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European civil war?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 13, 2015

Sooner or later, the signs are growing…..


Demonstrators in poland

Demonstrators in the streets of Warsaw Wednesday numbered in the 50,000 range and featured nationalistic, anti-EU slogans such as “Poland for Poles” and “Stop Islamization.”


Read the whole story at World Net Daily.

For all of our posts going back several years on the ‘Invasion of Europe,’ click here.

See this morning’s previous post on Sweden pulling up the ladder, but what will that mean as the invaders are still heading to “welcoming” Germany and Sweden.  Will the backup, just like water building behind a dam, cause crisis and chaos in those countries through which they are now flowing?

Don’t you think it is fascinating that we aren’t seeing daily reports of the European crisis in the mainstream media—even Fox News isn’t bringing us these images.   (Correction, maybe Fox is, but I don’t watch it very often anymore).

10 Responses to “European civil war?”

  1. […] European civil war? November 13, 2015 […]


  2. domstudent11 said

    France just closed their borders to immigrants. 60 are confirmed dead and 100 are held hostage. And refugee contractors want to bring these people here. Contact your representatives ASAP!

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  3. Europeans wont do anything but take it up their asses. And they’ll be asked to enjoy it. Why you ask? Because they have no balls. Plus they have no weapons. Look at the swedes. Rapsville and weak. When we loose our right to bear arms we’ll be right behind them. You can thank Mossad for that.


  4. tomasrose said

    The utter journalistic negligance shown in this story is fascinationg.

    Even RT – which has been showing the underside of this phenom for years – has flown drones over the influx as
    it pours in.

    MSM News organizations, quick put a helicopter up to show an auto accident, are sitting on their hands.

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  5. Worse, it is becoming very difficult to find video by local residents documenting the problems. I have found numerous videos by Austrians who live near Spielfeld, but the accounts are taken down within days. This is bigger than just one country or region. The elites in Europe and the US and Canada have more in common with each other– actively working for trans-national political organizations– than their own people they supposedly represent. US mayors are “welcoming” third world migrants because they are paid federal money to do so. The feds are paying for it because the UN requires it; treaties ratified by Congress become federal law under the Constitution. Another reason to oppose TPP…

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  6. domstudent11 said

    Whenever I contact my representatives via NumbersUSA or their contact links, I always reference what is going on in Europe and provide links to articles in Der Spiegel, BBC News, Wormser Zeitung, the Guardian, etc.


  7. Andrew said

    To what degree is it planned & orchestrated and to what degree is it multi-kulti ineptitude and well-intentioned madness?


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