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The real story about refugee protest in Idaho! Bring it on SPLC!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 6, 2015

Perhaps you saw this story featured on Drudge sometime in the last few days (I’ve been out of commission, so am just getting to it).

Well, here is the “real story” from Idaho, the one the Left and the mainstream media won’t be telling you.

And, the message from Idahoan Vicky Davis is don’t shrink from attacks by the Southern Poverty Law Center—welcome them!

From TVOI (The Voice of Idaho News):

Mark Potok with desk

Mark Potok is the chief ‘hater hunter’ at the Southern Poverty Law Center. If he targets you, consider it a badge of honor!

After reading the Raw Story titled Militia Warns Against Refugee Invasion (linked from Drudge Report last night ) about the III% March against the Refugee Resettlement Program in Boise last Sunday, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they pulled out their boilerplate story changed a few variables, took a quote out of context, emphasized it and published their smear piece.

They drew their slant from the story published on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website: III Percenters Ride Wave of Islamophobia in Idaho to Lead Anti-Refugee Protests. Because the Raw Story website and the SPLC have painted the III% with a brush they don’t deserve, TVOI News is going to tell the REAL Raw Story – the story behind the story that you will never see in the mainstream media.

The name of the III% event was March against the Refugee Resettlement PROGRAM. Why are the III% marching against the program? Because the program is redistributing massive numbers of people from war torn areas like Syria where the people cannot be properly vetted as Michael Steinbach, Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division testified to in a Congressional hearing last February. [Actually now the Director of the FBI, James Comey himself has testified in Congress that the Syrians cannot be properly vetted—ed]

First to correct the record, the III% of Idaho is not a militia. They support and exercise their 2nd Amendment right to carry firearms and most of the men are veterans. They know how to use their weapons and they are prepared to do so only when necessary. They are law abiding citizens that are more properly characterized as Minutemen, Minutewomen, Minutechildren and MinuteSenior Citizens who stand ready to defend our country and our way of life from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Brandon Curtiss, the President of the group is a former police officer. The III% is not anti-government, they are pro-good government and anti-corrupt government right in line with the thinking of the majority of Americans.

There is no need to dwell on the falsehoods of the Raw Story and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their reputation precedes them. It’s becoming a badge of honor among the right to be targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It means you’re over the target when they start firing at you. We’ve had enough of the communist CRAP (this is Idaho – we say it like it is) from this organization that was started by a pervert and a fraud so it doesn’t matter what they write. I’ve probably given them too much space already. What we need to do instead is to focus our attention on the counter-protestors at the III% March Against the Refugee Resettlement Program. These are the people who profess to “love the refugees”. They don’t give a damn about their fellow citizens even though they cloak themselves in religion.

Read it all.  There is lots more with a video and photos!

Here is an idea!

Maybe we should do a whole awards program for those who have been targeted by the SPLC—maybe even hold an annual dinner with an award ceremony where we install the previous year’s targets of the SPLC into a hall of fame and give them plaques and such to hang on office or den walls!  It could become a major fundraiser!  What do you think?

15 Responses to “The real story about refugee protest in Idaho! Bring it on SPLC!”

  1. Pat Sabin said

    I like your idea about an award dinner for SPLC targets. If got all the organizations and people together, united as one force, we could educate the country on what they are about. One person, one town at a time.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes, I hadn’t thought about all the different organizations whose people have been targeted by the SPLC, it could be one huge togetherness event!


  2. Personally I would like to pay a visit to Mark the snake and hater of America…Have confidential conversation with him. But count me in on what is necessary make SPLC the company filled with hate and racism…Show what they do, print their business and personal home addresses. A list of ALL employees!


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  4. Rick Hall said

    I am in no matter what you do.
    Republic of Pineland – De Oppresso Liber – 1971
    North Idaho – American ReDoubt Resident
    OATH KEEPER -Founding member
    Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia – Founding member – 1990
    Automatic Survivor- Teaching Survival/Emergency Preparedness in the American ReDoubt 4 free
    D.O.D. 39 Years 7 Months- Taking care of business


  5. I will assist you with this, and I suggest you also partner with Pamela Gellar, Stewart Rhoades, Chuck Baldwin and the rest of the outspoken Realists out here speaking the truth. I bet Breitbart would play a part, too!


  6. sturandot13 said

    No awards dinner needed. Like so many who are spreading the word, I do what I do without regard for rewards or recognition. Knowing that I am doing what is best for my country and its millions of American citizens is reward enough.


  7. Carl said

    Reblogged this on Conservative Commentary and News and commented:


  8. Awards dinner? No. Why? Attendees could become physical targets. Better to follow CAIR’S model – Islamophobe of the Year:

    Liked by 1 person

    • 7delta said

      I like Ann’s idea, but I have to say, Suzy, yours has a lot of merit too. “Useful Idiot” of the year. Bless their hearts.


  9. jstro61283 said

    Reminds me that I need to make another donation to Judicial Watch. Lefty hit pieces designed to distract are so ubiquitous that their non-message is diluted. The only ones who believe their drivel are this who are already delusional. They will know a real militia when they see, or hear, one.

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