Gatestone: Sweden close to collapse

More on the Invasion of Europe today….

The colonizers. Coming to a town near you? Photo at Jihad Watch

We mentioned Sweden yesterday, and Germany today.  Here is more news on the Islamic colonization of Europe.

From Ingrid Carlqvist at Gatestone (hat tip: Dick):

Sweden is fast approaching a complete collapse. More and more municipalities are raising the alarm that if the migrants keep coming at this pace, the government can no longer guarantee normal service to its citizens. In addition, ominous statements from government officials have left Swedes in fear of what tomorrow may bring. If the migrant wave keeps coming, in 10-15 years, Swedes will be a minority in their own country.

At a press conference October 9, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said that Sweden is in a state of crisis. However, when asked to clarify what he meant by this, Löfven was unable to produce a single coherent sentence.

Three ministers appeared by the Prime Minister’s side at the hastily summoned press conference, which came on the heels of an extraordinary government meeting. The purpose of the press conference seems to have been to convey two messages:

To explain to the world and the Swedish people that Sweden is facing “one of the largest humanitarian efforts in Swedish history.”
That there is no more housing available, and migrants should be prepared to live in tents.

During the question period after the ministers’ speeches, journalist Tomas Ramberg of Ekot Public Radio asked: “You say that Sweden is preparing for a crisis situation, what do you mean by those dramatic words?”

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We have followed the foolish Swedish government for years and have predicted that Sweden would fall first to the colonizers demanding social services from the ‘welcoming’ socialist government.  Come on Swedish people, please fight for your country and your culture!

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20 thoughts on “Gatestone: Sweden close to collapse

  1. In August 1914 Europe followed ‘mutual defense’ treaties from another era into the insanity of WWI.
    In August 2015 Europe followed ‘migration and refugee’ treaties from another era into the insanity of inviting the Islamic third world to walk across European borders into the European welfare system.
    Europe in August 1914 was governed by kings.
    Europe in August 2015 is governed by hysterical women and castrated men.


  2. Sweden is the first country to have been successfully Cloward-Piven-ed (social welfare overloaded by following Sweden’s own rules)… but I think it may not be the last!!


  3. the idiot Swedes were very proud of what they called “The Swedish Model”. as they look at their situation today, can even the dumbest or craziest Swede still cling to that imbecilic paradigm? Sweden is finished and its the Swedish female who will suffer the most from this travesty. after all, it was the Swedish females who made fools of their men for the last 40 years and successfully de-balled the poor bastards. just remember, she who troubleth her own house shall inherit the wind.

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  4. What is happening in Sweden does not surprises me since I knew this was coming. Any realistic person would foreseen the Islamization of this country. And many other countries in Europe are close to this end. Who bare the blame: the Swedish people who voted for liberals and traitors. They put them in power.
    The people enabled these monsters pro islam to destroy their own tradition, civic values, and the Christian faith which is extinguished.

    Too bad and so sad.

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  5. Hijrah – A Grand Strategy— It appears the policies of the liberal socialist leaders in Europe and the US do not want to keep these lands from being overrun. Why???I couldn’t figure out why other Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, etc.) weren’t taking in refugees, so I started digging.

    Hijrah is jihad by emigration.

    It means moving to a new land in order to bring Islam there and is considered in Islam to be a holy and revered action. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance, and whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah.” (4:100) So if a Muslim dies in the process, that’s essentially the same as being a suicide bomber, his reward is automatic. This explains the great eagerness to undertake such a perilous journey.

    Muhammad and his followers emigrated from Mecca to Yathrib/Medina in 622 CE. It was there that he became a military leader. This is where all the commands to commit violence against unbelievers originate from. It’s important to note that the Islamic calendar marks this as the beginning of Islam.

    This current massive hijrah was announced last January although few paid the announcement much attention. A supporter (or member) of ISIS uploaded a document in Arabic that urged Muslims to get to Lybia for its proximity to southern Europe and for the important tactical value of its illegal immigration circuits to facilitate infiltration of European cities (“It has a long coast and looks upon the southern Crusader states, which can be reached with ease by even a rudimentary boat”).

    In February, transcripts of telephone intercepts published in Italy said ISIS was threatening to send 500,000 migrants as a “psychological weapon” against Europe. The Italian Minister for the Interior, Angelino Alfano, said at the time, “If the militias of the Caliphate advance faster than the decisions of the international community how can we put out the fire in Libya and stem the migration flows? We are at risk of an exodus without precedent.”

    Also in February, the Turkish intelligence service warned police that up to 3,000 trained jihadists were seeking to cross into Turkey from Syria and Iraq and then travel through Bulgaria and Hungary into western Europe.

    From Syria, to Hungary, then into the rest of Europe. Sound familiar?

    In May, a Libyan government adviser warned that Islamic State operatives were being “smuggled to Europe in migrant boats.” ISIS is profiting from the human trafficking trade, forcing boat owners to hand over their profits or be killed. Some ISIS operatives are already sheltered in safe houses in the south of the Europe. Groups of men, 17 to 25, from Palestine and Syria, cross into Bulgaria and from there move into the rest of the EU. A former Al Qaeda double agent told the BBC that he knew of two Egyptian brothers who reached Italy from Libya, accompanied by men who were “deeply religious and fluent in Italian and French.”

    Go watch the videos of those “refugees” again. How many of the “refugees” are 17-25 year old men?

    If that doesn’t convince you, we already know terrorists are coming through with the waves of refugees: a week ago five men were arrested attempting to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with Islamic State propaganda, specific Jihadists prayers, and decapitation videos on their phones. They had been posing as refugees. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage warned: “I fear we face a direct threat to our civilization if we allow large numbers of people from that war torn region into Europe.”

    Other Muslim countries are not “taking in” these “refugees” because this is a hijrah into Europe. This is no humanitarian crisis. It is an invasion. Its goal is to transform Europe: overtax its economies, tear down its wealthiest nations, re – draw the demographics and, of course, the culture.

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  6. We had a flood a few years back and because some roads were impassable a 10 minute drive became two hours. All the invaders would have to do is target crucial highways and the citizens would run out of the essentials- gas, groceries, etc. in no time. If they targeted the electrical supply, they would be helpless, especially in the winter. Supplies would have to be provided by helicopter. But at the same time, the invaders would be waging war. Maybe what is happening in Europe will be a lesson to us all- I wish the msm here would pay attention to what is going on.

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      1. I thought the same thing before I wrote it.
        If you want to delete it, that’s okay, even though it might be like closing the barn door after the animals have left.


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