ANOTHER Minneapolis Somali in trouble with the law; another sex crime

Every time you see a story like this one, or the one about the Somali hallway rape of a ten-year-old earlier in the week, remember no matter how often they say it—-the federal government cannot screen refugees from failed states (for Islamic terrorists, for criminals and for the mentally impaired).   Failed states include Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria and the list goes on.

From KSTP ABC 5 News (hat tip: Randy):

Mahmud Aden allegedly wanted oral sex from pregnant teen.

A Metro Transit bus driver was arrested and accused of refusing to let a pregnant teenage girl off the bus and demanding oral sex, according to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court.

Mahmud Dabshir Aden, 32, of Minneapolis is charged with soliciting for prostitution. He was arrested Wednesday by Metro Transit Police after the 16-year-old girl filed a complaint.

According to the criminal complaint, about 10:16 p.m. the teen boarded the #7 bus driven by Aden near the 46th Street Light Rail Station in Minneapolis. The victim said although she pulled the cord indicating she wanted to get off at the next stop, Aden did not stop.

Aden continued to drive until his layover at 34th Avenue South and Highway 62. The compliant states Aden told the victim if she would “suck on his private parts” he would give her $100 and a cellphone.

The girl refused and asked Aden to take her back to where she wanted to get dropped off. According to the complaint he turned off the bus lights and exposed himself to the teen.  [I assume the teen is an infidel to Aden—-ed]

The victim said after she continued to tell Aden no, he finally turned the lights back on and drove her to her stop. The victim was then picked up by a family member around 10:36 p.m.

Lucky taxpayers!  First you ‘donated’ to bring this man to America (almost all Somali refugees in the US are ‘refugees’), paid for his early days here, and now you get to pay for his trial and likely incarceration!

Why are we bringing in more Somalis?

As the UNHCR is sending Somalis back to Somalia from its Kenyan camps we admitted 8,858 Somalis to the US in FY2015, here (many from the Kenyan camps!).  Somalis are the third largest ethnic group admitted to the US this past year.

No matter what the feds promise, they can’t screen the Somalis any better than the Syrians!

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