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Baltimore Mayor: Bring on the refugees to save dying city!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 1, 2015

One of the great myths of our times—large numbers of immigrants will resuscitate dying cities.

We’ve written several times previously about Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake hoping to boost the population (and the economy!) of Baltimore city by bringing in thousands of impoverished third worlders.

Didn’t we see in the recent riots that African American gangs in the city don’t appreciate diversity in the same way as the mayor, go here to see what I mean.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake working with Muslim Brotherhood affiliated charity Islamic Relief USA to bring in more refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

In keeping with my new vow to keep it short.  Here is the gist of the latest repeat of the same old news, this time from The Economist (hat tip: Cathy). Please read the whole propaganda piece yourself.  (See what I mean below***)

IN COMMON with colleagues across the rich world, the mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, worries about refugees sent to her city by federal officials—a quota that this year, for the first time, may include hundreds of Syrians. Less typically, a big anxiety for Ms Rawlings-Blake is that too few refugees will settle in her home town.

Baltimore, a once-thriving port and factory town, has lost a third of its population since 1950, dropping to about 622,000 souls.

Like other north-eastern cities, it has grappled with economic decline, shrinking tax rolls and the toxic legacy of race laws which corralled black residents in districts blighted by bad schools and crime. Urban-renewal projects have brought tourists and professionals back to some districts after decades of white flight. But one of Ms Rawlings-Blake’s favourite projects—to attract 10,000 new families to Baltimore—remains a far-off dream.

For more than a decade, Maryland’s largest city has been used as an entry point for refugees, with federal agencies led by the State Department sending 700-800 there each recent year from such troubled places as Nepal, Iraq and Eritrea. About two-thirds moved on after a few years….  [Surprise! Not!—ed]

There is more here.

Go here for our previous posts on Baltimore.

***And see here, the British publication The Economist is all for “free immigration!”  Here is what the oh-so-intelligent beings at The Economist believe in:

It takes an editorial stance ofclassical and economic liberalism which is supportive of free trade, globalisation, free immigration and cultural liberalism (such as supporting legal recognition for same-sex marriage).

15 Responses to “Baltimore Mayor: Bring on the refugees to save dying city!”

  1. said



    I have been reading your blog for more than a year now and have usually found them immensely informative and well-researched.  When I initially read your statement that "African-American gangs don't appreciate diversity in the same way the mayor does" I was taken aback and thought you were characterizing the protestors against police brutality as gang members.  Thanks for providing the link to the NY Times article citing the presence of SOME gang members at protest events and peace rallies.


    Black leaders and executives in both the private and public arena were the architects of current "diversity" initiatives.  These measures came about in large part because the vast majority of the African-American community identifies with the struggles against oppression experienced by other non-White peoples at the hands of White peoples.  Thus, many Black HR executives and labor leaders actively recruited and/or supported programs which increased the diversity of applicants in employment pools as well as academic institutions to correct historic wrongs.  As quiet as it is kept however, many lower-income African-Americans have consistently – and correctly – charged that they were experiencing as much hostility and racist acts from these people (Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterners, etc.) as from traditional Whites, and they certainly weren't receiving any assistance from these groups in return which is why the gang members referenced moved protestors, and those who may be rioting, away from Black-owned/run businesses and on to other sectors of the neighborhood.


    In my view, diversity – that is the utilization of diverse perspectives, talents, insights – is highly valuable as long as all involved are committed to the same goal.  What we have now is not diversity but multi-nationalism.  And, the same community, African-American, is rendered expendable in the name of "unity".


    A few of the tactical mistakes I see being made by organizations telling the truth about both the intent and the means of so-called immigration reform is that they don't use enough diverse representation of folk who are in line with their views.  As a result, the issue is characterized as one by which Whites are trying to maintain the status quo, colonial attitudes, and monopoly of power.  No one is reaching out to cultivate Black voices like mine who understand that all immigrants (legal or illegal) are not friends and that even if they were the United States owes its first priority to its own citizens not someone else's and just as importantly, we don't have enough resources to share beyond our borders anyway.  No one is reaching out to legal immigrant populations to cultivate speakers and bloggers who are staunchily against illegal immigration because of the trials and tribulations and money (!) they had to endure in order to immigrate legally.  No one is cultivating the voice of those who can testify to their fear of the danger imminent to this society by bringing in those they undertook often dangerous measures to get away from.


    While Republicans and Democrats both are pandering to Hispanics as if no one else in the country exists, it is actually the Black vote and the Black voice that could make all the difference in the direction of this country over the next few years.  I am very shortly launching a blog that will speak, among other topics, to the devastation visited upon Black communities by the influx of migrants from both immigration and refugee programs.  I look forward to sharing my link with you in the near future and hope we can cross-promote.


    In the meantime,  keep up the good work!




    Miguelle Lee

    Oakland, CA  


    Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2015 at 6:24 AM


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thank you so much for your comment. Please let me know when your blog is up and we will definitely get the word out! By the way, I see at the bottom of your comment that it was “sent Nov. 1”???? It just arrived here at RRW overnight Nov. 11 (wanted you to know that I didn’t hold it or anything).


  2. […] Baltimore Mayor: Bring on the refugees to save dying city! […]


  3. Progressives are so intent upon destroying every trace of what is left of the Judaeo-Christian culture in America that they are willing to support importing people who are “hell-bent” on imposing Islam. How evil and treasonous is this?


  4. […] Baltimore Mayor: Bring on the refugees to save dying city! November 1, 2015 […]


  5. lehi48 said

    I can’t even bring myself to read an opinion not economics based since I am from the Financial Services. She plans to bring the Third World to her City. They speak a different, language, worship a Religion opposed to all others and has a vastly different culture. They will for some time be an expense not a revenue generator. If it’s a question of filling jobs, for G-d sake why wouldn’t you offer them to your long term residents? If you’ve convinced companies to come in and train people for gainful employment why aren’t you pushing this for your Baltimore need? One reason I can see Mayor Rawlings who be around beyond the current term according to you, FEDERAL $. The words that grease the wheels and gives power to the one doling it out. Don’t the people who put you in office deserve better like a chance at a future instead of you wheeling and dealing with a refugee program that is not going to change their life for the better? Shame on you you are disgraceful


  6. lehi48 said

    Mayor Rawling may want to read this and think about the welfare of her City. Jack

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. ccharley51 said

    Well, I know what we here in SC can do for the Mayor of Baltimore! The town of Spartanburg, SC, has been relentlessly pursuing discourse with their city councils who will allow some 70-80 of these refugees into their town to no avail. Our SC Gov, Haley has made it inherently obscured to allow these towns in SC to receive these refugees by following this administrative’s directive to do so. I wrote a letter to her office, and so did a number of Spartanburg residents…whom we all got the same reply back from her “Policy Advisor”, David Glaccum, who stated that this is a “designed to provide comprehensive and uniform provisions for the effective resettlement and absorption of admitted refugees”….and that “South Carolina the Department of Social Services administers the federally funded program.” So, I recommend this then to our SC Gov Haley: Then let that “funded program” go to a more worthy cause, like find homes for our homeless veterans, and send those refugees that we’re supposed to get in SC to the Baltimore Mayor! I’m SURE she would be forever grateful for Gov Haley’s generosity!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Excellent idea. Why shouldn’t cities like Baltimore that are begging for them, get them? The truth is that what the State Dept., Obama and the UN are after is to diversify every town in America. But, maybe every where pockets of resistance are forming there should be a campaign to send them to Baltimore! I like it!


  8. Catharine Trauernicht said

    And don’t you just LOVE this? “ … toxic legacy of race laws which corralled black residents in districts blighted by bad schools and crime.” Those “race laws” were brought to us by President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs, which created new urban plantations. What a legacy of racism that masquerades as Democrat compassion!

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  9. “Bring on cancer to cure cancer”……

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  10. Baltimore’s excellent idea: Add thousands of angry welfare Muslims to angry welfare Blacks!

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  11. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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  12. said


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    • lehi48 said

      Mayor Rawlings and SA Mosby have done an excellent job erecting skyscraper walls around Baltimore by themselves. The people it hurts are the people they should be using their intellect to help


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