Pittsburgh, PA Mayor Peduto: Bring us Syrian Muslims!

The Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA is one of 18 mayors who recently wrote to Obama asking the administration to admit 100,000 Syrians to America in the coming year. By the way, 97% of those admitted in FY2015 were Muslims, not persecuted Christians.


Not concerned about security warnings, Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto “welcomes” Syrians to the city where they need more diversity we are told!


Here is a story at Triblive.com:

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is committed to providing safe harbor for Syrian migrants, despite security concerns raised by top government officials.

Peduto recently joined 17 mayors from across the county urging President Obama to accept more than his proposed number of 10,000 Syrians this fiscal year. The mayors said they would work to find space for refugees in their cities.


Peduto said he has asked four resettlement agencies — Northern Area Multi-Service Center in Sharpsburg, Jewish Family and Children’s Services in Squirrel Hill, Downtown-based Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh, and AJAPO Refugee Immigration Services in the Hill District — to determine whether Pittsburgh has space for 500 Syrians.

What!  He only wants 500 of the 100,000 he is begging Obama for?   It seems to me that if 18 mayors ask for 100,000 that means that each of their 18 cities gets 5,555!  All of you in pockets of resistance should be saying, send our allotment to the 18!  Including to Baltimore!

Pittsburgh Anne Richard
From Left: JF&CS Refugee Services Director, Leslie Aizenman, Secretary of State for the U.S. Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, Anne Richard and Allegheny County Chief Executive, Rich Fitzgerald. Photo: https://jfcspgh.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/jfcs-welcomed-anne-richard-assistant-secretary-of-state/

Get the facts straight!

The government pays about $1,100 per refugee to house, feed and provide basics for the first three months, Mugwaneza [Kheir Mugwaneza, director of the Northern Area Multi-Service Center’s refugee program] said. After that, they must be employed and start paying bills on their own, he said.

They aren’t telling readers that when the refugee gets the $1,100 per refugee the resettlement contracting agency gets about $800 dollars per refugee and that the agency’s job is to get the refugees signed up for all forms of welfare!  Get them their healthcare, housing and sign the kids up for school.  See here.

Now look at this!  How many times are we told that refugees are self-sufficient in 3-6 months!  What!  Without jobs!

It’s tough to find entry-level jobs for refugees and even harder to find housing. Few landlords are willing to accept families who have no immediate income, said Leslie Aizenman, director of refugee and immigrant services at Jewish Family and Children’s Services.

She said refugees help rebuild downtrodden city neighborhoods and attract young residents looking for residential diversity, Aizenman said.

I bet those young inner city African American residents are eagerly anticipating the arrival of diversity, competition for jobs and housing!

There is more, continue reading here.  I wonder why the reporter never mentioned that Peduto and the other 17 mayors specifically said Obama should bring in 100,000?

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8 thoughts on “Pittsburgh, PA Mayor Peduto: Bring us Syrian Muslims!

  1. Great comments. They Mayor thinks another “welfare system” of Federal and State dollars produces Revenue like Steel actual did at one time. Ann Corcoran you’re right he should receive much more than 500. He should receive the maximum as a pilot program with one proviso, ALL Federal and State Funds are ended after 90 days. Full Disclosure on the front page of the Newspaper after the 90-Days. By the way Mayor you need to do your homework on the Muslim Brotherhood. I’ll be happy to send you a ton of material if you will actually read it. You’re going down more than a dangerous road.


  2. Don’t these people read the papers or go online to see what is happening in Europe? It is so obvious to the most dimwitted person that a massive influx of needy people is a huge drain on the economy, not a benefit. You’re right, Ann. Send them all to Baltimore where the refugee contractors work! Or to communities where their CEOs like Linda Hartke live!

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    1. It is beyond understanding that when the lesson is right in our faces, the European socialists (and our own hard Left) can’t see what is happening. But maybe they do know and are making it happen.

      You have to consider the whole Cloward-Piven concept—in order for Socialists/Communists to bring on the revolution they need to tear down the present system by pouring poverty into cities until the social safety nets collapse. They figure that after the revolution they can build their dream society. The average open borders do-gooder thinks that what they are doing is being welcoming and charitable so they carry the water for the hardcore Communists.

      And, then on the other side, we have the big business interests, the Chambers of Commerce, the industrialist, the globalists who see the migrants as laborers they can exploit and manipulate. That leaves us, just regular patriotic middle Americans s******.

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