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Netherlands: Gay men being harassed by refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 24, 2015

And, there is an update here of the post we wrote about Dutch plans to put an asylum center near a heavily Jewish neighborhood. Plans for that location have been cancelled.

Invasion of Europe News…..

From the Times of Israel:

AMSTERDAM — Reported abuse of homosexuals at refugee centers shows the need for educating refugees to tolerance as soon as possible, Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs said.

Jacobs’ statement Friday followed an expose aired the previous day by the Dutch broadcaster NOS. In it, the country’s main advocacy group for homosexuals, COC, revealed that over the past two weeks, it has received reports of 10 cases of harassment and intimidation of gays at the Netherlands’ dozen-odd facilities housing refugees from Syria and Iraq.

The report, which included interviews with gay refugees who said they feared they would be murdered by other refugees who were threatening them, came days after the Central Jewish Board of the Netherlands advised against a plan to open a refugee center in Amstelveen. Opening a center in the southern suburb of the Dutch capital was deemed risky by the board because it is the only place in the Netherlands with a Jewish community infrastructure and a large number of recognizably Jewish community members.

Got hate?

Jacobs said he supported helping refugees, but added they “were brought up with fierce anti-Semitism and other forms of hate and intolerance. As a result some of them harbor those hatreds.”

Diversity is soooo beautiful!

Click here for our massive ‘Invasion of Europe’ news.

3 Responses to “Netherlands: Gay men being harassed by refugees”

  1. said

    Please don’t let the homosexual movement steal our word. Please use homosexual men.


  2. 7delta said

    Reported abuse of homosexuals at refugee centers shows the need for educating refugees to tolerance as soon as possible, Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs said.

    Bless the Chief Rabbi’s heart. The refugees believe Shariah law is superior to secular law. Shariah is from allah. All other laws are manmade and an abomination to allah. While a good Muslim can have sex with underage males and underage females, homosexuals are treated to death by flinging them from roofs. You and I may question the logic of such conflicting law, but it makes perfect sense to them, because allah, through mohammed, said so, and allah’s rights supercede all other rights.

    If a refugee were to accept “reeducation”, he would be an apostate and the penalty for that is death. Allah/Mohammed said so.

    Reeducation isn’t going to happen, because to their way of thinking, “tolerance and respect” are only under Shariah’s terms, not what we would define as tolerance or respect. Their duty is to ensure that all non-Muslims convert or die, or if Christian or Jewish, join the ranks of the inferior dhimmi, pay a huge tax and abide by Shariah. Islam offers no other choices.

    Homosexuals don’t get an option. They fly or die.


  3. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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