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Colonizers on Greek island of Lesbos: Do you have wifi?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 20, 2015

One more bit of news on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ (then I promise to move on!)…..

When I saw this news on twitter last night, I first thought it was a spoof.  

It is from one of our nine major refugee resettlement contractors which has apparently got another gig from the US government and that is to work in Greece to process the colonizers in to Europe.  The International Rescue Committee headed by British former Foreign Secretary David Miliband (whose salary you pay!) published a list of most-asked questions from the invaders—questions like ‘Where is the bus to Germany?’ ‘Why are you fingerprinting me?’ How long do I have to stay here?’ and so on.

But the question the IRC featured on its twitter feed was this question: ‘Do you have wifi?’ (and posted this photo):


wifi on Lesbos

The Middle Eastern young men invading Europe need their phones to navigate to ‘welcoming’ countries like Germany and Sweden.


Here is the IRC’s helpful answer (with a spin—they want to be sure you know it is all about letting loved ones know they are ok). But, don’t miss the part about using their phones to navigate through Europe!

Connecting with family is a top priority for newly arrived refugees who want their loved ones to know they are safe. IRC staff direct people to cafés and restaurants that provide WiFi free of charge. Because refugees use their mobile phones to navigate routes through Europe, we advise them on locations where they can purchase SIM cards and recharge their phones.

Learn more about the IRC and David Miliband by clicking here.

Go here for our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive, and here, here, and here for this morning’s posts on European colonization.

6 Responses to “Colonizers on Greek island of Lesbos: Do you have wifi?”

  1. The message I read between the lines here is the real security threat in giving all these people access to internet navigation because they will use it as a tool to continue invading Europe. It is also a total national security risk to every member nation of Europe if would-be refugee-terrorists can use it to plot strategic attacks against infrastructure as well as against the legal-rightful citizens themselves. Point is that knowledge is power and technology can and will be weaponized to be used against the enemy if Europe does not start taking a hardline conservative stance on these matters. There has to be a dividing line drawn between rightful citizens and these masses of foreign invaders, immigrants, refugees or what have you. These people do not deserve any special treatment or privileges . The governments need to put their rightful citizens 100% first. The legal indigenous people needs must always come first. They must get always be given VIP status and ALWAYS be put at the front of the line in front of these illegal invaders. If supplies run out for the refugees – too bad! They should have though about that before they cowardly ran away from political problems within their home countries. Deport all the muslims back to Syria !


  2. No need for continental breakfast since the continent IS their breakfast


  3. Reblogged this on America at War and commented:
    Number one refugee question “Do you have wi-fi?”


  4. […] Colonizers on Greek island of Lesbos: Do you have wifi? ( […]


  5. By contrast, let’s see the Christians raped, beheaded, crucified, tortured by Muslims back in Syria. Remember pictures of refugees escaping war during WWII?

    These migrants and refugee resettlement contractors need a reality check. The world is totally screwed up!

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