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Germany investigating terror suspects in refugee flow (surprise!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 31, 2015

Invasion of Europe news….


On October 25th, Angela Merkel (left) and UNHCR Guterres (right) spoke about plans to welcome the migrants to Europe. On October 29th, in Washington DC, Guterres brought an audience to laughter explaining in humorous detail why terrorists wouldn’t bother to slog with the masses to infiltrate Europe. He said they would just buy a plane ticket and fly in (and what! be able to get through airport security screening). Of course they are in the flow of humanity. See my report from Washington. Photo:

From The Telegraph:

Germany is examining 10 cases of refugees accused of being a member of a terror organisation or taking part in war crimes abroad in an admission by the country’s police chief that will raise fears of terrorists among migrants.

Holger Muench, head of the BKA federal police, said that the influx of refugees posed a domestic security threat as migrants continued to cross into the country.

More than 8,000 streamed over the Austrian border to Bavaria on Wednesday and officials believe up to 800,000 migrants could enter the country by the end of year. Some predict it could be as high as one million.

Many of the migrants coming to Europe via the western Balkans route through central and eastern Europe are from war zones in the Middle East. Those fleeing to Germany were encouraged by Angela Merkel’s welcoming comments earlier this year, saying that Syrians would be given refugee status.

More than four million have fled the country since the start of the four-year civil war and nearly eight million have been displaced inside Syria.

The German chancellor has been criticised by allies and political foes and many say the influx has left Germany struggling to cope.

Some migrants also pretended to be Syrian to guarantee successful asylum in the country.

More here….. Be sure to see the informative graph showing where the refugees are coming from.  Almost as many are coming from Afghanistan as are those coming from Syria.

BTW, when you read the article, you will see that German officials refer to Islamic motivated terrorists as ‘Salafists’ which is a word describing a hard core group of Islamists.  In the US we refer to Al-Qaeda or ISIS and so forth, but in Germany they often use the broader term Salafism.  Also know that Salafists are Sunni Muslims and 97% of the Syrians we are admitting to the US are Sunni as well.

Photo caption: My report from Washington is here.  Gee!  I guess Guterres is wrong already! Guterres also told the audience of open borders activists that if Europe make the migration legal they wouldn’t have this problem—huh?

For our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive click here.

8 Responses to “Germany investigating terror suspects in refugee flow (surprise!)”

  1. […] Germany investigating terror suspects in refugee flow […]


  2. 7delta said

    German officials refer to Islamic motivated terrorists as ‘Salafists’

    I’ve notice a recent narrative popping up that places the jihadist blame on Salafist Sunnis, as if Shias or other Sunni sub-sects don’t believe the same thing. Well, yeah, they do. Their infighting goes back to who was to be Mohammed’s successor, not over what Islam is or what it teaches. They all use the same Koran, Hadith and Sira. Sunni and Shia interpretations may vary slightly from one another, as is reflected in the work of their scholars, and in the reasoning behind their Shariah laws, but they are differences without distinction, especially when it comes to their obligations to spread Islam by conquest (using all jihad strategies) and to create a caliphate where the entire world is ruled by Shariah Law.

    This infighting is a prime example of why Islam has never been, and never can be, a religion of peace. The violence of conquest began in Medina, long before Mohammed’s death, while he was still running the show. Both Sunnis and Shias are Shariah compliant, so they’re doing to one another what they’re obligated to do to the “infidel or apostate”, since that’s how each views the other. If the peaceful claims were true, and it’s only Salafists stirring up trouble, there would be peace, prosperity and tranquility reigning throughout Islamic countries, especially in the ones without Salafists. Salafism would have been banned long ago, but it’s not and peace has never reigned where Islam has a presence. Not ever. There would be no refugee crisis either.

    The “It’s the Salafists!” narrative isn’t untrue, it’s just not the whole truth. More “kitman” smoke and mirrors. A partial truth to distract and deceive. That’s another big honking clue. Anybody who has to lie to cover up the truth of his intentions is up to no good and a religion that sanctions lying to advance itself… An ideology of conquest and totalitarianism veiled as a religion is far more accurate. The relatively small portion of the sacred trilogy devoted to religion (36%) tells us the religious aspects of Islam are a motivational tool used to inspire and obligate all Muslims to seek conquest of lands and people and to justify the iron-fisted total control of Shariah law.

    That is mainstream Islam, regardless of sect. The small number of “peaceful” reformers are apostates. That’s Shariah law. (I try to include the reformers, when possible, because we should be supporting them…as futile as their quest may seem…instead of accepting or promoting the lies we’re fed about the religion of peace. If we truly care about Muslims and all of humanity, we should do all we can to free them from the oppressive bondage and ever-present terrorism among their own that is obligatory in Islam. Muslims may believe what mainstream Islam believes, but due to Shariah law, they have no choice either. In Islamic countries, they are not allowed to hear that there are alternatives to the hate, brutality and violence of Islam, but if they do, then leave Islam, the penalty is death. Another effective motivational tool to control people.)

    Merkel can weed out Salafists all day long and will be no better off than if Germany didn’t.


  3. ‘Mama Merkel’ needs to be stripped of German citizenship.


  4. MEK K said

    Lots of events on 10—31


  5. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  6. Reblogged this on America at War and commented:
    The peaceful takeover of Europe continues. The Hijrah is in full swing, and terrorists are mixed in the masses. It’s a full scale invasion, without resistance!!!

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  7. Germans Are Trying To Bring Treason Charges Against Angela Merkel Over Migration


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