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Canada ramping-up for challenge of extensive mental health needs of Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 28, 2015

Since we are on the subject of the costly health needs of Syrian refugees (Netherlands in previous post), here is some news about how Canadian mental health providers are getting ready for the huge influx of mostly Syrian Muslims expected to be settled from coast to coast in the coming year.


Doctors in a handful of clinics across Canada are preparing for the arrival of many thousands of refugees fleeing the war in Syria. So far only a few have arrived, but more are expected as part of the new government’s commitment to settle 25,000 Syrian refugees through 2016.

meb rashid

Dr. Meb Rashid co-founded Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care.  Photo from twitter:

“The most significant part of our practice is dealing with mental health issues,” says Dr. Meb Rashid, who works at the Crossroads Clinic, a refugee clinic in Toronto, and is currently working with Lifeline Syria to establish clinics for the expected influx of Syrian refugees in Toronto.


Meeting the health needs of thousands of Syrian refugees will not be easy, Rashid admits. “It’s really the scope of this. If we’re looking at tens of thousands of people, we haven’t seen those types of numbers before.” As well, he and other doctors are concerned that the current lack of full health coverage for privately sponsored refugees under the Interim Federal Health Program will make it difficult to meet Syrian refugees’ health needs.

Despite this, Rashid and his colleagues across the country, from Toronto to Vancouver to Halifax — where a new clinic for refugees has just opened — say they are ready for the challenge. “We’re starting to ramp things up,” says Rashid.

Continue reading here.

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4 Responses to “Canada ramping-up for challenge of extensive mental health needs of Syrian refugees”

  1. ELN said

    Reblogged this on ELLIOT LAKE News and commented:
    Aside from the TENS of thousands of foreigners requiring our hospital services, now it becomes fashionable for Canadian taxpayers to pick up the tab for their mental health needs, as well?? Before that happens, their enablers should their own sanity evaluated, including the new PM-elect who has pledged to import 25,000 Syrian “refugees” on his watch.

    Former Canadian Ambassador, James Bissett wrote this article on refugees a couple of years ago.


  2. […] Canada ramping-up for challenge of extensive mental health needs of Syrian refugees […]


  3. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  4. A good dose of Jesus Christ could heal them. Let’s send some love to Syria in the form of bibles.


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