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Are refugees taking from federal programs for American poor and homeless, sure looks like it

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 2, 2015

Homeless vets

This is short and sweet (well, maybe not so sweet).  Reader Brenda is trying to figure out what is going on in her state and came across this document from the Department of Health and Human Services that sure looks like the welfare needs of refugees are being met by dipping into resources meant for Americans in poverty.

Click here, and then see if you can find out if this is going on where you live.

When the Refugee Act of 1980 was passed by Congress, a promise was made that the refugees would not simply bring more poverty to America, but that is exactly what is happening.  Refugees should not be part of our combating poverty programs!

I wanted to see where the most homeless US military veterans are located and found this map.  Fascinating!  Most of the largest refugee resettlement states correlate with the states that have the greatest number of homeless veterans—NY, FL, TX and CA.  See map!

Americans first!

10 Responses to “Are refugees taking from federal programs for American poor and homeless, sure looks like it”

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  3. Wow what a statistics wizard you are. The most homeless vets and the most refuges just happen to be located in the four most populated US states? Wow, what an amazing discovery you’ve made. You are a perfect example of the FAIL of the US educational system


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  5. starviego said

    Anyway you look at it, it is treason against the American people.


  6. sturandot13 said

    Why am I not surprised?


  7. In the Midwest, Lutheran Social Services has given awards to a college department for helping ¨New Americans” to get jobs. LSS has also given employers in major Midwestern cities awards for hiring ¨New Americans¨. Nauseating.


    • That’s because these church organizations get Fed bucks! The churches are selling out their own people – nice huh! Any church that does this should be shunned, and any company hiring them should not be patronized!

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  8. […] Are refugees taking from federal programs for American poor and homeless, sure looks like it […]


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