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Is Europe being colonized? Yes! Let’s call it what it is!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 20, 2015

Will North America be next?

A reader brought this older (2008) article to our attention about the colonization of Europe (in 2015 what it describes is happening at warp speed). It is a longish read at the ever vigilant Gates of Vienna blog, but I want you to definitely see the section on colonization.



If the migrants are welcomed, it is not colonization says the author. Which is it here in America?

From El Inglés at Gates of Vienna (emphasis is mine):

‘Surrender, Genocide… or What? — An Update’


Is there one convenient word for describing what we are witnessing when we look at the sort of phenomena plaguing the north of England? I believe there is, and the word in question is colonization. Until recently, I have always been suspicious of suggestions that this is what is occurring, as they seemed to smack of a genuinely hysterical xenophobia. Upon more careful consideration however, it occurs to me that it is a very simple and accurate description of what is happening.

When we examine unambiguous historical examples of colonization, such as the colonization of North America by Europeans, what precisely are the characteristics of these historical events that lead us to describe them as colonization at all? I submit that there are three conditions, related but distinct, all of which must be satisfied for us to be observing an instance of colonization. Others might produce different lists, but the key principles will be the same.

1) Population —

Colonization must involve the colonizing population putting the colonized population under continuous demographic pressure. It can do this by continued settlement/immigration, higher fertility rates, gradually killing off the colonized population, undermining its ability to maintain itself economically, or some combination of these factors. If the colony at Jamestown, Virginia, had remained the only European settlement in North America, we would surely not talk today about the colonization of America, irrespective of the other behaviours of the colonists.

2) Territory —

Colonization must also involve the colonizing population putting the colonized population under geographic pressure. If the ‘colonized’ population enjoys permanent control of substantial territories in which it is able to maintain its way of life without major hindrance, then it has not yet been colonized, though it may have been inconvenienced by the influx of newcomers. If the colonization of North America had been limited to a number of large, populous settlements along the Atlantic seaboard, we would not talk about the colonization of the continent, though we could still legitimately talk of the existence of colonies.

3) Zero-Sum Game —

Last but not least, colonization must involve the creation of a zero-sum game between colonizers and colonized, a game which the colonized start to lose. Whether competition over resources, markets, and territory, or outright wars of extermination, there must be winners and losers in interactions between the two groups. If the native population of North America had simply been incorporated into an ever-growing yet prosperous, peaceful and productive polity, membership of which they greatly preferred to their previous nomadic ways, using the word colonization to describe the process would feel somehow wrong, despite its obvious applicability in other, technical regards. Colonization is not colonization if it is welcomed.

It seems to me that these three conditions are, taken together, both necessary and sufficient to establish an encroachment of one people on another as being colonization. This said, can it then be observed that Europe is being colonized by a mishmash of various Muslim populations? I would argue that it can. The demographic pressure of Muslim populations on native populations in European countries, spurred on by ongoing immigration and high fertility rates, is too well-established to be discussed again here. The territorial pressure on the native population, brought to bear on both private citizens and organs of the state too, will be similarly familiar to anyone with the briefest acquaintance with the growing Muslim ghettoes in European cities.

More interesting is the last condition, that of the zero-sum game. This implies a transfer of some sort from colonized to colonizers, but the nature of the transferred object can vary. It can be tangible, such as a piece of land, a gold nugget, or a horse, or intangible, such as a trade concession, a social privilege, or a legal privilege. It will not be lost on the observant reader that at the same time as Muslim colonizers extract great tangible wealth from their colonized populations in the form of welfare and other payments, they extract intangible concessions in the form of, for example, ‘hate speech’ laws which reduce the freedom of those populations whilst increasing the political utility they themselves enjoy.

There is more to be said on the subject, but this should suffice. The fact that most of the Muslims in Western European countries arrived there legally is neither here nor there. Legality is beside the point, a thin and pathetic smear of superficial legitimacy slapped onto mass population movements by political elites who long since stopped attempting to implement the will of the electorates they supposedly served. Colonization with the help of collaborators is still colonization.***

I am well aware of the fact that many reasonable-minded people will consider the description of Muslim immigration into Western Europe as colonization to be overstating the case. But the fact of the matter is that colonization was not a historical aberration inflicted by white Europeans on unsuspecting indigenous peoples around the world during a now long-gone historical period. Rather, it is an ever-present historical force that will exist as long as human beings do.

Read the whole article at Gates of Vienna, here.  Go here for all of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ news.

And, see our previous post on Germans fighting the colonization of their country.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but some time ago we created a category simply entitled ‘colonization’ in which we archive all of our posts on what is happening in your towns and cities right here in America.

*** See a list of collaborators, here.

One final point, the colonization of North America has just taken another step forward as Canada elects Justin Trudeau.

9 Responses to “Is Europe being colonized? Yes! Let’s call it what it is!”

  1. domstudent11 said

    It occurs to me that there must be at least one Christian continent left on earth to combat Islam, and that will be the North American continent. We Americans must be the last Christian stronghold. There WILL be a final World War II — Muslims vs. Christians.

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  3. alamo47 said

    FFS mate, are you for real. What is the goal of all muslims? To create an Islam State on earth in which there are only muslims. How do they do that? They migrate (read invade) non-muslim countries and either convert or kill all non-muslims. That is set out clearly in the Koran and is as ordered by Mohamed. Call it what it is – colonisation.


  4. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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  6. I wonder how the Obama Administration plans to handle the “Alarming increase” in number of child marriages within Syrian refugee communities. Such as 14-year-old female pregnant. Or “A 12-year-old girl with a 40-year-old-man – that married

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  7. mjazzguitar said

    Why refugee resettlement and immigration is futile:

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