Hungarian Prime Minister: Soros behind invasion of Europe

I’ve thought this very same thing!

More ‘Invasion of Europe’ news…..

We have written several stories over the last few years about Soros involvement in various countries, here, here, and here promoting the rights of Somalis as they colonize Scandinavia.

See also news about Soros’ handbook for Muslim invaders to Europe, here.

hillary and soros
Never, never forget that Hillary and Soros are soulmates!

From Bloomberg Business:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused billionaire investor George Soros of being a prominent member of a circle of “activists” trying to undermine European nations by supporting refugees heading to the continent from the Middle East and beyond.

“His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle,” Orban said in an interview on public radio Kossuth. “These activists who support immigrants inadvertently become part of this international human-smuggling network.”

Rights groups have criticized Orban for building a razor-wire fence on the border, tightening asylum laws and boosting his support among voters with anti-immigrant rhetoric. Soros, who was born in Hungary and is one of the biggest philanthropists in eastern Europe via his foundations and university, gives grants to organizations that provide legal assistance to asylum seekers.

Soros said in an e-mailed statement that a six-point plan published by his foundation helps “uphold European values” while Orban’s actions “undermine those values.”

Go here to read Soros’ plan.

And remember Hillary and the girls share much of the blame for the ‘Invasion of Europe’ from Libya.

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  1. What strikes me as interesting in these European newspapers (French, German and British) is that they announce the numbers of refugees going to various towns (unlike the U.S., where this information seems to be hidden). For example, there are 2 other articles in Fdesouche about 29 migrants going to Auxonne and 28 migrants going to Foyer de Ried.


    1. Very good point but our contractors including the “church” people involved and the US State Dept. have gotten used to the secrecy they wrap themselves in—which of course says they know that there would be stiff opposition if they were transparent and open.


      1. That’s why I contacted the editor of the Reporter (an LCMS publication) that had an article about LIRS “helping” German churches with refugees and suggested he look at the Form 990 on the LIRS website.


  2. From French newspaper Fdesouche: Residents of small French village Walcourt protest vehemently against 210 “Syrian” refugees planned for the following week. Police intervene.

    (À Walcourt, en province de Namur, la tension et l’énervement se sont emparés d’une réunion d’information. Elle était organisée ce mardi soir pour informer les habitants de l’arrivée, la semaine prochaine, de 210 réfugiés dans deux centres de leur entité. Des demandeurs d’asile qui font peur à de nombreux habitants. Le ton est monté, la soirée a dégénéré. La police a dû intervenir.)


  3. ONLY in a TRULY TWISTED society, could we make an honorable man, such as Prime Minister Orban out to be “the bad guy”, and an immoral, unethical, fascist, totalitarian tyrant like George Soreazz out to be some kind of compassionate, philanthropist!!!


  4. The Prime Minister of Hungary is the only European Leader,so far, that is willing to take the flak for disseminating the truth. He is fighting for the survival of his culture. I have been posting updates on the illegal migrant situation in Hungary and the EU. I also, have sent articles from this website to U.S. audiences — trying to make them aware of the seriousness of opening
    the gates to unscreened illegal muslim migrants.


  5. George Soros is 85 years old. He probably is thinking more about his legacy than anything else, and knowing that he may have (perhaps) 10 years left or so to live depending on his health, is accelerating his plans whatever they may be. He will not live forever.


  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Yes, this is the villain who is prodding the Democratic Socialist Muslims with money, calling the shots, and causing the havoc throughout the world while making millions and we let him reside in our country enjoying the freedom and while he plots to supply the money to destroy the world. This man is evil and has to be reckoned with.



  7. George Soros, who receives my vote as the most evil man on earth, is just continuing his manipulation of currencies of small nations to profit his portfolio regardless of the ethics involved, or the misery caused the people of those countries.

    You see, George’s animal ethics were exposed as a 14 year old boy in his native Hungary,
    when he, (posing as a Christian boy), collaborated with the Nazis in disposing of the belongings of Jews who had been sent to death camps. His logic, “If I didn’t do it someone else would”.

    His offshore empire is placed to avoid American/USA scrutiny and he is free to jet around the world, going about his business to harass countries that don’t agree with his “anything goes
    as long as I say it goes” agenda. Including drug legalization, (he smokes pot on the advice of his doctor who told him to quit drinking scotch), anti-Christian, anti-American moves to make huge profits without creating jobs or enriching citizens other than those few necessary
    to perpetuate his greed.

    George makes billions sitting down, and is supported by Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

    Infidel Defense Alliance – Pockets Of Protest – Texas, Refugee Resettlement Watch – Texas


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