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Why is Bill Kristol’s mag pimping for Hebrew refugee contractor’s lobbying campaign?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 28, 2015


With friends like Bill Kristol, who needs enemies!

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is one of nine federal contractors (paid by the head to resettle refugees) and is pushing for the admission of 100,000 Syrian Muslims to the US before Obama leaves office.

So why is the Weekly Standard simply parroting what HIAS says, here at its blog?

There is not one critical mention of who and what HIAS is!

Sometimes I want to scream!  As more of the Washington insiders and smart people (LOL!) pay attention to the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Department, more ignorance is demonstrated.  It is so scary to think these are the people who are helping to set immigration policy for America.

For our extensive archive on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, go here.

Update:  Check it out! HIAS (crows!) tweets Weekly Standard.

“We cannot stand by idly+watch the largest humanitarian crisis of our generation unfold.” Story on

9 Responses to “Why is Bill Kristol’s mag pimping for Hebrew refugee contractor’s lobbying campaign?”

  1. Dave Combs said

    Mr. Kristoll is simply enjoying the bliss of ignorance. He thinks someone, somewhere may be discomfited but certainly not him. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.


  2. So why is Bill Kristol, his magazine and the Hebrew Immigrant Society Pushing For Muslim Syrian “refugees” to flood the U.S.?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      HIAS is pushing because their pay depends on it—paid by the head per every refugee they resettle and the Syrians entering the US as refugees are virtually all Sunni Muslims…Kristol, who knows?

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  3. For any country to encourage, invite and allow multitudes of KNOWN peoples who have repeatedly proven to be openly uncooperative, rebellious, defiant and bellicose into their country is counterproductive to the welfare and existence of said country.
    Such measures are not only illogical, but destructive.

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  4. Dave Gorak said

    Ann: Heard you speak Sunday in D.C.; sorry I did not get a chance to thank you in person for all that you do. It is very troubling to know that we are at the mercy of prominent Americans bent on destroying this country. Sadly, they are able to advance their agenda because far too many Americans who know there is something wrong refuse to speak out publicly because they fear pressure from their peers. Dave Gorak, Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration, La Valle, WI

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  5. Ignorance on the part of the open-borders pro-war Tribal Neocons, it would be comforting to believe so.


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  7. lehi48 said

    The ‘refugees’ are not even residents yet and they are bold face telling the Native Germans that their time numbered. Sweden is hearing the same message. Refugees in Denmark are not happy with the free accommodations so they attack not a soft target but a Police Station. Once nestled in and they have 10-15 more relatives each and Saudi Arabia has built the multitude of Mosques that was inappropriate at first; who will control Europe? Will Christians & Jews abide by Sharia since this has been thrown into the host country’s faces by refugees. This is not fear mongering but reporting news that has been silenced by the Media in the mainstream. Now is the time to ask and not 5 years from now when the problem will be intractable. So, Billy Kristol it can’t be the Ad money from HIAS that you are presenting their message. Give this a lot of thought

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  8. Brittius said

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