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Community refugee resettlement consultations are required; demand to attend!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 12, 2015

It has only been in the last year or so that we have been made aware that QUARTERLY CONSULTATIONS with community “stakeholders” were being held quietly, out of public view.   In fact, I wondered why I hadn’t heard about them and now I know why!

The citizens of St. Cloud, MN, here and here, brought the issue of exclusion of taxpaying citizens from the meetings where the ‘non-profit’ refugee resettlement agency meets with local elected officials, fire/police, education, health departments etc. to assess how things are going with the refugees, and they discuss how many to bring in the upcoming year.

gowdy looking dumb

Where are you Trey Gowdy? As the US State Department and its contractors work day and night to change the demographic makeup of American towns and cities IN SECRECY, where is your subcommittee in helping citizens get the information they are entitled to? Frankly, this is more important for the future of America than Hillary’s e-mails!

According to a State Department spokesman (unnamed!) doing a press briefing for reporters on September 11th, we learn that they have only been doing these QUARTERLY CONSULTATIONS since 2013!  WTH!

And, they are lying!  “Private citizens” have not been welcome.

These agencies (‘non-profit’ resettlement subcontractors) work very hard to hold these meetings secretly and out of the view of local concerned citizens—the ultimate stakeholder, the taxpayer! Yet, we have a State Department official (why no name?) telling the mainstream media that private citizens can attend!

Why is the spokesman unnamed?

We are pleased to have [name and title withheld] with us today. Moving forward, [State Department Official] will be called State Department official for the purposes of this call. Again, this call is on background.

So much for Obama’s much ballyhooed transparency!  Now here is what ‘name and title withheld’ told a special group of reporters:

In addition, starting about two years ago, I believe it was FY13, we required that all of our resettlement agencies conduct quarterly consultations with stakeholders in their communities. So that means that not just once a year when they’re preparing a proposal, but every quarter they have to reach out to a wide variety of stakeholders. And that would include other community organizations. That could include the police department, the school, the mayor’s office, the fire department, other agencies that have a stake in refugee resettlement, and private citizens can be invited as well. And they hold those quarterly conversations and that is taken into account when we are making placement plans for the entire year and throughout the year.

You know Larry Bartlett told Senator Sessions this basic untruth here in the Senate hearing the week before last as well.

It gets worse!

We need lawyers on our team!  Have they been breaking the law for 33 of 35 years?  Or, have the states, which are supposed to prepare a plan every year and hold the meetings, not done their required duty to hold the quarterly meetings with communities?

And, if yours is one of 11 Wilson-Fish states*** you don’t even get this much involvement in the planning.

Here are the federal regulations guiding the program (From CFR 400.5(h))

Provide that the State will, unless exempted from this requirement by the Director, assure that meetings are convened, not less often than quarterly, whereby representatives of local resettlement agencies, local community service agencies, and other agencies that serve refugees meet with representatives of State and local governments to plan and coordinate the appropriate placement of refugees in advance of the refugees’ arrival.

What should you do now?

So, for all of you working in ‘Pockets of Resistance’ (and others too!).  Go here, and call the closest refugee resettlement office near you and tell them you want a schedule for the upcoming quarterly consultation!  Ask them as well for the FY2016  R & P Abstract which will tell you their plans for your town/city this year.  (They have been instructed by their lobbying arm in Washington, RCUSA, to deny you those, but keep asking).

At the same time, go here, and call your State Refugee Coordinators office and ask for the quarterly consultation schedule for your city and/or for the whole state.  Ask the coordinator for the FY2016 Abstracts as well (for your individual city) or for every community in the state!  The State Coordinator must have approved it!

Let me know what response you get and we will start listing the agencies that refuse your requests for admission to quarterly consultations and for the R & P Abstract.  We will build a case.

And, hey, Trey Gowdy where are you? Where is your hearing?

I would like you to make those calls and report the results to me.  I am going to post the responses on these pages.  (I know some of you have done this already, but I didn’t log your information when you were stonewalled.)   Please put “report on calls” in the subject line when writing to me at so I don’t miss your e-mail.

*** Wilson-Fish states where your state elected officials have virtually no say (and where you should be demanding your state get out of Wilson-Fish!):  Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee and Vermont.  Call the agencies in those states too. 


There are 12 Wilson-Fish states:   Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee and Vermont.

18 Responses to “Community refugee resettlement consultations are required; demand to attend!”

  1. […] See here where we learned that the US State Department is telling reporters and Congress that there is “consultation” with the community. […]


  2. beano255 said

    Yesterday I e-mailed the local catholic refugee resettlement in Naples Florida and said I’d like a schedule for the upcoming quarterly consultation! as well the FY2016 R & P Abstract for Naples and collier county.
    Today when I came home from work on the answering machine was a call from their main resettlement office. He said they received an inquiry to upcoming consultations and give him a call back to discuss the agency I represent. My question is do I need to be an agency to discuss this info.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      No, not according to what the State Department is saying—these meetings should be open to the general public. As for the abstracts, we have some from other places so yours shouldn’t be refusing to give theirs out. Tell them you are a citizen with an interest in what is happening in your city. If they stonewall further, please let me know because I plan to post all the responses readers get to this inquiry (the agencies that are agreeable and those that are secretive). Thank you for taking time to do this!

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    • conprof said

      Not in South Carolina, apparently, as at least two non-agency community members attended the meeting here a few weeks ago and here are the notes from it – you will find them interesting, I’m sure:

      Here is an example of someone going to a “stakeholder’s” meeting on her own! I think I sent you Barbara’s notes before, but she has retyped them for Lauren Martel and included some new information – notably number 13 – highlighted below about LSS pulling out of Greenville because of the pushback! This is very encouraging and so I want to share it with other pockets of resistance. Resistance IS NOT FUTILE!

      This is truly a treasure-trove of information. For example, it tells us that all 60 of the refugees selected for Spartanburg 2014-2015, are here, contra what Ann Richard told us.

      Also, that Jason Lee took aim at the SHJ, Mike Cutler, and myself with derogatory and at least borderline defamatory remarks. In my case, he said I was a fake professor who pretended to have an interest in Spartanburg County when I have never been employed here in higher education as I am only an adjunct riding on my husband’s back who is a legitimate professor. That nonsense makes me think Jason is more dumb than wicked, but it also tells us that he has moved into the name and shame tactics recommended by the HIAS in their little booklet that shows contractors how to deal with us pockets of resistance.

      Barbara is a dedicated Christian patriot and is eager to help any way she can. She is a really, really good person and has always been a huge help to me.

      I want to give a little shout out to her, here: Thank you, Barbara!


      ———- Forwarded message ———-
      From: Barbara Lynn Wilson
      Date: Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 2:07 PM
      Subject: Re: Findings and Notes on Sept. 29, 2015, SCDSS and World Relief Spartanburg, Quarterly Meeting on Refugees–Compiled by Barbara Lynn Wilson, October 13, 2015.
      To: Christina Jeffrey

      Dr. Christina K. Jeffrey: Please use these, my 9/29/2015 notes, for the cause of preserving our Christian nation. Use this email as you wish, or share with whomever you trust! “To secure the blessings of liberty”! — Minuteman helper, Barbara L. Wilson

      On Oct 13, 2015 5:59 AM, “Barbara Lynn Wilson” wrote:
      Dear Attorney Lauren Martel of Martel Law Firm, Hilton Head, SC. October 13, 2015
      Thank you for your interest in my exclusive notes and observations as I attended the “SC DSS Refugee Resettlement / World Relief Spartanburg Quarterly Stakeholders Consultation/Providers Meeting”, held on September 29, 2015, 10am-12noon, at the DSS office, Community Building, Main St., in the city of Lyman, South Carolina.
      I was informed about the DSS meeting in passing as I talked on the phone with my Greenville County Councilman, Mr. Willis Meadows (R). I live in his Greenville/Berea, SC, so I also desired to attend.
      Greenville Councilman Meadows, GC Councilman Joe Dill, and another Greenville County Councilman attended the meeting. GC Councilman Joe Dill covers the northwestern area of Greenville County. Councilman Dill, (R), attended only the last half. Also, a very concerned Democrat from Simpsonville, SC, Ms. Leona _____attended. Apparently the other attendees at the table were VIP stakeholders and providers, including a Doctor Warren, MD.
      I took a seat behind Ms. Dorothy Addison, SC State Refugee Coordinator, who was the main speaker at a long table with about 10 others. Mr. Jason Lee, Director of World Relief Spartanburg, was also a main speaker, sitting across from Ms. Addison. I missed the opening 10 minutes of “Greetings and Housekeeping remarks” made by Karama Bailey, DSS Division Director of Economic Services- County Operations.
      1.) A SC DSS printed Agenda handout was passed out to all of us.
      2.) A SCDSS pamphlet called “Refugee Resettlement Program”
      3.) A ” Security Screening of Refugees Admitted to the United States: A Detailed Rigorous Process” See steps 1-13 …..
      Were passed out to attendees.
      — see visual attachments.
      SC DSS Director of Refugees, Dorothy Addison made statements such as “We [SC DSS] are so proud of helping refugees get an education, and placing the brightest engineers and executives in good careers”.
      Addison also made the statement, “1800 H1b visas have been issued for 2016”, and “most of them are for BMW”. BMW is an auto manufacturer with HQ in Germany. Curiously, Germany has taken in an astounding number of refugees; mostly young men.
      According to the newspaper, The Times Examiner, in the September 30, 2015 publication, BMW Manufacturing in Spartanburg County, new “Vice President, Project Integration”, Richard Morris, announced it has just created a new department called, “Project Integration” ; $1 Billion expansion; “wholly committed to cross-functional steering and integration”. Creation of 800 new jobs. [ My note: meaning hiring hundreds of Refugees?] BMW is expanding and increasing its management and engineering by 50% by end of 2016. They claim they made a “$1 Billion investment”. [I believe this “investment” is their “application for the federal grant to help BMW who is in tight partnership with Clemson University Auto Research programs at their Lauren’s Road “Millenium” facility in Mauldin, SC., very near to the BMW plant just a few miles down the I-85 North thruway.]
      Addison also denied that SC DSS is “exempt from the Freedom of Information Act”, and when I pressed her if she would indeed report any child abuse or social crimes committed by refugees under DSS Volags care, Addison assured everyone that any crimes such as child rape or child abusers would be reported to both the County Sheriff and the local media/ press would be allowed to report it to the public at large. (This denial contradicted what I had learned in the Duncan SC meeting).
      World Relief Spartanburg Director Mr. Jason Lee said aprox $2000 is the cost per refugee. Lee also explained the differences between “Case Acceptance” refugee status and “Assure a Case” as actual final status. Lee said, ” The March Assured Cases are finally arriving tomorrow, on September 30, 2015.” Lee said, ” September is the busiest month for arrivals of refugees”. “They mostly come from the Congo and other countries.” Jason Lee said, ” Only 21 are ” Assured” by 2016, and none are Syrians”. Lee continued, “80% are Christians, but might not be like what Christians you are used to”.
      Words mentioned: ” PRM Population Resettlement ____; POP; Refugee POP Migration and _____”.
      My Question: ” How is the US selected?”
      Answer by Jason Lee: ” The US State Department has the FINAL SAY–not the UN about which refugees are “accepted”.
      My Question: ” Do you know which Greenville-Spartanburg RRP Volags are listed on the Evangical Immigration Tables”?
      Answer by Lee and Addison: [both played dumb as if they never even heard of an “Immigration Table”!]
      Addison: ” 85,000 additional refugees have been approved for the US next year (2016).” “70% are going to be family reunification, and may require more than one transfer city-to-city to reunite families”. For example “Cherrydale to Woodruff Road”–Greenville.
      World Relief and Addison said: ” Lutheran Services has pulled out of the Upstate due to too much push-back”. ” They are focusing on Mid-SC and down to maybe Charleston”. There are Nine national organizations working with the State Dept.”
      Addison: ” ALL refugees will get a screening abroad [did not say done by whom exactly, nor what tests are done before boarding planes].
      Addison says with glee: ” ALL refugees will have a US medical exam for sure within 90 days after arriving in the US, in order for them to be placed in a job.]
      Question by Barbara Wilson: ” Isn’t 90 days a long time to let them mingle in schools and communities before getting a medical exam?” Plus the time abroad and on the planes? ” Communicable undetected diseases can spread very fast”.
      Answer: NO answer was given to that question.
      Addison praises: ” We are SO grateful to the Doctors Express chain [of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties], and to “New Horizons” [a GHS off-campus clinic for the poorest citizens and specializes in the most serious of Communicable viruses such as AID etc, and maybe MERS. I wonder if they have had MERS cases yet. “New Horizons” Clinic is on Mallard St. and one is also on Pendleton Street in Greenville SC. They take mostly Medicaid, and is part of the Greenville Health System]
      Addison praised NH, DE, and Warren for their “compassion and willingness to help with (primarily job) medicals”. Addison was a bit overboard: “Thank you SO much!” To a woman doctor named Dr. Warren, an, MD in Greenville, who was present at this meeting. But, I do not know if she works at DE or NH.]
      My Question: ” who is paying for all these medical benefits and vaccines?”
      Answer: “Medicaid”, and “if they need an ER, they may certainly go”, said Dr. Warren.
      Addison: “DHEC does not offer services to adults like it does to kids”.
      Addison: “Every 12 months the Refugee Agreements must be renewed annually because Medicaid must be reviewed every 12 months, since the rates change every year”.
      Addison: ” Refugees are screened overseas first, and they are coming with documents. Each one has an IBM bag”, International Organization of Medical bag”.
      “Within 30-day window”. —[not sure what it meant. Maybe means the time they will screen refugees abroad before boarding a plane to US?]
      Addison: “Doctors Express will see 9 refugees tomorrow”; “Thank you again. Dr. Warren. [apparently to be seen by Dr. Warren. (Spelling: could be ‘Warran’?]
      Jason Lee: “Most are from the Congo; Cubans; Haitians”. ” Secondary migrants will have to move twice to relocate”. “This is a long-term pathway” to “(citizenship)”.
      My Question: ” Do they get Social Security cards?” FACT: By Jason Lee: “Social Security Cards are issued immediately upon arrival off the plane so they can have Medicaid immediately”. [The 90 day clock begins for a physical at this point for getting a job or training/education for a job].
      27.) Addison: ” We have helped 500 of the brightest refugee minds get over here and get a good job”! [Sure…trained at Clemson , probably, and working at BMW practically for free in exchange for all the grant monies and free US Refugee benefits like housing, food stamps, medical, tuition, translators, etc]
      Addison: “If they lose their documents on the trip over, no big deal…I have a brand new computer program and their information is already in the system”. Electronic document; mail me. [Note: My husband (Duane Wilson) read that refugees often throw initial paperwork away on purpose]. “Contact the CBP Office. ” A new computer program change, and counties are aware of it”.
      Addison: Re: “USC IS I-693 FORM”. It is their “green card”. It used to be 5 pages long, but now is short”.
      Addison: ” ALL (refugee) children are sent to DHEC” and “statuses are adjusted”. [Note: I did not hear what age, nor did I understand what that meant].
      Barbara Wilson’s question to Addison: “Who pays for all the translators?” You will need a LOT of them.
      Answer: “DSS pays for all translators”.
      Jason Lee commented again on the erroneous “suspect sources” which the public and I were reading and learning from. He said, “The Herald Journal has yet to correct their article which said “60” refugees are in Spartanburg”. He was unusually bothered by that. Lee said, only 30 are in Spartanburg (County?)and 30 in Greenville (County?). He also condemned WND as a source. And also said Dr. Christina Jeffrey PhD “has no vested interest in this Spartanburg Refugee issue, because “she never once was employed in Spartanburg at any institution of higher learning”, and she only lectures at Wofford as an adjunct professor under [the umbrella of] her husband who IS a professor at Wofford.” [I felt Jason was unfair toward these 3 “suspect news sources”.]
      Barbara’s observation: The SCDSS stakeholders and providers; DSS; and WR Director etc were smirking at my questions. Those at the table were smugly and subtly accusing me and all, “resisters”, of “not being very compassionate”, “especially when I told them how my mother and grandfather paid their own way over here from Poland on a troop ship, and were fully documented and medically inspected; plus, were self-supporting farmers/WWII German-Polish refugees, who never got Government housing or food.
      Addison and Lee: ” Lutheran Services will no longer be in the Upstate due to “lack of compassion and public resistance”. “LS will serve in the Midlands; Low Country; and maybe Charleston”. “There will be a 100 mile radius of placement if they have family ties; and 50 mile radius if no family ties.” PRM.
      My Question: “Did Ann Richards come just to appease us?”
      Jason Lee’s Answer: Addison & her DSS Staff : “No”. “Ann Richards came from Washington willingly for a meeting. Rep. Trey Gowdy”s offices said, “Everyone said it seemed beneficial”.
      Addison: “Green cards are not really green. They are used to “reach permanent Refugee status”.
      Addison: “The refugees also immediately get a Medicaid card as soon as they step on US soil”.
      DHHS/DSS has to validate services”.
      Addison: “The majority of adults go to learning centers in downtown Spartanburg at faith-based-programs which they are affiliated with” [The Volag Agency].
      Bernelle Igram: “I own Visions International”. [She is the owner of the main refugee “Language Provider”].
      Ingram: ” ESL aka English as a Second Language, will include coaching, consulting, and training on the language side.” “English; Japanese; Spanish; Chinese”. [I found it curious that German was not mentioned]. THIS “LANGUAGES PROVIDER” SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED “BUSINESS AND EXECUTIVE COACHING”, [WHICH PERFECTLY MATCHES THE 2016 BMW EXPANSION NEEDS THEY WROTE ABOUT IN THE TIMES EXAMINER: NEED UPPER MANAGEMENT, EXECUTIVES, & ENGINEERS!]
      (?) Connected with: “Non-profit economic development LENDER for small businesses”.
      Barbara’s question: “Do Federal Funds or the State of SC pay for these hundreds of vaccines; doctor exams; schools; University tuition; translators etc.?
      Addison Answer: “Federal Funds are a “government “Pass-Through” into South Carolina. Medicaid pays for medical. DSS pays for translators.
      Councilman Joe Dill of Upstate Northwestern Greenville County/ covering Landrum: ” Is this going to burden the schools?”
      Jason Lee Answered Dill: “Schools are going to get Federal Grants and monies to pay for the impact”. “Spartanburg-Arcadia community.”
      Lee: “The State Department of Education will get monies to support English as a Second Language”. “Special Statutes are here already”.
      Lee Again critical of Suspect News Sources: “The Herald Journal (in 9/27/2015 issue), refused to correct the number of reugees error. There is 30 in each city; not 60 in Spartanburg”.
      Lee: ” Michael Cutler has zero experience with security vetting and was only a former INS officer.
      Dorothy Addison replied on security question: ” We had a refugee incident in the Charleston shipyards once. Human trafficking”. ” Law enforcement [she did not say which law enforcement agency came], came to the shipyards and told the medical providers he was a human trafficking victim”. [The gender was a male trafficking victim. Age not given.]
      Barbara Wilson: “Is the SC DSS exempt from the Freedom of Information Act?”
      Dorothy Addison: ” [SC]DSS is still under the Freedom of Information Act”. — September 29, 2015, Lyman, SC.
      [An observer next to me was a distinguished black representative Ms. Leona ____, D-Simpsonville SC.[not sure which Gov position]. Very concerned and sympathetic to perhaps stopping the refugee influx.]
      Addison Boasting: “1800 H1b [job] Visas were coming to SC” and, “Most of them are going to BMW”.
      And, “County Councils have no say in regard to their budgets to pay for these refugees”.
      BMW announced in the press: We “invested $1 Billion”. [Note: The DSS stakeholders must “apply” and “show evidence” why they above others should receive the Fed grant monies. Applicants must “comply with the Fed “requirements” to be selected over other competing applicants]. Will BMW use these grants to “increase” and “expand 50% of the Greer, SC plant, for its brand new 2016 “PROJECT INTEGRATION” led by BMW Project Integration VP Richard Morris? “PROJECT INTEGRATION”.
      FACT: Clemson University is an official PARTNER of BMW.
      FACT: A warning sign: “MERS” aka “Camel Flu”, causing rapid spread, is incurable, and has a 40% death rate, “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome”, was hung on the GHS Greenville [Hospital] Health System clinic wall, as of August 26, 2015, and hung up all through September. [remember, Addison and Lee said “Sept is the busiest refugee arrival month”. That MERS notice was hung on the wall only until September 29, 2015. This was by the growing mega-monopoly called Greenville Health System. At the women’s OB-GYN clinic on Grove Road in Greenville, SC, my friend and all patients were asked by the nurse “if they have visited the Middle East in the last 4 weeks”. That was their FIRST QUESTION to the patients. Interesting.
      [It seems curious to me that this sign was maybe also hung there last year at the same time in Sept, since it was clearly established at the Lyman DSS meeting (by Jason Lee) how “September is the busiest arrival month” for all the “Assured” refugees!” [MERS was discovered from camels to humans first in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It spread quickly to over 1000+ cases and has a 35-40% death rate. It is spread rapidly via crowded conditions, such as in refugee camps, planes, and schools etc]. MERS was first reported in the USA in June of 2015. Has SC had any cases yet?
      Remember: The provider, “New Horizons” medical clinic, is doing some of the refugee medicals/job physicals, and is connected as part of the Greenville Hospital System. Job physicals do NOT test for viruses such as the incurable MERS!
      Final note: Allegedly, the global instigator billionaire George Soros is behind the lobbying for the Refugee Resettlement Program. The UN is dictating all this.
      —-The Article above was written to the best of my ability for accuracy, by me, Barbara Lynn Wilson, Greenville, SC 29611, Greenville County, and is based on my attendance and notes I had taken at the SC DSS quarterly meeting in Lyman, SC, on September 29, 2015, .
      Attachments under separate cover.

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      • sturandot13 said

        Thank you for showing up, taking notes, and otherwise letting these people know that what they are doing is NOT able to “fly under the radar”!!!

        A few items:

        “Those at the table were smugly and subtly accusing me and all, ‘resisters’, of not being very compassionate…”
        “Addison and Lee: ‘Lutheran Services will no longer be in the Upstate due to lack of compassion and public resistance'”.

        If they were REALLY so “compassionate”, what about any/all of the residents in the area who are currenntly out of work? Why do so-called “refugees” get assistance and job placement, and American citizens have to fend for themselves on that score?
        I would have asked them, since they are SO compassionate, if they received no remuneration for bringing “refugees” into the U.S., just how many would they be “compassionate” enough to sponsor – on their OWN, with no handouts from the taxpayers of America? (That is one question that would not be answered – truthfully, anyway; and one that might possibly have gotten me ejected from the room. But I would have asked it anyway, particularly since they made it a point on more than one occasion to comment on the supposed lack of “compassion” among many U.S. residents. Many U.S. residents are just trying to SURVIVE at this time.)

        Second: these people just toss out the word “Medicaid” as though it were a self-supporting agency. Sorry, this is STILL coming out of ALL American taxpayers’ pockets – including those from SC. Remember, our “national” debt is close to – what, 19 TRILLION dollars now? Just WHO is supposed to be paying THAT? The time will come, in the not-too distant future, when we will not even be able to pay the INTEREST on that debt, let alone paying it down. What will happen then? I think a SHTF scenario for sure.

        Third: We know d___ well that any so-called “vetting” is a joke. What is to prevent any one of these so-called “refugees” from lying, eh? Nothing whatsoever; and since the globalists’ individual spying network does not – at this time – extend to Third World countries, there really IS no valid, relevant information to be found. Like so many Somalis coming here under “family re-unification” who were in no way family members of the Somalis already here. But hey, we lived in the same village!

        Fourth: MERS, AIDS, and numerous other “exotic” diseases are NOT something American citizens want brought into this country, particularly – although perhaps not in this case – so-called “refugees” from a RAPE CULTURE. Any and ALL refugees should be medically examined / screened for communicable diseases – by qualified physicians – before they set one foot on U.S. soil!

        Last, but not least, the United States should QUIT the UN and demand that it be removed from our nation’s soil. We should have absolutely NO part in an organization that was planned from the outset to take us down. Changing the demographics of this country was – and remains – only ONE way of doing it.


  3. […] Community refugee resettlement consultations are required; demand to attend! October 12, 2015 […]


  4. […] urge all of you in Florida to visit my post yesterday and contact your state’s resettlement agencies.  You will be asking for a schedule of upcoming […]


  5. […] Community refugee resettlement consultations are required; demand to attend! October 12, 2015 […]


  6. conprof said


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    • Ann Corcoran said

      LOL! Thought you were shouting, friend Judy tells me that writing with caps is shouting….so sometimes I do it!


  7. As Muslims pour into our towns, Trey Gowdy hiding in Lindsey Graham’s backyard treehouse?


  8. These absurd hearings are but a mere distraction, a dangled carrot if you will, to distract our gullible public as the Globalist agenda continues unabated.

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  9. […] Community refugee resettlement consultations are required; demand to attend! […]


  10. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  11. murlimews said

    The only functioning arm of the federal government IS the resettlement of refugees, 90% organized by a totalitarian, secret bureaucracy. Its been rumored that the Soviet Union is dead.

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    • sturandot13 said

      I think the rumors of its death have been “greatly exaggerated”.


    • conprof said

      Why are they so efficient and the rest of the Government cannot seem to function? .Maybe no one is passionate about keeping the roads fixed, or ISIS from raping and pillaging and other difficult tasks that we thought our government should be interested in.

      Fundamentally changing America is probably fun for the people who are doing it. But you know, people are waking up and some of us are pretty passionate about making America great and safe again. I guess we love our kids and grandkids and that’s a reason to end these ideologically driven programs that frankly do not enjoy the support of the American people, except in the most abstract way. Everyone seems in favor of the idea, but who wants the idea to show up like the Syrians in Germany? Check that, there ARE nine contractors who are lobbying hard to get our Congress to Germanize us as fast as they can. And there is a member of the U.S. Senate, who very much wants to “streamline” the vetting process to make it easier to Germanize us faster.

      In the next few months we will find out whether there is any republican/democratic element in our “representative” bodies that will stand up for the people of the United States or whether they have all sold out to the globalists who want a borderless world that can move its labor forces, production companies, goods and services at will, nation-states be damned.

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