Netherlands’ NIMBYs: Dutch Jews do not want Middle Eastern refugees housed near them

More invasion of Europe news…..

HIAS: We want 100,000 mostly Muslim Syrians for the US.

In my view they are being sensible, unlike the US federal resettlement contractor, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (bring in 100,000 Syrians!), that is happily resettling Muslim refugees in your towns and cities.

Go here to see where HIAS works near you.

From the Jewish Press :

(”The Jewish community of Amsterdam says it is worried about the proposed refugee shelter in Amstelveen-Noord, a suburban town in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, NL Times reported. Local residents were informed on Monday night about the new shelter, which will house 400 refugees, mostly from Syria and Iraq. The proposed location is an office building less than half a mile away from Buitenveldert, a neighborhood of Amsterdam which is considered the city’s modern Jewish quarter, with a Synagogue, Jewish schools, nursing homes, shops and kosher restaurants. Buitenveldert is also the largest Jewish community in the Netherlands.

The Jewish neighborhood of Buitenveldert is less than a half a mile away from the proposed asylum center for Syrian refugees.

The Dutch Central Jewish Board is concerned that there will be unpleasant, if not dangerous incidents because of the close proximity of the new shelter to Jewish homes.”

However, here  they can’t resist being politically correct:  We are o.k. with war refugees, just not in our neighborhood!

Jewish Press contined:

“Let there be no doubt that the Jewish community is overwhelmingly for the reception of war refugees, but we have major concerns”, chairman Ron van der Wieken said on Monday. “These people come from countries such as Syria and Iraq, who traditionally take an extremely harsh tone against Jews. These people are largely brainwashed to hate Jews. You should not underestimate it.”

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9 thoughts on “Netherlands’ NIMBYs: Dutch Jews do not want Middle Eastern refugees housed near them

  1. Some research would tell you the following: It is about Amstelveen, not Amsterdam. It is about 300 Syrian fugitives. The city council a knowledge the worries of Jews living in Amstelveen. Therefore there has been a meeting between the different organisations, the mayor of Amstelveen. They have made


      1. There is not a link to another source from the news site Ann posted that can be reviewed for translation errors…not that I could do it, but sometimes media also provides translations themselves. Sometimes not. Anyway, Ann’s original source says: The proposed location is an office building less than half a mile away from Buitenveldert, a neighborhood of Amsterdam

        According to Wikipedia, not always the most reliable source, but does provide a map:
        Buitenveldert is a neighborhood of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is considered the modern Jewish quarter of Amsterdam with its Synagogue, Jewish schools, nursing homes, shops and restaurants.

        Also, according to Wikipedia:

        Amstelveen is a municipality in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. It is a suburban part of the metropolitan area of Amsterdam.

        So both are suburbs of Amsterdam, just not the same suburb or neighborhood. Thank you, for clarifying the suburb differences of Amsterdam. Is it possible both suburbs are looking at an influx of refugees, since the article Ann linked to specifically cited the area as a Jewish neighborhood? Or are the two in such close proximity that the distance is essentially negligible?

        Also, can you expound further on how the mayor of Amstelveen and the organizers plan to prevent potential problems and about how they plan to deal with Islamic doctrine? Is there a news article or meeting minutes or documentation that outlines their plan?



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