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Think Progress has Rep. Brian Babin in its crosshairs….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 21, 2015

…..not happy that Rep. Babin (R-TX) told Laura Ingraham we should only take Syrian Christian refugees.

No surprise that Think Progress should faint at the thought that someone might actually say ‘let’s prioritize persecuted Christians’ in our Syrian refugee stream.

Photos of Laura Ingraham in her studio after the Laura Ingraham Show, as she talks with her producers who are off camera. (Photo by Rich Lipski/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

In 2013, talk radio host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

Think Progress is the media arm of John Podesta’s Center for America Progress, one of Washington’s hardest left (if not THE hardest left agitation groups) and a great friend of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Here is one post we wrote on Podesta in 2009.

The article is a bit muddled indicating that the writer doesn’t understand the Refugee Admissions Program, but I’m posting this to show that the Left hates this argument—if we are going to bring in Syrians, why not Syrian Christians who we know are being persecuted and whose screening would be much simpler since they don’t have a reputation for terrorism.

Here is Think Progress writer, Emily Atkin, apparently gasping in outrage that someone should say such a discriminatory thing—America should prioritize Middle East Christians.

A Texas Congressman is calling for an immediate halt to the Obama administration’s plan to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees, saying the plan is a threat to national security and that more should be done to ensure Christian refugees are getting help.

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) appeared on the Laura Ingraham show on Monday to tout his latest bill, which calls for an immediate suspension of the Refugee Resettlement Program pending a “thorough examination” of the program’s costs and national security risks. The program allows the U.S. government to admit refugees when it is justified by humanitarian concerns.

But according to Babin, the program is a conduit for terrorist groups like ISIS to “set up bases of operations” in the United States, and should be suspended. At the same time, though, he said the U.S. should be doing more to accept Christian refugees.


….the vast majority of refugees to Europe are coming from Syria — and among those, the vast majority are Sunni Muslims, according to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. And advocates say biases about which religious groups should be prioritized for resettlement could leave many affected Muslims in the dust.

By the way, one of the top posts of all time here at RRW is this one—Laura Ingraham calls for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to America.

See posts on Rep. Babin, here.

Just a reminder readers, that the number of refugees matters too—the US cannot take in the whole world or our economy will surely collapse.

Be sure to see Leo Hohmann’s latest at WND (from last night) on how the Left is reacting to the resettlement pushback going on in many states, here.

6 Responses to “Think Progress has Rep. Brian Babin in its crosshairs….”

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  2. sturandot13 said

    Very simple. Anyone and everyone start referring to “Think Progress” as “Think Communist”. Throw their same tactics right back at them!


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  4. […] Think Progress has Rep. Brian Babin in its crosshairs…. October 21, 2015 […]


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