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Idaho petition drives underway to shut down refugee resettlement in Twin Falls, and in the whole state

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2015

On Sunday reported on two petition drives being conducted in the Twin Falls area.

Gov. Butch Otter

Republican Gov. Butch Otter is being asked to shut it down statewide. He does not have that power! But, putting pressure on him like this is still an excellent idea.

TWIN FALLS • Supporters of a ballot measure to ban refugee centers in Twin Falls County have started to gather signatures.

The Twin Falls County Clerk’s office approved the form of the petition on Oct. 5, giving them 180 days — or until early April — to gather the 3,842 signatures they need to get the initiative on the countywide ballot in May.

Rick Martin, the head of the Committee to End the CSI Refugee Center and the sponsor of the ballot measure, was gathering signatures outside the U.S. Post Office on Second Avenue West on Wednesday morning. He said their goal is to gather about 4,300 signatures, to make sure they have enough in case some get challenged.


The ballot measure would ban refugee centers anywhere in the county, including within the cities, and would take effect Nov. 1, 2016.

Another group, III Percent of Idaho, is working a petition to get the Governor to shut down refugee resettlement for the whole state. They will hold a rally this coming Sunday.  See for details.

Remember readers that Idaho is a Wilson-Fish state and as such decisions are made between a non-profit group (Jannus Inc, mentioned here) and the UN/US State Department.  Neither the Governor, nor other elected officials, will be able to shut it down without first getting rid of the Wilson-Fish status.

Note to activists:

If the Governor is reluctant to do anything (to even speak up), check his campaign contributions and see if he is getting campaign cash from big industries like the one setting up the new meatpacking plant near Boise and Chobani Yogurt near Twin Falls. Both industries are looking for cheap refugee labor to make sure their profit margin is good (your culture, your local economy and your safety be damned!).

For all of you, wherever in the US you are located, be sure to research which industries are working closely with federal resettlement contractors (phony ‘church’ groups) to bring refugees to your community.

Idahoans! You really must focus some attention on your federal representatives, your two US Senators and your two Members of the House.  I know, I know, we all think they are a bunch of do-nothings, but you still gotta hound them!

More on Chobani


Chobani changing America one cheap immigrant laborer at a time….

Remember I told you about the refugees getting the boot from an apartment complex in Boise, here.   Now a reader tells us that Chobani has stepped in to rescue the refugees, here, here and here.

So let me ask this question: If refugees do not have enough money (or jobs) to get and keep housing without extra help from Chobani, why are we bringing more refugees to Idaho or to America for that matter?

Learn more about Chobani and its Kurdish-American founder in Twin Falls, here.

Go here for our HUGE archive on Idaho.

This post is also archived in our relatively new category—Pockets of Resistance.

9 Responses to “Idaho petition drives underway to shut down refugee resettlement in Twin Falls, and in the whole state”

  1. […] Per Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch (RRW), citizens in Twin Falls are taking action.  Signatures are being gathered for a ballot measure that will ban all “refugees” from being settled in the county.  If they manage to get the measure onto the May ballot, and if they are successful, the ban will take effect in November 2016. […]


  2. sodiumpen said

    Let’s remember, last July, the Obama administration awarded Chobani (owned by a Turkish immigrant) a VERY lucrative contract to supply USA schools with Greek a part of the (Michelle Obama enhanced) federal school lunch program. Chobani underbid other yogurt makers to get the contact. Likely it’s that steady stream of taxpayer funded “cheap” immigrant labor that allowed Chobani to underbid – and it now needs more “cheap” labor to produce the million of pounds of yogurt for the public schools.

    “Chobani opened one of the biggest yogurt processing plants in the world in Idaho nearly three years ago.” (Hmmmm did Chobani anticipate the school contract?)


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Ahhh! I can’t believe it! (But, I do!)…Thank you for sending!


      • sodiumpen said

        I’ve also been wondering if the Turkish immigrant owner, Hamdi Ulukaya, received taxpayer paid immigrant business subsidies to start the company. Probably did!


  3. sturandot13 said

    Ann, your timely reminder: “Neither the Governor, nor other elected officials, will be able to shut it down without first getting rid of the Wilson-Fish status.” is something that the activists in Idaho MUST do something about – preferably this year!


  4. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  5. omanuel said

    This is all part of the 70 year plan to expand the boarder of the old USSR to enclose the world under one united nation (UN).


  6. […] WAIT, THERE’S MORE… […]


  7. good for Idaho

    Liked by 1 person

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