Two weeks into FY2016, 51 Syrians arrive in US; Kentucky ‘welcomed’ the most

As we know, the Obama Administration is aiming to resettle 10,000 Syrians this year.  The resettlement contractors, including the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, are pushing for 100,000 (btw, this post on the Bishops and 100,000 took off on social media in the last few days).

From the US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center for October 1-October 15 (hat tip: Diane).


KY 12 Syrians


As we previously reported, 97% of the Syrians resettled to the US in FY 2015 are Muslims.  Make no mistake, this is not about saving the persecuted Christians or Yazidis.

Related:  Have a look at this AP article about Syrians going to Michigan where the Republican governor is welcoming them (and wants many more).  It was only posted yesterday and has 2,786 comments already (as of this writing) with the vast majority opposed to what Governor Snyder is doing.


10 thoughts on “Two weeks into FY2016, 51 Syrians arrive in US; Kentucky ‘welcomed’ the most

  1. Please pay attention to this comment. I got this information from an article “Minnesota Governor: Find another State if You Don’t Want Muslim “Refugees” Here.

    Pamela Geller October 17, 2015


    In her article she explains what is taking place all over the World. “Hijra (Muhammed’s demand that Muslims migrate as a form of jihad)” Please read the above post and the following one that demonstrates “hijra”.

    This article is entitled “The Myths of Muhammad” and I see unfolding before me what is happening today. Not in exact words but in between the lines and in activities with results that still stand today. “”

    My tirade:
    The Liberal element in the United States are either stupidly following party lines or they are part of the plot to end the United States existing as a free country that is run by the People, not government, in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, a rare and precious gem that must be protected with all every U.S. citizen can muster in their best efforts. All Americans have the civic duty of preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. It must remain as written and legally amended using the processes provided for that purpose in Article V. of the Constitution. There is no other way to change it that is legal and binding. Obama can’t change it with his pen or his phone, Congress cannot change it with legislation or consequences thereof, and the Supreme Court cannot change it through interpretation and/or considering it to be a living document (it is not) that must be kept current with the times. The only way to change, or add to the Constitution is by the amendment process. The Constitution belongs to We the People, not government. Government exists by the consent of the governed, without our consent it cannot be. DO NOT let anyone tell you differently. When government fears the people, there is freedom and liberty. When the people fear government there is tyranny and slavery. Which do you want?


  2. Maybe they’ll complain about Kentucky after a few months and want to go to Florida or California, kind of like the situation with the ones in Uruguay. Any plans to build them a mini-mosque?


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