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York County, SC resolution fails, but public gets educated!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 3, 2015

Efforts to head off possible resettlement of refugees in York County, SC was slowed when a resolution put forth by one member of the council failed (although it was never put to a vote), but remember that we are up against powerful forces in some states.

In South Carolina the Republican Governor has already signaled her support of more refugees being resettled in a state which heretofore hasn’t been overloaded (unlike most states surrounding SC).  And, the powerful Senior Senator of the State—Lindsey Graham—is openly advocating for the resettlement of Syrian refugees to America.  I suspect that when Graham says “jump” the R’s (who desire upward political mobility) in the state do what he says.

So…. this effort is not wasted because it has obviously generated a discussion (and a controversy) that other local citizens are now learning about.

Here are a couple of short snips from The Herald:

Joe Newton

Joe Newton came from Georgia (a state that is seriously strained by the refugee flow) to tell the South Carolinians what they can expect. His website is here:

….the ordinance worries refugees will receive federal assistance to resettle in the U.S., that they might not work or learn English, become burdens on the taxpayer and “build enclaves, preserving the language and culture of their countries of origin rather than fully integrate into the surrounding community.”

The motion drew support from speakers at Monday night’s meeting. Joe Newton of Norcross, Ga., spoke before the council wearing a “Stop Refugee Resettlement” T-shirt. He told the council that schools in the Atlanta area have been “overwhelmed” by previously settled refugees who speak 150 languages.

New refugees would “increase that to 200 languages, plus 18 dialects spoken by the Syrians,” Newton said.

Governor Haley could stand up for the Tenth Amendment and against federal dumping of the costs of this program on the states if she had any backbone.

She might not succeed (yet), but the state’s rights issue is one she, as a Republican, should be championing.  This is a very reasonable proposal.

If it had been approved, the resolution would call for Gov. Nikki Haley to stop resettlement until its effects are studied separately by the State Law Enforcement Division and several state departments: Social Services, Labor, Education, and Health and Environmental Control. Resettlement should not resume until every refugee is cleared by the Department of Homeland Security, and “Each South Carolina State Senator holds several Town Hall meetings in his or her district … to determine that there is not substantial public opposition.”

More here.

Go here and see the locations of resettlement contractors in the US.  If you are within 100 miles of any of them, your town is fair game.  I suggest going on the offense and alerting your local elected government that this expensive and potentially risky resettlement of third worlders might be coming your way.

See our growing archive on South Carolina by clicking here.  This post is filed in our ‘Pockets of Resistance’ category, here.

7 Responses to “York County, SC resolution fails, but public gets educated!”

  1. Joe Newton said

    The people in York, S.C. are aroused and somewhat aware of the RR situation. More work needs to be done in York to stop RR. This meeting was a start. I am willing to go back when the motion is rescheduled for a public hearing. Stopping them in S.C. will bolster the effort in Georgia.


  2. […] York County, SC resolution fails, but public gets educated! […]


  3. 7delta said

    The paper may not be entirely accurate. It’s my understanding that the council member who proposed the resolution fell ill and was taken to the hospital, so the vote was postponed until later. I’ll see if I can find out more details and will let you know.

    Conprof may have the skinny. Hopefully, she’ll pop in later and tell us what she knows. I’m holding out hope that first and foremost, the council member is okay, and that later, a vote will still be taken.

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  4. domstudent11 said

    Alert to Illinois residents: Most refugee contractors operate in Chicago, but if you live in affluent Wheaton (home of Wheaton Bible College), beware! Wheaton Bible Church partners with World Relief Dupage and is holding a “training” session on November 15, 2015 because “we want our people to be as prepared as possible.” Check out their website:

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