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Calling all American refugee do-gooders—see how real Christian charity is done!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 16, 2015

This is a message to all of you working for American resettlement contractors pretending to be Christian charities.

UN refugee camp Jordan

Largest UN camp in Jordan (where the US gets many of its refugees): “The camps are dangerous because they have ISIS, Iraqi militias and Syrian militias. It’s another place for gangs. They’re killing inside the camps, and they’re buying and selling ladies and even girls.” Photo:

It is easy to bring Muslim refugees to America while pretending to be Christian charities preaching from your cushy offices in New York, Baltimore and Washington, DC—that means you—US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, World Relief (Evangelicals), Episcopal Migration Ministries, and Church World Service!

It is easy for you ‘religious’ refugee resettlement contractors to bully local communities into accepting refugees with appeals to their Christian charitable spirits, but this is a story about real Christian charity.

(By the way, don’t fall for the idea that these resettlement contractors are working to bring Muslim refugees to Christ when they get them to your towns. They are strictly forbidden to preach to Muslim refugees, or any refugees, when taking government money, see here.)

Christian Aid Mission goes to the Middle East and helps refugees where they are with material needs and at the same time brings some to Christ.

The article at Christian Headlines (hat tip: Joanne), begins by confirming something we knew—that UN camps are full of terrorists and criminals (and that is where we are getting most of our refugees for your towns).

Syrian militants are among refugees fleeing to other countries, and they don’t leave their Islamic extremist practices behind. They have brought brutality and a culture of fear into some refugee camps, the director of a ministry in the Middle East said.

In United Nations camps in Jordan, Islamist gangs bring the same practices that refugees have fled: coercion to join terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS), conflict between militias on both sides of the civil war and the criminal buying and selling of females as sex slaves.

Then get this!

Reaching any Middle Eastern Muslim, much less one associated with ISIS, with the gospel is a delicate, gradual process, and the ministry’s 32 full-time workers and 400 volunteers throughout the region are trained to initiate relationships, answer doubts, share the good news of Christ’s salvation and develop disciples.

One member of ISIS from northern Syria came to visit his relatives who had fled to Jordan because he had heard Christians were providing them aid, the director said. He intended to kill the Christian workers providing aid to his relatives, who were not living in a refugee camp. After hearing the gospel and witnessing the love of the Christians, he put his trust in Christ.

“He first saw how Islam brainwashed him about Christianity, and how that contrasted with the reality of what he saw in the Christians,” the director said. “And we’re talking about an area of Jordan that has three Salafist [a strict, fundamentalist branch of Sunni Islam] mosques. They raise up people to go and fight.”

There is much more, read on!

5 Responses to “Calling all American refugee do-gooders—see how real Christian charity is done!”

  1. I have an old friend that served as a U.S. Border Patrol agent with me in California. He has a gift for learning languages very quickly, and he fluent in Russian, and Spanish. He was once detailed to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to assist as a translator/interviewer. The people he was interviewing were Russian Jews. This was back in the days before the breakup of the USSR. The Russians had decided to allow Jews to leave the country, and many had applied for refugee status in America.

    As I recall my friend was there for at least a couple of months, and upon his return to the U.S., he called and asked if he could stop by and visit. During his visit to my home we talked about his detail, and what had transpired. Early in the discussion, I asked him how many interviews did he do per day. He said he did, I think, about five or six a day, and he said there were other agents also present doing interviews at the same time. I said to him that over the course of months that must have been a lot of people, I wasn’t aware there were that many Jews in Russia.

    My friend said he didn’t interview any Jews. He said he suspected they were mostly former KGB and Russian military officers, falsely claiming to be Jews. My friend is very good at questioning people, and his Russian is impeccable. I then asked him if he reported his suspicions to the consular officers, and he said he had, but they didn’t seem to care.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      That jives with other stories I have heard as well. As a matter of fact, my local (former) chief of police said he was a young officer in Baltimore at the time and everyone was wondering where all the Russian mafia-types were coming from (he said it was the refugee program).


  2. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  3. sturandot13 said

    Thank you for this article Ann. Yes indeed, that IS how REAL Christian charity is done! May Almighty God bless and protect these people, and help their evangelization bear good fruit. Apparently, He already has!

    Good on you, good people at the Christian Aid Mission – and watch your six!


  4. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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