Pickens County, SC sends message: No refugees for us (thank you very much)

The article at Greenville Online entitled:  ‘Refugee issue stirs strong emotions, despite no influx expected’ gives me an idea.

South Carolina counties
Pickens County is along the North Carolina border. Refugees are already in nearby Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

Begin community organizing in advance!

Send a message now!  Don’t wait until refugees are on the way!

The UN/US State Department (and the federal resettlement contractors) are out constantly scouting for fresh territory in which to “seed” refugees (especially since the numbers will swell this year with the Syrian migration), so how about sending a message preemptively that your town is not open for colonization, just as these resisters in Pickens County, SC have done. 

If you go to this list of resettlement offices in 48 states, know that if your town is within 100 miles of any of them, you are fair game to be forced to resettle refugees.

Here are a few snips from the story, but please read it all, by clicking here.

Members of the Pickens County Republican Party recently heard a chilling update on the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program at Liberty Auditorium.

Nikki Halley at Newsweek
If Governor Nikki Haley wanted to she could send a clear message to the federal government just as Governor Deal has done in Georgia. The feds aren’t going to listen, but if enough REPUBLICAN governors spoke up, a Tenth Amendment states’ rights challenge could be mounted.

One of the forum speakers, Tara Servatius from WORD Radio, warned the crowd of about 40 that the refugee program is part of a conspiracy orchestrated by insiders in Washington that’s designed to create a one-party political system and enlarge a populace dependent on big government.

Critics of the alarmist sentiment, however, say the meeting only serves to show how unfounded some of the fears are regarding a mass influx of immigrants that simply aren’t expected to come to Pickens County. The differing opinions on extreme opposite ends of the spectrum reveal an emotional tug-of-war that exists in the Upstate.


Diane Hardy, who heads a “pocket of resistance” with a Facebook page called Secure South Carolina, tells the group that the refugees will suck up benefits paid for by South Carolina taxpayers and strain already overtaxed social services, law enforcement, schools and health care systems.

The speakers at the meeting placed the blame on Gov. Nikki Haley, who they said signed off on the federal government’s request to allow refugees here.


No city in Pickens County is listed as a destination for any refugees.

Haley’s unwillingness to face down the UN/US State Department puts her in the RINO/Chamber of Commerce camp which has bought in to the notion that big industry (the donor class!) needs cheap immigrant labor.

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9 thoughts on “Pickens County, SC sends message: No refugees for us (thank you very much)

    1. Also, William, please let your reps, State and Congressional, including Governor Haley, know that “NO! to refugees” is the right answer for elected officials to the questions asked at the ballot box. As all Southerners know, it’s only polite to warn someone before you go full commando in removing them from their cushy little office.


  1. Pickens is within a 100-mile radius of Spartanburg. Their neighbor, Greenville, (without knowledge or consent) is getting refugees placed there by World Relief already.


    1. Exactly right, and as soon as they seed the first ones, they begin applications for family members and there is no stopping it….so everyone, get organized and start visiting your local elected governments. Ask to make a short presentation and ask them to stand up for the community’s rights if they catch wind of the first “seedlings” (their words!) arriving.

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      1. Sounds like a good idea. We need to pull every political group out there together in our counties. We have many of them who are supposed to be “Republican” type clubs, plus our county GOP. Being an EC (Executive Committeeman) in my precinct I can try to persuade the other ECs to take up a referendum for the entire Horry County GOP to submit to our State GOP to make a stand against this atrocity, which is what it will become, if we keep quiet about it! Remember, being silent about something does not get your voice heard out there. I’ve been in contact with a group in Spartanburg, MIchele Wiles, started protesting this, got an attorney involved in it, and the Spartanburg Tea Party has been posting it on Facebook. I’ve been trying to help that county because we could also be affected even though we are more than a 100 miles from them, still doesn’t matter….and I’ve sent letters out to Gov Nikki Haley’s office. The reply I got back will astound you! It was from her Policy Advisor, David M. Glaccum, who responded to my email letter asking Gov Haley to put a stop to this “program” of hers that she relented under the Obama administration. His reply was that “refugees receive the highest level of security screening by both the United States Department of State and the United States Department of Homeland Security, including biometric and biographic checks. In South Carolina the Department of Social Services administers the federally funded program.” That’s a load of CRAP, because Michele found out that the FBI had told her that they don’t have the proper resources to VET these people! So how does the US State Dept. and Homeland Security VET these people? It’s all a ruse and a LIE! It’s the usual thing with this administration…..Lying is their main objective.


        1. HA! HA! And, the Director of the FBI told the whole country in a Congressional hearing a week ago that the Syrians could not be properly screened. I suggest you don’t let this guy off the hook. Send him this story about the FBI testimony.


          The reason I laugh is because the State Dept. talking points use those exact words—“biometric and biographic checks”—as if using big important sounding words will make it true. Send the FBI story to David Glaccum and then ask him to tell you exactly what is a biometric and biographic check, who does them? Ask him to explain the process to you.

          You are luckier in SC than are Georgia, NC and Kentucky which are being swamped, so hang in there and save yourselves! Of course, there is nothing to stop resettled refugees from surrounding states to move into SC. The best preventative to that is to have really tough requirements for welfare.


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