CAIR blasts Rep. Steve King for comments on Middle East refugees

King put forth a sensible alternative to bringing Iraqis and Syrians to the US (and thus adding them to our welfare rolls).

Let them fight for their own country or go to Saudi Arabia!

Rep. Steve King

Here is the story at the Des Moines Register:

An organization representing the rights of Muslims in the U.S. has criticized U.S. Rep. Steve King for comments the Iowa Republican made Monday about refugees fleeing Syria.

Speaking at a rally in Sioux City with U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, King chastised the idea that the U.S. would accept Syrian Muslims, saying they would be unable to assimilate into the country.

“I can’t find models of the folks that, let’s say do the hajj to Mecca, I can’t find models where they’ve assimilated into the broader culture and civilization wherever they’ve gone,” said King, a U.S. representative.

In a statement Tuesday, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, called that statement a “bizarre claim.”

Every sensible person viewing the photos of the invasion of Europe thinks the same thing as King expresses below—why aren’t these fighting-age young men at home fighting for their country?

At the rally, King also said refugees should be trained to defend the countries they are fleeing.

“So, I say instead, the refugees that come out of Iraq and come out of Syria: first, I’d train them and say ‘go back and defend your country.’ Give them uniforms … but if you can’t get them to do that then send them to Saudi Arabia where they have the air-conditioned tents at Mecca. Those tents are not busy for 11 months out of the year and they would assimilate into that culture like a hand into a glove,” King said.

Of course, commonsense is not in vogue these days, and the Muslim ‘refugees’ are participating in the Hijra (CAIR is smoothing the way)—the migration encouraged by Mohammed to bring Islam to the land of the infidels.  97% of the Syrians being admitted to the US are Muslims.

As refugee resettlement continues unabated, you know that one day CAIR hopes to have enough voters in Iowa to get rid of King and others like him.  Young patriots—have more babies!

Take a minute and contact Rep. Steve King and thank him for his forthrightness.  Click here and call one or all of his offices.

16 thoughts on “CAIR blasts Rep. Steve King for comments on Middle East refugees

  1. TAQIYYA = CAIR; Typical of all authoritarian regimes, they will lie, cheat and kill to defend their ideology, with absolutely no sense of guilt or regret in the defense of their god.


  2. Hoa Minh Truong speaks truth – just as Steve King speaks truth. CAIR has also been known to speak the truth, but the “religion” it supports does not celebrate truth-telling to “infidels” as they call us Christians, and so they are free to lie to us in the cause of advancing Jihad.

    We who give them succor and money to build their temples, schools, and Muslim Community Centers are thanked by their training of others to lie to us, despise us, and prepare for the day they are strong enough to replace us and force us into subservient positions.

    I once heard a high-level CAIR official interviewed on the radio, maybe it was NPR. The question had to do with the Constitution and whether Muslims would support the Constitution if they were in a majority. The answer, this time, was the truth: “No.”

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    1. CAIR and other Islamic apologists often speak the truth, if you define words and concepts from their world view, not ours. For instance, whatshisname, the original Ground Zero mosque Imam, said that Shariah Law fits perfectly within the Declaration of Independence. I figure this is the phrase he agreed with: “…it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it (government) and to institute new Government…” The rest of it..not so much.

      He also said that Islam doesn’t believe in being terrorists. (They’re martyrs.)

      Islam doesn’t believe in killing innocents. (Only Muslims are innocents.)

      Islam is the religion of peace. (Peace can only be achieved when the worldwide Caliphate is established…and if you don’t pay any attention to the continuous violence between Islamic sects in Islamic countries that are already under Shariah Law.)

      During the time the mosque debate was going on, he told O’Reilly that if the mosque wasn’t built, it would be taken as an insult to Islam and to the prophet by Muslims and could cause violence in the Middle East (where Muslims were attacking U.S. and British bases at the time.) My world view dictionary calls that issuing threats and attempted blackmail.They call it advancing Islam.

      I agree, my favorite Constitutional professor, CAIR and other Islamic apologists tell the truth all the time, if we know how they define “truth” and fine tune our understanding to what they’re saying from their point of view. They’re Shariah compliant. Shariah Law requires Shariah to be above all other laws and as soon as Shariah can implemented…by violence, if necessary…it must be done.

      That’s not my opinion, ye doubters of facts and purveyors of misguided name calling. It’s theirs. In fact, it’s Shariah Law and if they don’t follow it, they’re apostates and subject to the penalty for apostasy, which just happens to be a great motivator. The threat of death will make some folks think twice, while they’re still ahead, that is.


  3. We need to remind everyone where Islam headquarters are located in Saudi Arabia, you know Mecca. The Saudi King seems to visit the White House more than any other leader, why is that? Saudi Arabia dishes out the same punishment as ISIS, Beheadings, crucifixion, lashes, stoning…

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    Likely the within war in Syria with bloodshed and destruction, the domestic war in Western country have been celebrating by the rallies support Muslim and against each other, the asylum seeker invade and the terrors could occur anytime, anywhere.
    Moreover, in nowadays the Western countries are facing the risk security ever, the terror war doesn’t match any form of war before. The Western states have been engaging the complication, despite the domestic war reduces bloodshed but spending too much taxpayer money for inappropriateness. The war spreads everywhere, from US, Europe, Australia….every nation has to use the national budget for security, mostly police, intelligent firms, indeed the taxpayer keens to public interest, but now it uses for the thugs being active within country.
    The domestic war causes the fallen multiple culture plus the innocent lenient heart, UN obsolete policy ties to the member nation those have been exploited by outside enemies as the Extremist hidden by the Muslim. The thug’s helpers are leftish (socialism party, organization), the innocent religious leaders, the fake humanity face, and the Muslim firms rooted endorse without declaration. Mostly the mosque, Muslim school and the religious leaders have never said and shown their stance to public or government, but they just say the religious harmony, instead they are the quiet supporters to the same God” Hallah”, so the most terrorist arrested by police, not come from the inform of Muslim follower, even though coverage up.
    The terrorist arrest and detain by tough law is just negative reaction as self-defensive of Western country that is like trim a tree, therefore the roots remain and feeding by the taxpayer for Muslim school, mosque under the title of multiple culture. The terror trained and paid by taxpayer.
    The multiple culture has two faces, but it harms than good, not unify country but divide into hundred tiny nations, each ethnic holds own culture and religion, nevertheless there are some ethnics conspire imposing their God into the adopted country and now it is among the cause of domestic war.
    Hoa Minh Truong.
    (Author of 5 books published in New York)


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