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UNHCR has almost 20,000 Syrians picked out for us, lists our resettlement commitment as “open-ended”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 1, 2015

UNHCR logoThanks to reader Sheila for sending this UN High Commissioner for Refugees “pledge” list (dated the 7th of October) for Syrian refugees.  Note that the UNHCR has chosen 19,646 Syrians for us and has listed our commitment as “open-ended.”

So why isn’t the Obama Administration’s pledge of 10,000 listed here?  Why “open-ended?”

I urge you to also visit an earlier pledge list (from December 2014) by clicking here.

Who is running the show? As of December 2014 they already had over 9,000 selected for us!

18 Responses to “UNHCR has almost 20,000 Syrians picked out for us, lists our resettlement commitment as “open-ended””

  1. […] and in the case of the Syrians they come from UN camps populated by mostly Muslims.   He has 20,000 chosen for us already.  At a recent immigration conclave in Washington, DC, we were there to hear him say that […]


  2. […] Remember readers it is Guterres and his agency at the UN choosing our Syrian refugees and they have 20,000 picked out for us. […]


  3. philipsmeeton said

    The only realistic way to help Syrian refugees is in countries that border onto Syria, so that it is easier for then to return home. It is much cheaper to help them there, thus more can be helped. If they come to America they will never return to Syria and Muslims create social problems everywhere that they are allowed to settle.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      Exactly right, but you are being too sensible! Once a pipeline is open it never ends. Heck we are still bringing in Somalis after three decades!

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  10. Reblogged this on America at War and commented:
    America, unless you want to see the population of our country making an abrupt shift towards Middle Eastern Muslims……I’d suggest you get on the phone with your Congressional representatives. And once you have done that, get on Twitter and call them out by name……….each and every one of them, and call for them to STOP this insanity!!! You and I both know that muslims hate America and the values it’s founded on. We both also know they do not assimilate to a new culture, instead they’ll whine and complain and stay in court until they have sued the Liberty right out of America!!! They have strangled many cultures out of existence all together, and only left the violent Sharia Law where there was once Justice and Peace. Throughout history, over and over again we have witnessed it. Are YOU going to allow the destruction of America by foreign powers invading the US under the guise of “refugees”??? Don’t do it!!! You owe your children better!!! Their own neighbors won’t take them!!! And we are going to allow them to be shipped into the United States at taxpayer’s expense??? Insanity. Please do your part, and start making some noise about this. Make EVERY sitting Congressman hear your voice, and make them STOP this madness before it’s too late, and they are here!!!

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thank you! Please take Conservative Thinker’s advice and call your Representatives and Senators in Washington. I’m very down on Congress as are most of us, however, when I attended that Georgetown event (last Thursday) I realized that public pressure (at all levels) is the only thing that has stopped outright amnesty and complete open borders so far. You need to jump on local and state elected officials too (even if you aren’t being swamped yet, pound on them in advance before resettlement begins secretly where you live).

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  11. conprof said

    Open ended, eh? Sounds like Europe. I guess we’ll be sending all our ships over to pick them up. Utter insanity!


  12. I suspect it could very dangerous for us and the Muslims!!!!!


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