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Washington, DC thinker: Bring Muslim Syrians to US so they will love us in the Middle East

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 27, 2015

You know something.  I hate Washington, DC think tanks where supposedly brainy people get paid to tell Americans what to think.  I even hate  a lot of think tanks on the supposedly conservative side.  Right now, I’m pretty steamed at the Heritage Foundation, but that is a story for another day.

Faris Alikhan

Alikhan promoting the Hijra? Photo:

This ‘brilliant’ (not!) bit by someone called  popped up in my alerts today.

Alikhan writes for a think tank called Third Way and formerly was associated with the Center for American Progress (hard Left John Podesta think tank).

Alikhan’s advice to the brain dead is entitled: The US should accept more Syrian refugees to boost our national security.’

He suggests that the Muslim world is going to love us, if we let them in!  Posted at The Guardian:

There’s a host of humanitarian and moral reasons for the US to resettle more Syrian refugees. But there’s another compelling reason to do so – and that’s because it’s in America’s long term interests.

The US has the rare opportunity to nurture a generation of pro-American Arab Muslims. In national security, it’s a rare confluence when the right thing to do is also the smart thing to do. This is one such opportunity.

At a time when pundits and politicians discuss the decline of American power, it’s important to remember that an element of America’s ‘soft power’ that is often overlooked is its openness to immigration, and the effect that can have on overseas public opinion, especially when it’s easy to communicate with family and friends back home.

He goes on to say that if we raise Syrian Arab Muslim children in America they won’t grow up to be terrorists.

Of course, the Somali ‘refugee’ terrorism recruitment success in places like Minneapolis puts a lie to that cockamamie idea.

17 Responses to “Washington, DC thinker: Bring Muslim Syrians to US so they will love us in the Middle East”

  1. […] proposal drafted by a Libertarian think tank (!) and supported by a whole host of mostly Muslim organizations is not that—it is NOT complete […]


  2. […] Washington, DC thinker: Bring Muslim Syrians to US so they will love us in the Middle East October 27, 2015 […]


  3. domstudent11 said

    Well, Ann, there is hope. Almost 100% of the comments to this “editorial” on The Guardian think this guy is full of @%*!X!.

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  4. […] Refugee Resettlement Watch – Washington, DC thinker: Bring Muslim Syrians to US so they will love us in the Middle East […]


  5. Russ Brown said

    Bullshit keep the Muslims out…they will not assimilate into our society at all and will be the downfall of the American way of life. They won’t change because their religion preaches for them to not conform but to generationally take over by shear numbers over many years…yes they need help but in their country and not ours…Europe will fall if they don’t stop the invasion now! Washington has the most idiots in the entire country and we put them there.

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    • domstudent11 said

      Yes, and we have the evidence from Europe to prove that they don’t assimilate! Thanks to the refugee crisis engineered by Merkel, there is now tons of information about how badly these people behave, not only as new arrivals, but as European residents.

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  6. This need to be loved by the Third World was part of the justification given for the 1965 Immigration [cancer invasion] Act, as well as the Civil Rights Movement’s media-approved narrative, which has ended up legally mandating discrimination against people of European Heritage. Yet look at Black Lives Matter. After spending billions on ‘inner cites’ and countless other programs, and now with no less than US presidents twisting themselves into pretzels trying to bring up minority test scores, we can’t even get minorities in America not to hate us, much less the Third World to love us. Open borders just sends everyone worldwide the message that we are neurotic pushovers and stirs up feelings of angry entitlement as long as the last of us still has a roof over our head that the world’s ‘minorities’ and the Social Justice Warriors believe belongs to someone more deserving, anyone but the European Americans who built this First World nation we all enjoy–the same one that everyone wants to invade ‘to seek a better life.’

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  7. Third Way…hmmm….might be a play on the imfamous third choice that Muslims give to conquered peoples – dhimmitude!


  8. futuret said


  9. Hey, this could be great news for us. Syrian refugees have welcomed Russian airstrikes, and some may even be returning from abroad as the Syrian army advances alongside the Russian air operation. Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun previously said that over 800,000 refugees have returned since Russian airstrikes against terrorist targets in Syria began on September 30th. The operation has also given refugees from the conflict hope that peace would return, according to interviews AP conducted around the Aleppo province, a hub for refugees leaving Syria.


  10. southofcincy said

    Alikhan brought up the issue of America-loving refugees having an easy time communicating with family and friends back home. That communication works both ways, with no guarantees of what culture/society those believers in the prophet Muhammad will follow. Besides, at this point, should we really care what that part of the world thinks of us?


  11. Jan Sobieski said

    why would we listen to somone with this name?

    Jan Sobieski


  12. conprof said

    THEY say, “Don’t believe Cassandra (Ann Corcoran) about those Greeks (Syrians) hiding inside that Trojan Horse (US/UN Refugee Resettlement Program). Everyone knows Cassandra (Ann) is crazy.”

    Hmmmm my less enlightened but more numerous friends say I am “bat shit crazy.” I’ll take that. I actually like being associated with such famously honest prophetesses as Cassandra and Ann Corcoran. Like Cassandra, we’ll be proven right, but one has to hope, we’ll be proven wrong. Troy had to be destroyed in order for Cassandra to be proven right. It would be better to be proven wrong, but if we continue to accept Trojan Horses without question (vetting), it is unlikely we’ll be proven wrong.

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  13. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  14. I am with you on the think tanks! I am pretty sure the Brookings Institution is cash infused by the terrorist nation Qtar.


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