along your faith. I’m sure your ancestors would be proud if you did. Whatever your religion or belief system, it is sure to contrast with Islam. Islam does not mean peace. It means submission. It isn’t a religion but a geo-political death cult. On Halloween my Baptist Church held it’s Fall Carnival behind the church. People brought their children and even their dogs with costumes on and the kids caught plastic fish in a net from a round tote. I gave them stuffed animals and other little prizes. These are such simple things but good memories for children. Can you believe that it is another thing that would offend Muslims? Do liberals really refuse to go to sites like Creeping Sharia where there are hundreds if not thousands of examples of Muslim violent crimes?! These crimes never make the News on t.v. or radio. Europe only makes the news if there is a Muslim offended. The liberal news media refuses to listen to the cries of European, Canadian, American, and Australian, Israeli, Yizidi, Kurds, and Arab Christians…any non-Muslim person being attacked by the HIJRAH. They covered the riots in Greece when it was about the economy. But they are absent to report on the rioting done by young Muslim men in the HIJRAH! Be very careful that whoever you vote for is aware of the problem of Muslim domination and Sharia Law endangering our Constitution! Our future depends on you. Please spread the word! Engage liberals with information they may never have heard of before!


  2. […] repeating my appeal from earlier in the month—young patriots please have more babies!  And, if you needed another reason to demand a halt […]


  3. […] As refugee resettlement continues unabated, you know that one day CAIR hopes to have enough voters in Iowa to get rid of King and others like him.  Young patriots—have more babies! […]


  4. […] As refugee resettlement continues unabated, you know that one day CAIR hopes to have enough voters in Iowa to get rid of King and others like him.  Young patriots—have more babies! […]


  5. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  6. ELN said

    Reblogged this on ELLIOT LAKE News and commented:
    In Canada, our RACE REPLACEMENT policies began to gain momentum in the early 1970s with the introduction of “Zero Population Growth” (ZPG). This highly deceptive policy was promulgated and aimed specifically at White Canadian parents for purposes of reducing our birth numbers while simultaneously opening up the “multicultural” flood-gates to NON-white, 3rd world immigrants.

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  7. kaykay1556 said

    Amen Ann! You sure you don’t want to run for president? You have my vote. The old adage “you can fool some of the people some of the time….” should be updated to…You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool Ann….she’;s nobody’s fool!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thank you for the vote of confidence. Let’s all figure out how to get the word out to patriotic young people—you can help save America and have fun with lots of babies!

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  9. Karen Roettele said

    Here’s a link


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  10. misterpaul5a said

    I give this my one hundred percent suport. – or would you rather be supplied by the Somalian ‘baby-machines’ permanently on benefits and devoid of any individual thought, tied to Islamic aims and the dumbing down of women.
    Come on you young Americans – save your country – save the world or you will be submerged by those who would steal your nation.

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  11. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  12. sounds good to me


  13. […] WAIT, THERE’S MORE… […]


  14. A quick read and fast note of why not, is money. The cost to working class taxpayers who’s kids will get stuck in CommonCore communist style factory jobs, gulp. The Financial Rapists as I call the algorithmic (sounds like a great dance) traders, it is the most ridiculous scam. Until you know that it is money makes money on the berserko slide of depravity is a beast constantly needing more taxes in order to be sated. Which you feel if you are caste in the 99% that is unending because none benefitting from it wants the music to stop and be without because of the chair that was taken away. And the cannibalism running amok in statist corporatism whilst the EPA (no emphasis needed) is taking away any ability to sustain basics without running a debt account at banks which have absconded with ownership of deposits. Not to mention pharma and government ownership of children and social services. I applaud your good thoughts. I desire most of all to maintain a positive outlook and avoid looking at the above mentioned ‘reasons’ not to grow the US population. gotta run, I know you know how that goes. Hope this is cogent food for thought. Love how your mind works! We need cash flow for commerce to fuel (from the EPA?) our economic engine. A non-corporate, nonCIA run government by businessman Donald J. Trump is a starting point to see if we can even get out of the morass – addiction to War…. leads me to FOIA CIA FBI release the Nikola Tesla secrets that have been used to build stealth electronic weaponry. See Wm Lyne books.
    You asked.
    Joanie Detlefsen

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      But how about having less stuff and don’t send the kids to college where they will be turned into Leftwingers!

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      • please spread love not hate. I love your point about how if you educate a tea bagger youth who hates the ‘other’ they will likely gain compassion and wisdom and abandon the cruel pretence of your delusions. lets clear the haze of hatred you are spewing and focus on the real problems. capitalism isn’t working.


    • domstudent11 said

      I live in a fairly affluent area and there are lots of families with at least four children, some with more.


    • misterpaul5a said

      Hello Joanie – excellent points made. Money. I look around me and my mind boggles. Can’t afford to bring up children. State of the art cars, TV’s, cell phones clothing, holidays, booze, gambling, narcotics and sometime – taxes. All claiming your money – no wonder children cannot enter the budget. We certainly are a strange breed. We ought to remind ourselves on occasion that children don’t really NEED – wait fior it- wait for it! State of the art cars, tv’s, cell phones, designer clothing, expensive holidays, booze, gambling, narcotics, and THEY don’t have to pay taxes. It is not the kids who cost the money it is WE who spend that money on…..yeah! You’ve guessed it……cars, Tv’s, cell phones etc, etc, etc, The problem is WE are not making the decisions any more – TV Moguls, Media Moguls, Drug Pushers, Car Dealers, Booze Pushers, Gambling Gangsters…….THEY are making the decisions for everybody – WE are the mugs we are the leemings – and the kids? They will be submerged in a world governed by an alien tide which the TV Moguls, Media Moguls, Drug Pushers etc, etc, etc care not what breed they feed with all of this garbage – just so long as we sleep-walk into their clutches. Ninety nine percent of our children will be well enough on condition that we provide them with…the simplest things in life…..LOVE, CARE, ATTENTION, no need train them to pay Dane-Geld to the greedy corporate gangsters who presently control our lives. The answers are in the hands of the people – if we just pause a while and see the truth. Engage the brain first, the credit-cards last.

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