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British taxpayer on the hook for about $36,000 for each Syrian refugee admitted

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 23, 2015

Invasion of Europe news….

From the Daily Mail:

As well as proving to be the most intractable challenge that Europe has faced for a generation, the current migrant crisis has also revealed the profound consequences of gesture politics.


Some of those charming ‘refugees’ the British taxpayer will be caring for? Photo:

For we are now told that the cost of every Syrian refugee who comes to Britain will be up to £24,000 each — a year. [Check my math, but I think that is about $36,000 in US dollars.—ed]

These official figures imply a total bill for taxpayers of up to £2 billion for the 20,000 migrants that the Government has pledged to take in here over the next four years.

By their vain grandstanding, some of our EU partners — especially Germany’s Angela Merkel, who has said she would be happy to take 800,000 Syrian migrants in 2015 alone — have made the predicament much worse.

Their promises to open the door mean we are confronted by an unprecedented continental exodus, not just from Syria, but from countries such as Nigeria and Bangladesh.


The implications of David Cameron’s grand gesture remain shrouded in mystery, because the Home Office has so far refused to give details. We still don’t know how many Syrians have entered Britain, where they are housed, or whether they will stay permanently. The figures about costs only became public because someone at the Home Office leaked the document.

It says the annual cost per Syrian refugee to local councils is estimated to be £8,520 per person. On top of this, central government will be forced to pay £12,700 in benefits and £2,200 for medical care.

The likelihood is the real cost will be higher. Not only is it likely that family members of the original 20,000 will subsequently be allowed here, but the initial figure will not include a host of ancillary costs.

For example, because many refugees are likely to have post-traumatic conditions that will place a new burden on the overstretched mental health services of the NHS. None of this, however, has prevented liberal critics from denouncing the Prime Minister’s gesture as insufficiently generous.

More here.

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What will it cost in the US?  Next….

4 Responses to “British taxpayer on the hook for about $36,000 for each Syrian refugee admitted”

  1. lehi48 said

    In my opinion, the largess of President Obama, Hillary(Bills source of revenue comes from Muslim & Arab money), John Kerry, Ambassador Powers, and Ben Rhodes the faceless ‘expert’ plus the Muslim Brotherhood know no bounds when it comes to wayward Muslims who are barred from entering Islamic countries. They will recommend that Wall Street and Corporate America ‘invest in Europe’ futures engineers, IT and likewise professions for the future.BHO will the big bad Republicans won’t create any more debt for a project to save Muslim lives because of Islamophobe. Just what we need from a non-verifiable & vetting process for those who have flocked to Europe. FBI Director Comely stated on 10/22/2015 the his Agency does not have the ability to vette a massive influx of Muslims from Syria and Iraq. This should be a huge Red Flag Congress, Senators. This is not even counting an Amnesty for illegals living in this country or Presidential directions to Border Patrol and ICE in handling new illegals crossing the borders. This Administration has completely subverted the rule of law, the Constitution, The Bill of Rights(Secretary of State ordering the arrest of a film-maker based upon trumped up charges someone in the Administration made up for a Political Agenda and scapegoat him, The presentation by President Obama to the UN that there may have to be curbs on ‘hate Speech that disparages Islam and Muslims. The President signing on to UN Rule 16/18 created by the Council of Muslim States curbing speech they consider blasphemy or negative to Allah or Mohammed. This President has or plans to sign on to the UN rule banning Individual ownership of Firearms and he is trying to corner the market on Ammunition for popular Firearms in order to limit their use. He has limited how much ammunition individuals can buy at one time and how often and the same for guns yet the Attorney General illegally puts ‘illegal weapons’ into the hands of the Mexican Cartels resulting in the deaths of American Security Officers. So it’s quite conceivable that this Administration with limited time left on the clock will maximize it’s use of Executive Orders, Leverage Wall Street, Key CEOs who are Liberals such as Bill Gates Barbara Streisand and more.

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  2. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Ouch! ($36K/refugee)


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  4. […] British taxpayer on the hook for about $36,000 for each Syrian refugee admitted October 23, 2015 […]


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