Female genital mutilation in Minnesota Somali population not disappearing

Diversity is beautiful (not!) alert!

Please read this dreadful story yourselves. So much for assimilation!

You can be sure that all of these girls are not traveling back to Africa to have the ‘procedure’ done, it must be being practiced right here in America where it is ILLEGAL.

See City Pages, here for news on female genital mutilation in Minnesota’s African refugee population.

See this map we published back in March:

Now, have a look at the map of states with the highest refugee populations.  Although not a perfect match I think we can conclude that if your state gets large numbers of refugees, your chances of FGM happening where you live increases.  So, what are the resettlement agencies doing to help stamp out this brutal treatment of women?  Where are the feminists?

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refugees 2014-2015 map

And now, just for fun, see the mosque map for the US (thanks to Allen West’s blog for putting these maps together).


10 thoughts on “Female genital mutilation in Minnesota Somali population not disappearing

  1. FGM, I hadn’t thought of it lately, there are so many hideous parts of Islam/Sharia that they should be categorized for easier access. It is impossible for anyone with a half-share of compassion, intelligence or sensitivity to understand how a billion or more failed souls find the blunt-nerve-ending courage to claim it as a religion or anything other than a source of self-satisfying cruelty for willing participants, and lifelong misery for their victims.

    Converts to Islam should be required to take a sanity and IQ test to prove their competency as human beings.

    To understand FGM in it’s proper context involves knowledge of the enormous power of unleashed male dominance/impotence that forces a woman to a life of sexual irrelevance/nonexistence because he is no longer desirous of her and doesn’t want her to enjoy other men. Having accomplished that, he is free to divorce her, leaving her to raise their children, and add another wife to fill his personal four-wife pipeline.

    It was once said that if the threat of beheading for refusal to convert, or for apostasy had died with Mohammed, Islam would have vanished from the earth shortly after his passing. There would be no further reason to stay when the consequences had disappeared.

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