Denmark: Sex education for wannabe refugee rapists

Invasion of Europe news…..

This is not a joke!

From (hat tip: Joanne):

European refugee men
So what do the Danes expect? Photo from Allen West:

REFUGEES seeking asylum in Denmark may soon be required to take mandatory courses in sex education. [It is a no-no to rape our girls—ed]

The New York Post reports that the initiative gained steam last weekend, after three Eritrean men were arrested for allegedly raping a 25-year-old Eritrean woman in Hjørring, Metroexpress reported.

Five other asylum seekers were charged with rape there last year, the site noted.

Copenhagen’s parliament expected to support of the mandatory courses in what constitutes sexual consent, and all parties across the board are in favour of the effort to help integrate foreigners into Danish society.

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Go here for the latest UNHCR report:  at present 65% of the migrants reaching Europe are men (earlier it was 75%).  We are told that 744,175 migrants arrived in 2015.  And, if 65% are men, that means 483,713 men could potentially be looking for women!

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  1. Muslim men are SUPPOSED to follow the ‘perfect model of behavior’, Mohammed. Rape is in the Qur’an, Hadiths, Suras, so ‘sex education’ isn’t going to work, Denmark. This just shows you don’t know ISLAM, that you’re living in a liberal delusionary world.


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