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Dutch citizens riot! Won’t stand by and watch cultural suicide!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 10, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

Geert Wilders is right, Europe is being invaded and it looks like the average Dutchman is going to stand and fight.  The latest riot is over the Dutch government’s decision to give housing to refugees before Dutch citizens.  Here Wilders warns the Dutch Parliament about the Hijra—the Islamic migration to Europe.




Here is news from Michael van der Galien writing at Pajamas Media yesterday (hat tip: Judy):

Hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed refugees from the Middle East (many of them are actually gold diggers who are coming to Europa in order to live off the government’s dime) have arrived in Europe in recent months. This mass exodus out of especially Syria has been partially fueled by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s promise that her country would take in all the refugees it had to take in.

The only problem? She got more than she bargained for. Much more. And the same goes for the rest of Europe.

In fact, so many “refugees” have made their way to the Old Continent that West European governments are having a hard time dealing with them. In the Netherlands alone, refugee centers are overwhelmed. As a result, the Dutch government has now announced that many refugees with a residence permit will be moved into normal homes. This means that these newly arrived immigrants will live in houses originally meant for Dutch citizens. The latter may have been waiting on waiting lists for years, but to no avail; refugees are given priority.

Read it all, it is quite extraordinary!

And, btw, refugees in America are gobbling up government subsidized housing at a rapid rate leaving low income Americans and the disabled on long waiting lists for help.

For all of our posts on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ go here.


22 Responses to “Dutch citizens riot! Won’t stand by and watch cultural suicide!”

  1. […] here for our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive.  And, see this post from last Saturday about Dutch citizens […]


  2. I’m really pleased to see the Dutch people have the guts to stand up for themselves and their country. It makes me sick to see what’s going on and the support they receive is hideously unjust. How dare these people trash their homelands and desert their families to ‘country hop’ to ones proven to be sympathetic then continue to dominate the media with their complaints after all the money we pay for them!!! It is going to take something huge to happen here before the Muslim fan club wakes up .


  3. domstudent11 said

    Another German commenter: “In my village near Stuttgart, my 6 year old daughter could go out to play and walk to her friends house alone. Not any more though. Not after they put a big bunch of containers up and filled them with male refugees. I have lost confidence that she is safe. And I live in a leafy suburb.”


  4. domstudent11 said

    Insightful comment on another article discussing the effects of refugees on the minimum wage in Germany: “There are three types of Syrians: (1) Assad supporters, (2) Al Qaida and (3) ISIS. And you are worrying about the minimum wage? Worry about the next terrorist attack.”


  5. domstudent11 said

    A sad end to the once great American military presence in Germany: Taukkunen Barracks, once home of the mighty 5th Signal Command, will now be filled with 2000 refugees. Somehow I think the residents of Worms, Germany were happier with the Americans than they will be with all the so-called Syrians. (


  6. What if You were the refugee? Fleeing war, heading an uncertain future in a strange land? What if your country becomes the playground for tyrants, for the world looking for the other way? What if YOU where the economical refugee? Should the majority of REAL refugees suffer because of a minority economical refugees?
    What if it were YOU?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I’ll tell you what Americans would do—they would stay and fight like hell to keep their country, not run! We see all the photos of strong young mostly Muslim men flooding Europe and leaving their women and children behind! Americans won’t be refugees running anywhere! Happy to see some Dutchmen and women trying to save their country!

      Liked by 2 people

      • A hollow promise coming from a person living in a nation that hasn’t seen a nationwide war since more that 150 years, Civil War. The wars you fought were abroad. My parents have endured a lot of hardship during WWII, where war and the major impact of it on every day live; the fear of imminent treath.


    • domstudent11 said

      Marie-Jacqueline, you would not have the right to enter another country and demand that they take care of you. What about the citizens of that country who get stuck paying for all this through their taxes. How fair is it to them?


    • 7delta said

      What about the Christians and non-Muslims, Marie-Jacqueline? 80% of all people persecuted in the world today for their faith are Christians. In the Middle East, Christians are being beheaded, shot, crucified and sold into sex slavery, but 97% of the refugees are from the ideology that obligates its adherents to “kill the infidel” and are allowed by their ideology to make sex slaves out of infidel women and children. What if it were YOU sold into sex slavery, or your daughter, your sister or best friend? Do you know how much a 5-year-old girl is sold for? What if YOU knew why that’s perfectly legal under Shariah Law? What if it were YOU who saw your father, your husband, your son or brother beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam? What if it were YOU watching children raped, burned alive and beheaded for the crime of being Christian or non-Muslim? And what if it were YOU who watched as the West accepted 72-97% healthy male “refugees” from the ideology doing this to YOU and YOUR family and saw Westerners, like YOU, wringing their hands over YOUR oppressors and murderers and their supposed economic woes while YOU languished in fear, deprivation and helplessness? What if it were YOU, Marie-Jacqueline?

      What if you educated yourself about Islam…from Islamic sources that guide and speak to Islamists…not from the sanitized version sold to Western dupes who don’t bother to learn the truth because it interferes with their superiority complex? What if it were YOU who actually learned the truth and fought for it to be told? It’s not even hard to do. Read the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira. Read Shariah Scholars, like Bukhari and Kathir and Khadduri. There are plenty more sources too that make up Shariah Law’s Scholarly Consensus.

      What if YOU cared about the real suffering of innocents? What if YOU cared enough about your own people to learn the truth?

      What if YOU were brave enough to do it, Marie-Jacqueline?


      • Don’t lecture me about being brave. You don’t know how much I endured in my live, neither how much courage it took! Everything I read here is not about refugees in fleeing their homes in fear for their lives. What I read here is fear for Islam and not being able to see the difference between fear mongering and the reality of the average Muslim that just want to live in peace. I am Dutch and to consider Geest Wilders as an authority on the issue is not adding to the credibility of the article. But that is a different story.


        • 7delta said

          I’m not lecturing you, Marie-Jacqueline. I’m challenging you to do your own homework. I could give you links, quotes, suras and Shariah Law straight from Islamic Scholarly Consensus, but unless you do it yourself and take the chance that you might be misguided in your beliefs, then you won’t believe me. You’re either brave enough to be wrong or you’re not, no matter what else has happened in your life. I did it. I was wrong.

          The bottom line is this: It doesn’t matter what you believe. It doesn’t matter what you think you know about Islam or if you care about the truth. It doesn’t matter what Islamic Reformers believe about jihad not being the Islam they know. It doesn’t matter that you’re kindhearted or that you’re genuinely concerned about “refugees” or that you may have empathy because of what you may have endured in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you think Geert Wilders is an authority or not.

          What matters is what Islam believes Islam is. It matters that a billion Muslims believe it. It matters that there is no possible way to discern the difference between the very few who do not believe all of it and the majority that do. It matters that Islam and Shariah Law considers the “reformers” apostates. It matters that ISIS is Shariah compliant. It matters that Islam doesn’t care what you think and that they want you to keep on thinking it. It matters that Islam believes in the al-hizra and that the infidel either converts to Islam or dies.

          Let me be clear. I have no fear of Islam, because I know what Islam believes. I know its history…from their own writings and from their own mouths. I know what they say when talking to you and me and when they talk to fellow Muslims. Neither do I have any fear of you or others who have no argument but to yell “Islamophobe!”

          I fear only for your life, your country and Europe. I fear for the lives of my family, my friends, my neighbors, my state and my country. I fear you not waking up in time to preserve your life, your wonderful culture and your country, but I can’t make you. You have to be willing to face the bare facts, because it’s the right thing to do.

          If you want to lecture me on my “fears”, come armed next time with some facts straight from Islamic sources…the ones directed at other Muslims. I don’t “do” emotional feel-good arguments. I do facts.


          • The reality of our options is that I could turn your comment around and tell the opposite of what you want me to. You are convinced of your views, which don’t convince me at all. I learned long ago that to point to a religion or a country or a political system or an ethnic group and to make them responsible for what people think is wrong in the world, or project your own fears and misconceptions on has only resulted in a lot of conflict.


          • 7delta said

            I’m not asking you to believe anything I believe. I’m asking you to look at all angles from the perspectives of all people involved, then decide for yourself. My views have been derived from extensive research and “listening” over a long period of time. They are not based on what I believe Islam believes. They are derived from what Islam believes it believes. For me to “project” my beliefs onto Islam says the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira are wrong. If Islam doesn’t believe their sacred trilogy is wrong, what logical argument do I have to insist otherwise?

            Do I believe I’m correct? I believe Islam is correct about what it believes. That does not mean that my view does not adjust as I learn more, nor does it mean I don’t listen to other viewpoints, but it does mean that Islam is the final authority on what it means. So you aren’t disagreeing with me about Islam. You are disagreeing with Islam about Islam.

            I let people tell me who they are and what they believe themselves. Different world views just are. I have no influence on what the Islamic world believes. They believe what they do whether I approve or not. It has nothing to do with fear. It just is.

            However, I see no legitimate reason for me to make my world view subordinate to anyone else’s if there is conflict, especially if that conflict is not in my or my people’s best interest. Look what is happening worldwide when cultures come into conflict. Supporters cry “Compassion!”, “all beliefs are equal and those who disagree are fearful of the other and they must allow untold numbers of people into their country.” Then those same supporters demand the native people adapt to cultural differences by giving up their own rights…don’t wear clothing foreign men may find provocative, don’t celebrate your cultural festivals because it may be offensive to the foreigners, excuse rape of native women as merely “cultural differences”, etc. The supporters have just proven the falsehood of their belief in relativism, yet do not see they are doing the flip-side of what they accused the cautious people of doing by saying their own culture is inferior to the foreign culture and must be submissive. That’s not hospitality. That’s suicide. The conflict already exists. What I think about it will not change the inherent beliefs that cause the conflict. I can pretend it doesn’t exist or I can confront the truth as it exists whether or not I believe in it or understand it. It’s there.

            My beliefs encompass a big tent of differences, with the only caveat being that differing world views cause no harm to anyone and fits well within the existing culture. If that conflicting world view demands I subordinate myself or others to foreign beliefs or a world view reprehensible to all free people, then my duty is to protect liberty. It is my responsibility to know what that world view is, and if and why it is, or is not, compatible with mine. I have no problem with immigration. I have a problem with subversion and with invasion by people who cannot, due to their beliefs, assimilate into my world. There’s room for different cultural practices, but there is no room for supplanting my culture, laws or rights.

            I do not see any reason to apologize for being a truth seeker. It does not mean I hate or fear anyone. It means I vehemently disagree with them while still being able to recognize their humanity. I am not so simple as to see disagreement and hate as synonymous. Neither am I so simple as to assume that everyone wants what’s best for me or my country, nor does it exclude me caring, appropriately, about their welfare. I believe strongly in my natural rights and in theirs. If the differences are irreconcilable, then I will defend my rights against people who want me to submit to their beliefs.

            What all this does mean is that I expect anyone accusing me of being uninformed, impoverished of compassionate, or of being “fear-driven” to produce an adequate intellectual argument about why I should reconsider my position. I’m willing to listen to why you believe Islam is not what it says it is.


  7. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  8. Guess who the middle east is honoring. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of germany


  9. Ray Rigsby said

    This is exactly what Obama wants here.

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  11. Skip Patel said

    Our friends at SouthWest Key make the headlines!

    Migrant children escape Tucson facility

    Tuesday around 7 p.m., 2 people escaped the Southwest Key facility on Oracle Road near Drachman Street. Another escaped Wednesday around noon, according to Tucson Police Officer Kristopher Goins.

    News 4 Tucson contacted some of the Central American consulates, and according to an official from El Salvador, the immigrants are from Honduras.


  12. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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